Writing Process

I was nominated to participate in a writing process blog tour by the lovely poet, Audrey Dawn from, “Oldest Daughter Red Headed Sister.” She is a very passionate and unique writer, that writes from the heart.  On her blog you will find poetry and flash fiction, and she is also writing a novel. Please, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit down at your computer, open up to Oldest Daughter Red Headed Sister, and enter into her world. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Audrey for this opportunity to share a little bit of my writing experience; I am truly humbled.

This blog meme requires me to answer four questions about my writing process, and then nominate three other writers to do the same.

Writing Meme.jpg

What am I working on at the moment?

Various poems, a few songs and I have some ideas for articles that I want to publish.  I am also working on a poem that I will be sharing with other artists for interpretation in the areas of music and dance.  I swear I have ADHD. In fact I’m going to request some heavy-duty testing when I see my doctor tomorrow. At any rate, tons of ideas are written in my ‘creative collections’ notebook and, sooner or later, I will get to blast them into my computer and send out to the world.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I am new to writing poetry.  I actually started blogging with a desire to set my thoughts out in different articles, as well as post recipes and fitness routines.  Soon after starting the blog I wrote a little poem.  And then another. And then another.  And all I can say now is, “I guess I’m hooked.” Nothing amazing. Just some simple ramblings from a simple girl, of real experiences, and birthed out of my own thoughts and feelings at a given time.  

Why do I write what I do?

I write to make an impact and to creatively process and express what is already inside of me. I want to engage in conversation with others, and know their thoughts and feelings. I believe we all have a need to create, and my blogging journey has only confirmed that the more I get sucked into this new addiction. Going through this process has ignited a desire and a fire in me to create.  To put words to my thoughts. I like to consider this little corner of the blogosphere my “Creativity Cupboard”.

How does my writing process work?

Whenever I have written songs in the past, it has always been out of sudden inspiration.  I have never willed myself to just simply write a song (except when I was doing a music course in Australia).  As for poetry, I never even fathomed the thought of it.  I didn’t think I had much to offer, or any talent for it. One day, I just started writing.  I had been worried for a while and it served as the springboard for the birthing of my first poem, “Worry, oh how art thou heartless.” Over these past few months, words just seemed to come to the emotions and thoughts I was having.  I decided to run with it.  As I did, more words and structure came.  

The more I delve into and give myself over to this creative area, the more I long to write and create. I don’t know very much about the different poetry forms and structures, however I have been bit by the poetry bug and now I want to learn more.

Writing Meme Nominees.jpg

The Reading Girl: Yazmin is a young and vibrant girl who loves to read and write.  Apart from blogging, her other interests include dancing, singing, cinematography, photography, music, drawing, technology, human rights,religion, history of the world, and fashion.

She writes… “To me blogging is the best thing that could have ever been made. It’s a symbol of freedom of speech and expressing your thoughts without anyone stopping you. Blogging also helps you to find yourself and learn more each day. I have always wanted to have a blog and My wish finally came true!  Not only is this blog going to be about book reviews but it’s also going to be a blog where I post my ideas,my views about the world, personal updates, my interest, music, videos,photos, quotes, and etc. The Reading Girl is a blog where anyone can see it and can comment and interact. I dedicate my time to this blog and try to make it as good as possible and enjoyable for my fellow readers.

Searching For Substance: Soapie is a young girl that is ‘searching for substance’.

She writes… “As the daughter of genocide survivors, I have grappled with trauma and suffering, forgiveness and reconciliation, recovery and progress.
As a nurse, I have had the great privilege of caring for others. In their time of need, their time of helplessness, their time of pain…I have been there.
Somewhere between life and death, dawn and dusk, hope and desperation, I have had (and continue to have) the opportunity to witness the resilience, strength, and courage of the human spirit.
Thus, I write.
And only hope my words will give justice to the stories that are far greater than my own pen.

A New Perspective Perhaps: This girl is all about inspiring the world today. She started blogging after realizing her head was always full of ideas, but wasn’t always able to express herself well verbally. She’s constantly challenging herself to become a better person, and it’s through her writing that she is able to witness her own growth.  She shows no restraint when it comes to thoughts and ideas and challenges people to see the deeper meaning in their own lives.

She writes… “This blog is about everything from my philosophy on life to the little things that make me laugh. It is about living, and breathing, and pausing long enough to take it all in.  I hope it makes you laugh, sometimes makes you cry, but always makes you want to come back for another visit. It is through my writing that you have a very large window to my soul.  Relax a while, read, and enjoy.

Ok, so there you have it.  Now you know a little bit about my writing process and a little about three other awesome writers.  Please remember to check out Audrey at, Oldest Daughter Red Headed Sister, and the other three girls I’ve nominated.


