FFTF – Wisdom is found in the simplest of things

Wisdom is found in the simplest of things

My brother and son – both are autistic

Food for the spirit: Wisdom

When you think of wisdom, what comes to mind?  Who, or what type of person  would you consider to be wise? Do you have any mentors or examples of wisdom in your life?  How do you think that wisdom is attained?

Allow me to share a little snippet of wisdom that I have been learning for the last little while.

“Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” –The Bible

I have been known to be very vocal, loud and impulsive at times.  I like to share my opinion and oftentimes don’t accept the opinions of others.  I confess that this is a downfall of mine.  I’m very black and white.  Rarely do I see in shades of grey.  I am, however, learning that life is not like that.  I am also learning that I am not always right.  Sometimes I need to shut my big mouth, especially in times of anger and disagreement.  There is much wisdom in remaining silent.

Now it’s your turn.  Consider the questions I’ve placed above.  Would you like to share? Hmmmmmmm…?

Food for the body: Superfoodista

Allow me to present to you the lovely Sylvia from ‘Superfoodista’.  She is an amazing and inventive recipe maker, using super foods.  Some of her recipes include:

Quinoa with Superfood Pesto

Alegría (Amaranth Crispy Bars)

Buckwheat Crêpe with Raw-tella and Banana

Sweet Potato Tater Tots with a Tahini Dressing topped Salad

Please check out a whole other plethora of super recipes here:


Have a great weekend.

15 thoughts on “FFTF – Wisdom is found in the simplest of things”

  1. Unfortunately, one is not born with wisdom. It is earned, it is learned. That’s why there is always the stereotype of the old wise man. It’s taken him a lifetime of mistakes to become wise. 🙂 I just hope that when (if) I become wise, that my kids will be young enough to learn from my mistakes.

    1. So true Rob. The older are definitely much wiser (that’s if they’ve learned from their experiences).
      “I just hope that when (if) I become wise, that my kids will be young enough to learn from my mistakes.”
      –I think what’s important is that we are examples for our kids. Too many parents say things, but their actions don’t follow along. I also think that it’s so important to recognize our faults and wrongs to our kids and be humble enough to say we were wrong and apologize. In doing so they learn that even adults make mistakes and that it’s ok to do so. They also learn by our example that being humble and saying sorry is important, as well as forgiving.
      Thank you so much for the comment. I hope others read your comment and are encouraged to depart wisdom to their kids.
      Blessings =)

  2. The idea that things have to be black, white, or shades of grey is a man-made concept. Creation is infinitely colourful.

    1. Hey Rob, thanks for your input. I definitely agree that creation is infinitely colourful. Like that Keith Green song, “Stained Glass”. You know it right. “We are like windows, stained with the colours of the rainbow”.
      I guess what I was trying to get at with saying ‘black and white’ was the lack of openness on my part with the opinions of others. What I thought – was right. There was no lee way.
      Bless you Rob. =)

  3. I agree that wisdom is something that can only be learned through life experiences. I think it depends on these experiences and whether we learn from them that someone can be considered wise. As to who is wise, that is a matter of opinion for those around us. We cannot judge our own wisdom against that of others, it is not our comparison to make.

    1. Yes, it definitely comes with life experience. I’ve never seen a wise child. hahahahaha. Imagine that eh. For me, the wise ones are those that have learned from their mistakes, accept who they are and are peace with that, are not proud and arrogant, but have hearts of humility. Just a little bit of what I’ve come to appreciate and learn.
      Blessings Heather and thanks for the great comment.

      1. I completely agree with everything you’ve said. We are only wise if we learn from our mistakes and are at peace with who we are.

    1. Very wise words indeed. I was just commenting to someone else that people that I believe to be wise are not those that are proud or arrogant, but have learned from their mistakes and have humility.
      Thanks for chiming in Diana.
      Blessings =)

  4. I am always pointing out to my husband that h is always seeing things as black or white….from one extreme to another…but seldom admit that I do the same thing 😦 Good post!

    1. Hahahahaha. It’s always easier to see these things in others than in ourselves. Especially in those closest to us.
      Thank you and many blessings Carol. =)

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