Worry – Oh how art thou heartless


Oh, the myriad of troubles that plague my mind
Robbing me of all peace
Worry creeps in and lies
Blinding my eyes
From my source of security
Anxiety takes its toll and steals my precious sleep
Thoughts racing frantically
Each one stabbing at tranquility

But, oh my enemy – WORRY
You will not have me
You’re like a dog chasing its tail
A chicken with its head cut off
A deep, dark, black hole
I realize that

I return my thoughts to you Almighty
My center, my help
For you will shape my worries into prayers
And the weight of my burdens are lifted
The closer I am to you


13 thoughts on “Worry – Oh how art thou heartless

  1. I like everything about your poem except the title. Maybe try “Worry, Oh how heartless thou art” or maybe just “Worry”. Write poetry and everyone becomes a critic! Don’t quit though, Staci. Keep it up. Your thoughts are right on.

    • Ya, poetry has never really been my strong point. However, today I was frantically praying through my worries/struggles during my quiet time and decided that I was going to artistically unload it all onto paper. This above is what became of that.
      Thanks for the comment David.
      Blessings =)

  2. Staci- were you in my room last night?? 😉 “Anxiety takes its toll and steals my precious sleep” – Reading this poem is like stepping inside my mind! I need to dive into prayer as I posted earlier this week and let Him guide me through this! Else I fear I shall never have a full night’s sleep again! Your writing is beautiful.

    • You are so sweet. Thank you so much for such a beautiful compliment. And yes, we need to dive into prayer when the enemies of worry and anxiety creep in (those sly little devils). Once we are able to unload it all on the one who has total control of all things, we find rest for our souls and tranquility of mind and of spirit.
      Thanks again and many blessings.

  3. I like this poem! I recognize myself in these line, because sometimes I tend to worry, and we should not.
    It reminds be of a famous song, a very simple song – but when you think to it it is very profound, very spiritual. THANK YOU Stacilys

    Bobby McFerrin

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy Lyrics

    source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/onehitwonders/dontworrybehappylyrics.html

    Here’s a little song I wrote
    You might want to sing it note for note
    Don’t worry be happy
    In every life we have some trouble
    When you worry you make it double
    Don’t worry, be happy
    (Don’t worry, be happy now)

    Don’t worry
    Be happy
    Don’t worry, be happy
    Don’t worry
    Be happy
    Don’t worry, be happy

    Ain’t got no place to lay your head
    Somebody came and took your bed
    Don’t worry, be happy
    The land lord say your rent is late
    He may have to litigate
    Don’t worry, be happy
    (Look at me I am happy)

    Don’t worry, be happy
    Here I give you my phone number
    When you worry call me
    I make you happy

    Don’t worry, be happy

    Ain’t got no cash, ain’t got no style
    Ain’t got no girl to make you smile
    But don’t worry be happy
    Cause when you worry
    Your face will frown
    And that will bring everybody down
    So don’t worry, be happy
    (don’t worry, be happy now)

    Don’t worry
    Be happy
    Don’t worry, be happy
    Don’t worry
    Be happy
    Don’t worry, be happy

    source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/onehitwonders/dontworrybehappylyrics.html

    • Oh yes, I know this song very well. Thank you for sharing it with me. When you think about it, what does worry really ever accomplish. It’s just a waste of time and emotion, don’t you think?

      • yes I do, “a wast of time and emotion”, and I would also say of “energy”… you’re very right! 🙂

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