The Power of Faith in God and not Money


Ok, I can not pass up this opportunity to brag about my hubby and this amazing accomplishment.  I can not pass up this opportunity as well to just say that all things are possible to them that believe.  When, in the eyes of man, this project seemed impossible…  Many thinking that Daniel would just be a frustrated dreamer… The dream has come true.  And not just a dream, but a God-given vision.  “The Value of a Dream”, our first feature-length film has just been awarded the following at Brazil’s National Christian Film Festival:

Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Soundtrack, Best Director (Daniel) and Best Film, Best Script and Best Photography.  Not to mention that it was the only feature-length film that was nominated in every single category.

The story goes like this: After returning from Asia in 2008 with the desire of working in the area of video production, Daniel had in his mind to produce a film based on the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son.  After sharing with a number of people, we noticed a lot of unbelief.  Many thought the idea was interesting, but saw it as something impossible, due to lack of funds and trained professionals.  They did not think that anything of good quality could happen.  However, we never gave up believing.

We left our home YWAM base in Contagem and moved to the north-east city of Vitoria da Conquista, where we started an operational office for media and video production, but still connected to our home base.  We contacted some churches, as well as friends and acquaintances that could come on board with us and embrace this vision.  Bit by bit we were able to establish partnerships, and as the project went forward, they started to embrace it as something personal for them as well. They really dedicated themselves and renounced many things in order to see this film completed.

Even though we had a good team of people with us, we still had one giant to overcome – lack of finances.  We had some proposals to obtain funding from the government, however, after praying about it, we understood that the movie should be done only on a voluntary basis, even if it meant double effort and especially greater confidence in God and his power. Daniel’s understanding, after reading the story of Gideon, was that if the film was produced with all necessary finances and resources, we would be just one other group making a movie.  And if it was of good quality, the glory would be ours and not God’s.

We completed the movie and exhibited it for three night in our city.  Each night was packed and the final night was sold out, even turning people away.  It has been viewed by people all over Brazil, and even outside of Brazil.  Lives have been impacted and people have been influenced by the values and principles portrayed in this film.

Summarizing this process, all I can say is that it wasn’t because of our own competence or professionalism that all this happened.  Our participation was simply to continue believing in the dream that God put in Daniel’s heart, even when it seemed impossible.

Do you have a God-given dream that hasn’t been fulfilled yet? Do you believe that God has all the power to make it happen?  Do you trust that it’s not by our wimpy human power or might, but by His strength?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think?  Also, if you would like to know more about what we are doing in the area of film production, please like our Facebook Page, “Ponte Filmes” (like button on the side).  And hey, come by “A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World’s” Facebook page too and press ‘like too.


7 thoughts on “The Power of Faith in God and not Money”

  1. Congratulartions to Daniel and you for seeing this through to a successful ending and leaning on Him to make it happen.

  2. This is a truly encouraging true story. Thanks for sharing it, and God bless you as production goes on for your next film. My heart is full of praise for our faithful and graceful God!
    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
    Let the earth hear His voice!
    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
    Let His people rejoice!
    O come to the Father
    through Jesus the Son,
    And give Him the glory;
    Great things He has done!

  3. Congratulations Staci and Daniel! John Wimber used to teach that faith is spelled RISK. You took a risk, stepped out in faith, and God honored it. I pray this film will reach an even wider audience and to God be the glory.

    1. Hahahahaha. John Wimber was soooo right when he said that. With the film we’re currently working on we had to borrow money because it hadn’t all come in by the time filming was to take place. Big risk, but we are confident that it will all be paid off soon. Thanks a ton Christina and God bless.

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