27 thoughts on “Writing Process”

  1. “Whenever I have written songs in the past, it has always been out of sudden inspiration.”
    Yes, absolutely. Keith Richards once said that songs write themselves, and I believe that. Once the idea comes to you, let it out in music or in words. Congratulations on your well deserved award! I will check out your nominees later tonight. I like the new layout of your blog!

    1. Thanks Rob. Yea, I wanted something more ‘clean’ and I really liked this theme. The photo in the header isn’t the best, but once we get our new camera in Canada, I want to get Daniel to take another one. I really like the idea of the photo, but the quality of the picture isn’t the best.
      P.S. How are you doing so far on the challenge?

      1. Today I didn’t eat enough. I had two eggs for breakfast, and a small plain yogurt for lunch. It’s chaos at work after being off for a week. I’m leaving shortly to go to our baseball game. Uggggh.

      2. Grab yourself some fruit and a lara bar or something. Are you going to be able to eat dinner?
        You sure do sound busy.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Staci! You gave a wonderful and open window into who you are, and I’m thrilled you agreed to try this writing tour. I just love learning about my blogging friends. I didn’t set out to write poetry, either. I found that most of my posts were a little rhymy, so I figured I needed to try poetry. It stuck, just as yours did. LOL!

    I think you are so talented and I adore your comments. You may be the most thoughtful commentors on WordPress. Thank you for being you and for taking the time to truly learn about your friends. I cannot wait to have coffee sometime. 🙂

    You have amazing talent. I’m envious of your song writing and skills musically. A serious triple threat!


    1. You sooooo bless me Audrey.
      REALLY??? You are relatively new to poetry as well? That’s awesome. So glad you decided to start down this path. You’re awesome.
      You are too kind. thank you so much for your kind words. I try to make sure I read posts well. I don’t want to just skim and not catch the full jist of it. I want to engage in good conversations with my blogger friends.
      Yah, me too. You never know. I just may end passing by Texas sometime. Definitely will be contacting you for coffee. 🙂
      You too are a very gifted writer. So glad we connected.

      Hugs back,

  3. Stacil, o novo layout do seu blog está muito bonito. Parabéns pelo seu bom gosto.
    Gostei muito dessas suas explicações sobre leituras, escritas e idéias. Guardei o método para mim. Vou lá ver o Oldest Daughter Red Headed Sister.
    Um beijo,

  4. I love how blogging bonds us all together. I have a new appreciation for the arts in general. You are such a positive light in a sometimes dim world. I always look forward to your writing and our conversations. Thank you friend 😉

    1. Oooooooo, me too. I never knew that blogging could be such a rich and rewarding experience. It really is, isn’t it.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I totally appreciate you, my friend.

  5. i really love how your writing is a reflection of your creativity, whether through poem, or through song. that’s really cool! it inspires me to attempt to write more creatively, since i don’t usually think “creativity” when i’m writing. thanks for giving us insight into your writing process and also, for sharing the gifts God has given you through writing, song, voice to bless others in the blogosphere.

    1. I was just thinking of you. I was going to write you and let you know that I had posted this. Then, VOILA, I noticed it was orange up in the right hand corner of my screen, clicked on it and there you were.
      Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to reading your post next week. You are a gifted writer and I’m looking forward to reading about your process.
      Blessing Soapie 🙂

  6. Glad to know you better, Staci. =) And I’m spilling the beans but I’ve been kicking around another project idea in my head for some time, this one artsy, similar to what you want to do with your poems. Enough said. 😛 I’m so happy to see you in transformation.


    1. Hi Diana. Wow, thanks for ‘spilling the beans’. Sounds awesome. I’m all for artsy and growing. And thank you so much for your encouragement. I look forward to your new project. You can count me in.

      1. So sweet. Haven’t hammered it out. A few other miniprojects brewing. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll open up the floor on that one. We shall see. In any case, I’m cheering on your artistic endeavors.


      2. It’s funny eh, how we bloggers always end up with these miniprojects. It’s like they just keep coming to mind. Thank you so much for cheering me on. At any rate, if you do end this artsy project I would definitely be interested.
        Love and blessings

  7. How cool to learn more about you and your artistic vision, Staci. I appreciate your generosity and openness, which are evident here, as well as your creative spirit. Best wishes on all of your plans! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Chloe. I know that I’m not that seasoned yet as a writer, let alone poet, but I’m working towards it. Hopefully one day I’ll get to where you are.

  8. I came over from A New Perspective, and am glad I did! You’ve already got me hooked. I enjoyed your answers and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  9. Excellent post Staci!

    It’s great to learn more about your writing process and how you create your wonderful poems and blog posts. You definitely have a wonderful talent 🙂

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