A Human Being – Haiku

Human Being.jpg

A human being
Poetry in the making
Each word penned with thought

A human being
Fine musical orchestra
The conductor leads

A human being
Not complicated machine
Spirit, soul, body

Have you ever thought about what it means to be a human being? Considered the differences there are between humans and other creatures? Do you think we’re special in some way? Just a bit of food for thought as we go into our weekend.

This is my first Haiku poem.  I’m new to writing, especially poetry.  I know I’m not that seasoned yet, but I’m really wanting to branch out and grow.  I would appreciate any feedback or advice that you may have for me :-). So many of you are such eloquent poets and writers, and I admire the beauty that I read in your work.  Your words to me will not be taken lightly.


36 thoughts on “A Human Being – Haiku”

  1. Staci, tudo bem?
    Eu não entendo muito sobre haiku, mas o conteúdo do poema me agradou muito. Acho que somos parecidos, como raça, mas muito peculiares como indivíduos. Cada um de nós traz em si, algo muito complexo seja na visão de mundo, na experiência de vida, há sempre algo que nos distingue do outro. Parabéns pelo poema e tema sugerido.

    1. Obrigada Adriano. Fico feliz que você gostou.

      Haiku em uma forma que trabalha com uma estrutura de sílabas. A primeira linha tem 5 sílabas, a segunda linha tem 7 e a terceira tem 5. Total seria 17 sílabas.
      Na verdade, esta poema foi inspirada por aquele documentário que eu mencionei em meu comentário para você. Francis Shaeffer estava falando sobre o impacto de humanismo e como isso leva o ser humano pensar que somos maquinas. Então, se a gente é só igual uma maquina, não existe limites na área de aborto, eutanasia (n sei como soletrar esta palavra em portugues 🙂 ) e outras questões.

      A primeira parte da poema, eu trato o ser humano como uma poema que foi criada e escrita com pensamentos profundos. A segunda parte, como se fosse uma orquestra, e o condutor (quer dizer, Deus) dirige. E a terceira parte, que o ser humano não é uma maquina complicada (mas somos seres complicadas), mas é sim, um espírito, alma e corpo.

      Pois é Adriano, também acho que cada um de nós traz em si, algo muito complexo mesmo. Exatamente como você falou. Todos nós temos os próprios pensamentos, cosmo visão, cultura, emoções, valores, e a lista continua.

      Ótimo comentário Adriano. Mais uma vez, obrigada.

  2. I loved it! Haikus are to poets as Twitter is to writers. Must limit our word count. Not so easy sometimes. Creativity demands experimentation. Keep it up!

    1. Heyyyyy, happy Friday to you Rita. I love your comment. “Haikus are to poets as Twitter is to writers.” That’s so great.
      This poem was inspired by a 5 hour long documentary that I watched recently on Youtube but Francis Shaeffer. It was soooooo good and really enriched my thoughts.
      Bless you.

  3. Lovely images, Staci. Especially love “A human being/poetry in the making….” Ahhhhhh. Yay you for branching out. I look forward to reading more 🙂 xo p.s. Such a beautiful and tender photo….

    1. Awwww, thanks so much Chloe. You bless me with your words. The photo is a pic of me and my baby boy (7 yrs now). My hubby took it when I was very pregnant with our girl. It was one of those full on naked pics. You can see why I only include just a head shot. hehehe.

  4. I’m not sure what Haiku is, Staci, but with all due respect, no words can describe what is human as much as your photo with your child. That’s what it is to be human. Your poem is beautiful as well. 🙂

    1. Ohhhhhh, that is so sweet Rob. Thank you so much. I love that photo. It was taken just shortly before I had my little girl. Daniel was taking a bunch of belly/preggo pics.

  5. Enjoyed the poem and the picture. There’s nothing like a human being is there? Nothing more unique and versatile, nothing so different yet so much the same. Nothing missed more when one leaves another behind or celebrated more when two like hearts discover each other . . .

    1. Beautiful Paula. Thank you for the reflection of what it means to be human. I love that “Nothing more unique and versatile”.

