The Search For ‘God’ (28/30)

I love this poem. Ishan is such an amazing writer.



Cleverness doesn’t matter
In the search for God
So let us stop this thinking
And silence these words

A father cannot pick up
A child that runs wild
The One will always find us
If we just sit still

Simply surrender yourself
Thoughts and desires
He’ll break you into pieces
And build you anew

He will show you His power
Deep inside your heart
He has made this His palace
With walls of His light

This is the divine vessel
That guides you aright
When in silent surrender
It is brought to life

This is where he keeps His Grace
Prayers from the Heart
Are arrows pointed to God
Flying to the sky, answered

The heart contains the great Truth
The purpose of life
A Love you can’t imagine
One I can’t describe


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