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True Love – # 3 in the song series


True Love

(Photo credit: Marian Trinidad)

When I fall and fall and fall and fall again
You don’t give up on me
When just like Thomas I doubt your goodness
You continue showing it to me
When I’m like that little sheep that wandered away
You leave the rest to come and get me

Oh love, sweet sweet love
That’s love, sweet sweet love
True love, a love that’s greater than understanding

When I lack in faith and act in unbelief
Your faithfulness continues unto me
When I think I’m no good, and never will succeed
You don’t stop believing in me
When my heart is cold, and you seem so far away
Soon you show you never left me

What do you consider to be true love?  I believe that the English language is very vague when it comes to ‘love’.  One can easily say, “I love my husband/wife” and in the next breath say, “I love your dress”.  Now I know that there are different types of love and I shared about them in a prior post here:

This song, however, is based on Agape love, an unconditional, total commitment type of love.  It doesn’t seek reward.  It isn’t a selfish love. It is self-less and sacrificial.  It is this type of love that I believe is God’s love toward me and all humanity.  Being that I am a Christian, it is this type of love that continually draws me in and back to my God, to acceptance, to freedom and to wholeness.  This song is a depiction of what I believe to be true love, freely given by an all-loving God through His son, Jesus Christ.

Back to you.  What do you consider to be true love?  Have you ever experienced this type of self-sacrificial love? Have you ever given it?

19 thoughts on “True Love – # 3 in the song series”

    1. Oh Tony, you are too kind. You don’t think it’s a bit 80s/90s rock sounding. I have to confess that the lyrics are mine, but the guys that produced the song put their twist on music end. With what I know now, in the future I will definitely be making my songs exactly that, my songs.
      Thanks Tony. Always so pleasant to hear from you.

      1. Now that is too much salutations for a humble person like me 🙂 just saying you know my views quite clearly, so may I have the liberty to be a bit lazy 🙂

  1. True love is when there can be long periods of silence with neither feeling the need to fill the void with words. True love is the contentment found in the simple contact of eyes that says all that needs to be said. And contentment breeds harmony, and harmony, over time, beats the hell out of physical attraction. Because if the rest doesn’t come before physical attraction, it is doomed from the beginning. Believe me, I speak from experience. Been there, done that.

    1. Wow, well said Richard. You have such great comments. Spoken from experience. And it’s just like you said, contentment, harmony and true love beats the hell out of physical attraction. Sooner or later gravity catches up with us all and the aging process leaves us, well, a little less pretty/handsome on the outside.
      Love how you stressed that the rest needs to come before the physical attraction.

  2. I like this song as it shows your vocal range, and your sense of dynamics. As far as unconditional love, I think it’s like wisdom. You understand it only after you attained it. I think that is why the word is overused by so many people, they haven’t experienced it yet.

    1. Hey Rob, thanks so much for sharing some technical appreciation.
      Interesting, your comment about understanding unconditional love. It’s definitely not something that we grow up understanding. And many people never truly understand the meaning of ‘unconditional love’. Just like wisdom eh. Some people never truly acquire it.

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