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Pare Pra Ouvir/Stop and Listen to Me

Pare pra ouvir.jpg

Pare Pra Ouvir/Stop and Listen to Me

Os dias vão, os dias vem
E não ha nada, nem ninguém
Que preenche o vazio em seu coração
O sol se põe, a noite vem
E o silencio não contem
Uma voz que não ouviu
Um grito de solidão

Deixe eu te falar
Pare pra ouvir
O Deus que eu conheço
Não quer te ver assim
Deixe eu te falar
Pare pra ouvir
O Deus que eu conheço
Quer te fazer feliz

The days they come, the days they go
There is nothing there’s no one
That can fill the void that lives inside of your heart
The sun it sets, the night it comes
Your loneliness continues on
Even in the silence I
Can hear the cry in your heart.

I have something to say
Stop and listen to me
The God that I know doesn’t want to see you like this
I have something to say
Stop and listen to me
The God that I know wants you to be at peace

And when the sun comes out
And a new day starts
You will realize
That he is here
And when the sun, it sets
You will remember
That even in the silence
God is here

E ao amanhecer
E vê o céu se abrir
Você vai perceber
Que ele está aqui
E quando o sol se por
Você vai se lembrar
Que mesmo no silencio
Deus contigo está

This song is actually not my own.  It was written by a very talented couple I know, Jonathan and Lara Valim.  They have a band here in Brazil and Jonathan is the young man who co-produced my CD in his studio.  They asked me to do an English version to this song and then allowed me to put it on my CD.  I have to confess, of all the songs on my CD, this one is my favorite.  And it’s not even mine.  Lara is the beautiful voice you hear singing in Portuguese, however I do sing a part in Portuguese at the end.

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23 thoughts on “Pare Pra Ouvir/Stop and Listen to Me”

  1. It doesn’t matter who composes it, it’s how it is interpreted. I love the way the acoustic guitar and your vocals intermingle. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Rob. You’re so kind with your words. I really like this song. My friends are super talented. The guy, Jonathan is actually the one that is doing the soundtrack, mixing and mastering for our next feature length film that’s to be released within the next month.

      1. I look forward to the film, Staci! I hope that its available in the US. Look for our cloud drive to be ready this Sunday. Our project will finally begin!

      2. Wowza. Awesome. Daniel gets back Sunday too, which is just perfect.
        Yes, the film will be translated by ‘yours truly’ and there will be subtitles. I don’t know when it will be available in the States, but probably after the public releases here in Brazil.
        Hey, are you from Boston? I think I noticed that.

      3. I was born in Boston, and now live north of Boston, close to New Hampshire. I’m becoming a country bumpkin! lol

    1. Hi Uzoma. Thank you so much. Yea, I write songs and poetry. Although, this song is not my own. It was written by a very talented couple I know. The guy is actually a music producer. He did my CD and is doing the sound track and audio production for our newest film, “Internal Mazes.”

      1. No. I did an English version of it for my talented friends. They have a band that’s very successful here in Brazil. Actually, the man co-produced my CD and he did the audio and soundtrack for our first feature length. He is also doing the soundtrack for our most recent film.

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