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A hurricane of thoughts bombarding my mind
Feelings of doubt stealing my peace
An emotional roller coaster taking me for a ride
Whipping around
Up and down
Bouncing from side to side
“Hold on!”, he says


That’s the secret
That’s the key
Past the first hurdle
Phew! I can breathe
But wait! Here comes another
And again He says,


Heart is heavy
Doubts galore
A blow from one side, then the other
Spirit falls to the floor
“Get up!”, I say to myself because I know
There’s only one way to overcome


What does tenacity mean to you?  

Do you have any examples of tenacity in your life?  It could be someone you know or admire. Or maybe a time where you, yourself have been tenacious.

Photo credit: Silas Nelson

29 thoughts on “Tenacity”

  1. And not only [so], but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. Romans 5:3-5

    1. You said it all right there Abby. Thanks for sharing such a powerful verse. And it is sooooo true. The beauty in the struggles is that they produce beauty. Makes me think of that song from Crystal Lewis: “Beauty for Ashes”
      Blessings and thank again. =)

  2. Very nice! Tenacity to me means unrelenting determination. Finishing stronger than when you began. And above all, finishing.

    1. You hit the nail on the head there: unrelenting determination and finishing stronger than when you began. Wow! It’s so true. I can totally relate to this. I have prayed before for patience (being that I am a very, but very impatient person. Then I had a son with Asperger’s syndrome. I’m telling you. His grade one year (last year) was an extremely trying time for me. There were many times that we both ended up in tears trying to do his homework. And because I’m teaching him how to read in English as well, I’ve almost given up at times. Even told my hubby, “That’s it, I give up”. However, I can see now just how much I’ve grown in this ‘patience’ are in the past year. I’m a little shocked actually. TENACITY – One of my new favorite words.
      Blessings Rob and thanks for sharing. It got me thinking. Really love what you said.

      1. I didn’t think that I’d have the patience to raise 3 boys, and at times, was at my breaking point. But I’ve learned that patience is acquired, not given. And I feel that I am a better person now than I was before my children were born. God works in mysterious ways. 🙂

      2. Wow! Yes, so true. Patience is acquired, not given. I love that movie, “Evan Almighty”. It’s one of those light, laugh your head off movies. Seriously, I don’t think any other move has made me laugh as much as that one. But there was this one point where Morgan Freeman acts as waiter in a restaurant and while talking to Evan’s wife, he says, “If someone asks God for more family time together, he gives them the opportunity for that to happen”. Just like patience. God gives the opportunity to acquire it. No special fairy dust, just opportunities.
        Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the poem, Staci. I have to say that tenacity is not something ever attributed to me. Ever. I quit things the moment they didn’t pan out the way I expected them to. That is, unless I was perfect at something the very first time I did it (talk about expectations!), I stopped. I wish I was that type to be determined and dogged at something. I wasn’t that lad who braved the elements and continued to slog on, fighting the good fight, etc. Not at all. I don’t mean to be putting myself down or anything, but that was just not how I was. It’s not quite the way I am now either, but I am trying my best to stay with things. Not put so much pressure on myself. Stay the course a little bit longer.

    Baby steps, really.

    Great topic…and loved the poem 🙂


    1. Hmmmmm Paul, so you’re another one of those perfectionist people, just like me eh. My hubby attributes that to our Canadian culture. The need to be perfect, and if it isn’t, the day is ruined. I’m learning to overcome that. Man, I’m really glad that God blessed me with such a strong thinker like Daniel. Because I’m soooooooo not a thinker, but a feeler. And I’m soooooo not a doer, unless I can really see that it’s beneficial to do so or that I will succeed. He’s not like that at all. He produced an entire film, 100% volunteers, with little to no money, making it all work out, determined, people thinking that he was just going to be a frustrated dreamer… Now he’s won 7 awards for his first feature-length film, including best direction, best photography, best script, best actor, best actress, best soundtrack, and yes, best film.

      “Baby steps”
      –Love this. And that’s just it. One step at a time. It’s pretty tough to take giant leaps when you’ve already been a certain way for so long.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation. I really appreciate it.
      Blessings =)

  4. Lovey poem Staci, thanks for sharing 🙂 Tenacity to me means being able to bounce back again and again from whatever storms life throws at you, while keeping your integrity intact – the other word that comes to mind is Resilience….

