Impulse to create and establish order

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“Because we are created in the image of God we all have an irresistible impulse to create and to establish order” –Steven Altrogge

Why do you blog? Is it because you want to connect with others? Is it because you want to promote your product? Or maybe it’s just a place for you to unload and release your feelings.  I blog because I have this irresistible impulse to create, establish order to what I create, and share it with the world. The amazing relationships that have developed and that are being developed because of this is the icing on the cake.

The above quote is from a book that I got a sample of on my kindle app (sorry to all of you die-hard ‘real’ book readers, but I live in Brazil and for me to get the books I really want to read, I can only do so electronically).  It’s by an author named, Stephen Altrogge, and I have definitely decided to buy it.  The name of the book is, “Create: Stop making excuses and start making stuff.” Allow me to just share one other quote from it:

“God has filled our veins with creative juices. We can’t help it. We must create.”

I love this. Being a very strong feeler, and having suffered with depression, I find that the creative process is so therapeutic. So, ultimately, it’s not just creating for the simple need to create, but also for the therapeutic benefits that come from it.  The ability to express oneself through the creative process in unlike anything. I remember going for my daily run and ‘reflection walk’ last Friday.  I told God that I needed to create something.  That it was a need in me. I arrived home afterwards with a whole new poem, “When we’re alone“, which I posted this week.

I would love to know what it is that drives you to create? Why is it that you blog? What satisfaction do you find in creating something that comes from you? Please leave a comment and share your creative process. What makes you tick? What drives you to share your soul with the world? What do you get out of it?

Also, if you would be so kind, please take a look at my most recent Haiku poem that was featured here, and let me know your thoughts.


19 thoughts on “Impulse to create and establish order”

  1. Before retiring I made a comfortable added income from writing outdoor humor. Upstairs in a closet are boxes filled with magazines containing these published works. Though sitting alone and no longer read, I could never bring myself to throw them away. But still, sitting in that dark closet, it was as if each story had quietly died, never to be enjoyed again. And I found that sad. I wanted to bring life back to these old stories by resurrecting them before a whole new audience. But how? Hence, the beginning of my blog…

    1. Oh yes, I remember reading in one of your posts about the boxes filled with magazines. I am so glad that you have resurrected these stories in your blog. Don’t you just love blogging?

  2. Whether its because of my psychology background or merely common observation, I’ve noticed that people who have a heavy burden on their life to do something important always tend to struggle with depression. Depression is a mere breath away from me at all times, but fortunately I’ve learned many different ways to cope with it and combat it…….

    Blogging, as with everything else I do, comes from my heart which is stirred to always be doing something beautiful. Being created in the image of the creator, we’ve been fashioned by the great artist who created everything out of nothing. And so I believe we have an innate desire to be just like the creator and create beautiful things; whether it be art, music, movies, writing, talking to other people, fill-in-the-blank….. we want our life to have meaning.

    The closer one gets to God, the more one becomes stirred to do more with one’s life.

    1. I love this comment Kenneth. I wish I had some type of psychology background. Maybe it would help me understand myself a bit better, as well as others.

      As for depression, yea the doctors have never given me a clear diagnosis. One doc in the last city I lived in was convinced I was bi-polar. My brother has always sworn that I have ADHD. I just consider myself a normal person with some type of chemical imbalance. I’ve always been hyper. When I was new to Brazil, I remember talking with a bunch of friends at our base one day about temperaments. I mentioned that I was sanguine, and my hubby said, “Oh no, you’re not sanguine (which infers blood). You hemorrhage. I’ve calmed down considerably since then, but I’m still more hyper than the average person (plus I take meds – if not I don’t sleep, nor am able to eat slowly – weird huh). Anyhow, went to a psychologist, shared my history and all, and she thinks it definitely sounds like ADHD. Going to do some testing and see a psychiatrist too.

      “Blogging, as with everything else I do, comes from my heart which is stirred to always be doing something beautiful.”
      –I love this. And I’m so glad that you give your all to it, and produce quality material that makes people think. Beautiful indeed.

      I totally, 100% agree with you on the “created to create beautiful things”.

      Hope you’re making great memories in Boston.

