Splash some color on the grey


We are like windows
Stained with colors of the rainbow
Set in a darkened room
Till the bridegroom comes to shining through

Then the colors fall around our feet
Over those we meet
Covering all the grey that we see

Rainbow colors of assorted hues
Come exchange your blues
For His love that you see shining through me

My colors grow so dim
When I start to fall away from Him
But up comes the strongest wind
That He sends to blow me back into his arms again

And then the colors fall around my feet
Over those I meet
Changing all the grey that I see

Rainbow colors of the Risen Son
Reflect the One
The One who came to set us all free

We are like windows
Stained with colors of the rainbow
No longer set in a darkened room
‘Cause the bridegroom wants to shine from you

(You can listen to this song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb6ShUYq-1k)

I love Keith Green’s music.  Yes, it’s a bit outdated and all, but the message continues to stand strong.  His songs and life have had a great impact on my life and have spoken profoundly into my heart.

I am a Christian.  A follower of Jesus.  But I haven’t always been one.  And this song soooooo tells it how it is for me.  God has made me colourful.  He’s made everyone colourful.  But until we yield to his plans and purposes for us, we remain set in a darkened room.  Stuck.  Unable to shine.  Unable to glow.  Unable to make any sort of a difference that is truly relevant and eternal.

I am so happy to say that I am now showing my colors.  I am shining and bringing life to wherever I am and to wherever I go.  We live in such a grey world, full of pain, suffering, violence, selfishness, etc.  We need splashes of color so that we handle it.

I have discovered why I am here on earth.  Why I exist?  Where I am going when I die?  What the meaning of it all is.  And I am sooooo thankful to the Son – to the Way, Truth and Life for staining me with the colors of the rainbow and freeing me from my shackles that kept me from allowing His colors to shine through me and from me.

Are you letting your colors shine?  Are they falling around your feet and changing all the grey that you see?  Please leave a comment and let me know how you let your colors shine.  Or, if you’re stuck in a darkened room and would like to know more about how to get out and let your colors shine, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Splash some color on the grey”

    1. Hey, awesome. I didn’t know you had a blog on wordpress. Great. I’ll have to take a look tomorrow (right now it’s too late). Thanks for letting me know.

  1. I love your heart Staci! I haven’t always followed Jesus either but, we have been on a journey together now for 34 years. He has consumed and transformed me. The more I grow, the more I realize I need to grow. I only recently feel like I am learning to let His color shine thru me. I am using my personal journal and art to let the colors out. So, like you, I use words but art also. By doing this, I feel like I am being set free in a way is never knew. I never considered poetry but I love words….you have inspired me.

    1. Ohhh yeah! I’m so glad you have been inspired Annie. If you like, we have a poetry/writing group on His Kingdom Come. It would be great to have you join us.
      Thank you so much.

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