  6. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Staci. And I see you gaining here – gaining new perspective, new insights, and new media to expand your ever growing fifedom of creativity! I too love that pic, and while I am not a poet in any way, I do love the imagery you bring with your new found way of expressing yourself. Do you have any limits? Never…and that is how you are “being” – by expressing in oh-so-many ways. And we are all the better for it 🙂


    1. Paul, you bless me soooo much. Really. Thank you for such kind words and encouragement. I love this picture too. When I was pregnant with my girl, I saw a picture of a pregnant mother with her young child straddling her and they were both in their ‘ahem’ birthday suits. I thought it was such a beautiful photo that I wanted my husband to do something like that too. We never really got the same mood (because my boy doesn’t stay still), but we did get this one and I love it.
      Thanks again, my friend. 🙂

  7. poetry in the making – love this, so beautiful staci….lovely pic too….your words just made me feel grateful and blessed, thank you 🙂

    1. You are so sweet Neeta. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad that you felt grateful and blessed through my humble writing.

    1. Thank you so much. This is actually my first Haiku ever. You know, part of the reason why I started branching out and looking into developing and growing in the different forms of poetry is because of your words to me. I’ve been challenged to stretch myself, not just in prose or ‘free-style’, but also in the technical forms of this art.

      1. oh that puts a smile in my heart Stacylys, ty for that. fear is the enemy of art and dreams. there is everything to gain by taking a leap we didn’t think we were capable of, and writing gives you instant results when you do, as demonstrated in your Hauku. good on you!

    1. Hey Yazmin. Thank you so much. It’s my first.
      Oh yes, I really like this theme. It’s the Hemingway theme. I decided to pay the $30.00 to customize it because I really liked the grey background. It’s kind of monochromatic, don’t you think.
      Thanks a ton.

  8. I really enjoyed your Haiku, Staci!

    It’s great that you’re experimenting with different styles as it helps us grows as writers to try something new and outside of our comfort zone. I’d like to see more haikus from you in the future 🙂

    1. Hi Heather. Thank you so much for the encouragement.
      I never thought I’d get so into poetry and expressing my thoughts and feelings through it, but it has proven to be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. I’m really looking forward to learning and delving more into the various poetry forms. And I totally agree, experimenting and challenging ourselves to grow as writers can only bring benefits.

  9. Appreciate your thoughts on the crown of God’s creation, S. Michael Card wrote and sang about this – in the 90s, I believe. I think he titled a whole album Poiema from the verse that says we are God’s workmanship, His poem. Beautiful photo.

    1. Hi Diana.
      Yes, I actually mentioned Michael Card and the song, “Poem of your life” in my most recent post.
      Thanks. I love that pic. I was very pregnant with Hannah and it was one of those naked photos with Caue at the top of my belly and giving me a hug. Obviously it was my hubby that took it, and you can see why I cropped it.

      1. Thank you Diana.
        By the way, we have finished the subtitles to our film, “Internal Mazes”. If you would like to watch it, please let me know and I will send you the link via e-mail. I know that you are a very busy woman, but I would be honored to receive feedback from you on it. If you would like to see the trailer, you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbxfdTbZYac

      2. I’m still not fully recovered from the flu that took me down right after you sent me the link. I actually don’t have time to watch links…not sure why bloggers send me stuff and ask to review. ^^ But I am so glad I got to it this time. What part did your husband play (yes I know, behind the scenes) to bring this to fruition? I’m glad I watched it in its language – beautiful. The acting rocks and you can tell how much the guy loves her. Compelling modern rendition of timeless truth.

      3. Hi Diana
        I’m assuming you watched the trailer? Did you by any chance activate the subtitles?
        Anyhow, I didn’t know other bloggers send you stuff to review. I was only offering if you would like to watch it. Plus we are doing a little research to see how Westerners see it. If they are able to catch the feeling and sentiment to the movie, being that it’s not in English and has subtitles (Brazilians are very accustomed to sub-titles, different then North Americans). Also because you are a Christian. I asked a few other bloggers as well.

        Daniel opened up his own production company. Yes, we are YWAMers, however when working with film, you need to pay professionals if you ever want to see a good quality film come about. Needless to say, everybody that worked on it was paid, except us. Daniel (hubby) is the creator of the movie. He wrote the script along with another colleague. He also directed the film, amongst various other responsibilities. I don’t know if you know this or not, but this is his second feature-length film. The first won seven awards at the National Christian Film Festival last year in Rio de Janeiro, including best film, best photography, best direction, best soundtrack, best script, best actor and best actress. He has gone down in history in his home city and we’ve there was one girl (that we know of) that did some university paper on him (she’s studying at the cinema university).

        The film was inspired by the Biblical story of Hosea, set in our time, addressing prostitution and sex tourism. This film aims to mobilize the church of Christ to question it’s role in a fallen society, and demonstrates the Grace of God. We did this because it’s a huge issue here in Brazil, especially now with the World Cup and the upcoming Olympics.

        Thanks anyways Diana.

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