    1. Hi Neeta
      “while keeping your integrity intact”
      –Excellent. That’s just it. I really like how you put it about bouncing back from the storms that life throws at us. The “I’m just going to get back up again” attitude. And that’s another great word, “Resilience”. I think I’m going to even check out the dictionary meaning for that and go deeper into it.
      Thanks a ton Neeta for your enriching comment.
      Blessings =)
      p.s. made the egg/bean thing for dinner last night. even put masala in it. yummy. 😉

      1. Oh wow, so glad you made the egg over beans with your masala, would have loved a pic of it 😉 I am juice fasting right now, so its going to be old pics on my blog for a while 🙂

      2. Oh, so sorry I didn’t take a pic. Mine wasn’t as pretty as yours. I ended up doing it over the stove because I don’t have a good oven-friendly pot thing to do it in the oven.
        So your on a juice fast. I’ve done that a number of times. Are you detoxing or is it for other reasons?

  5. Lovely poem, Staci!

    I guess tenaciousness for me is keeping my eyes on the prize and never giving up. Once I set myself a goal I do all that I can to achieve it. I’ve learned through life that nothing worth cherishing is given to you without working for it and so I have always used this to spur me on when I feel my head dropping momentarily.

    Heather xxx

    1. Wow, yes, that’s right. “Keeping my eyes on the prize and never giving up. Yours, and all of these comments, are really giving me even a richer understanding of this word, “Tenacity”.
      And you are so right about working hard to achieve a worthwhile goal. Like if we look at the ant. He works and works and works and never quits until the job is done.
      Good for you with your goals. Like your writing goal. So many people would just give it to the business of life, but you kept on going, even waking up earlier to fit it into your day. So what I’d like to know is, when are we going to see Heather’s book? 😉 I’m sure it’s coming. =)

      1. LOL, I too hope that Heather’s book is not too far off in the future!

        I have several writing things on the go, one of which has been a mammoth six month-long project that is finally nearing completion. Once that is out of the way my schedule will be cleared to work on things that I can hopefully get published at some point.

        I would like to publish some of my essays on my blog in regard to my job and the kind of people that I work with. I would also like to do more essays on topics such as mental health, autism awareness and that kind of thing as well as the fiction projects that I have in various stages of completion.

        I have also been reading and reviewing the work of independent authors, posting my reviews on my blog when completed and this has taken up some of my time also. I have a great many irons in the fire it would seem!

        Without going into detail, my past has imbued me with an inner strength and this has fuelled my determination or tenacity to succeed. When I set myself a target I like to do all that I can to achieve it. The writing goal was a good exercise for me in terms of pushing myself that little bit further and really committing myself to my ultimate goal: being a published writer.

        Heather xxx

      2. Wow, great stuff. I would love to see some some of your essays on mental health and autism (of course).
        I really believe that our life experiences shape us and and we are strengthened through the different trials we go through. These are the things that help to build tenacity.
        Blessings =)

  6. On the physical side, losing weight takes tenacity. Such a great word (and poem). I found myself way overweight a decade ago and said enough. It took a while – no fancy formula,just run more, eat less. Lost 60 pounds, ran a few marathons just because I could, and I’ve kept most of it off. That was the most tenacious I’ve been – again, on a physical level.

    1. Hey, that’s great. I’m glad that you mentioned that you didn’t use any fancy formula. There are a ton of hokey diets out there now-a-day don’t you think. It’s all about balance and healthy living (which I’m a lover and practicer of).
      Wow, marathons. I run a bit, but it’s not my favorite type of exercise. Good for you. I admire that.
      Thanks for sharing Mark.

  7. This was very well written. Tenacity takes a lot of self discipline. I’m a runner. Always have been. I run from life and life’s situations. Standing still and not running away during the hard times is a major challenge for me. That’s where I’m most tenacious in my life. Determined to overcome myself.

    1. I think it’s natural for us, humans to want to run. Tenacity is definitely a character trait that takes practice. Thanks for sharing your struggles, and your determination is admirable.

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