  3. Great post, Stacy! To me blogging is a way to start finding my voice. It is also about the joy and risk of creating. The joy to see something that came from you be given to the world and the risk of seeing that work be rejected, ignored or misunderstood. They are both parts of the process. At this point, I am focusing primarily on the joy not worrying so much about the results. It has also helped me become a better writer. Just the discipline of writing is in itself helpful. Thanks for posting this discussion and sharing your poems to the world.

    1. You’re awesome Elias. I really appreciate what you shared here. “blogging is a way to start finding my voice.” I couldn’t agree with you more. I have found that to be partly my experience as well. Having been so active in missions before, traveling and doing the whole arts and performing thing, I never had a lot of alone time to reflect and think. Now that I have kids, and they study in the afternoons, that time is for me blog. In doing so, I have been finding my voice, and also pushed and challenged to create and ‘give birth to’ this intense need in me to create – giving voice to what’s in my soul.
      “The joy to see something that came from you be given to the world and the risk of seeing that work be rejected, ignored or misunderstood.”
      –When we create something that comes from inside of us, and when we give our all in doing so, we become vulnerable. We are displaying for all to see, the private thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc that we have. We are also, as you said, risking rejection or being misunderstood.
      Thank you Elias for such an awesome comment. You may be interested to read Kenneth’s (Culturemonk) comment below too. I really love what he said. He’s the one that really turned me on to Francis Shaeffer, and it has been life changing.
      Um Grande Abraço

  4. Great questions there, Staci. Wow…I read this yesterday and didn’t reply right away because I wasn’t sure what the answers were. Simple but profound queries there. why blog? What’s the creative impulse? what drives us to share with the world??


    I think for me, blogging is writing in a different way. Writing is my only real creative outlet. I don’t draw or dance or sing or write poetry (I am not the triple threat you are… 😉 ) So writing is the gateway into my spirit. It’s just about it. and I am fine with that. Blogging came to me as a way of reaching out to other alcoholics. I wrote only for myself, but then decided to slowly explore…and so glad I did. I am not only amongst addicts and alcoholics, but since then, I have had the immense pleasure of crossing paths with so many who are on different spiritual paths, such as you 🙂

    The idea of creating and establishing order is bang on. I love that quote. Blogging helps me to keep the crazies away, but to also find a structure, an open area of spiritual and emotional ground, of seeking. I don’t always know where things will go when I write, but they find their way organically. so I find some sort of closure, if you will, as the process goes on. The process is often the journey:)

    wonderful, wonderful post, my friend!


    1. Hi Paul
      I sooooooo love reading your comments. They’re so sincere and down to earth.
      Hahahaha. Ok, triple threat? I don’t know about that. Used to dance, even choreograph a bit. I’ve done a bit of singing (actually, when I was a kid and teenager I did musical theatre), but I can’t draw for the life of me. Writing is really new to me actually, but it has been so refreshing, rewarding and fulfilling. Especially the poetry. I know it’s pretty simple right now, but I want to continue investing in this area and challenging myself to grow.
      “So writing is the gateway into my spirit.”
      –Sooooooo true. It is so easy to see in your writing that you are opening yourself up and allowing us to see your spirit. I truly admire your vulnerability and you are an amazing writer.
      “Blogging helps me to keep the crazies away”
      –Love this. It’s totally like therapy, isn’t it.
      “The process is often the journey”
      –I totally agree. We have a beginning and an end right. So everything in between is the process, hence the journey.
      Thank you so much for continually blessing me with your words, encouragement and friendship Paul.
      YOU ROCK!
      Big hug and many blessings

  5. Staci, i blog because i’m hopeful. because i’m grateful. because i have figured a few things out, but not many. i blog mostly because i’m working on songs all the time, and the blog is a place to reflect on why i do that and how it’s going. xo tony

  6. I love blogging because it allows me to connect with so many like-minded people and provides me with a safe and comfortable place in which I can grow as a person.

    I like to create (mainly through writing) in order to try to understand the world around me and make a little sense of life itself.

  7. I like the new blog look, S.

    I’m a stress eater by nature. Just gotta go back to the gospel, right? That I – yes – am not in control. Rest in His Sovereignty, title of a song I wrote in college. I hope this comment finds you feeling more centered and rested.


    1. I’m much better today, thank you Diana. My hubby is traveling. We will be releasing our second feature length film, actually the premiere will be this Saturday. Things have been hectic, to say the least.

      I would send you the link to the trailer for it, but for some reason the subtitles all of a sudden disappeared. I’m going to have to check it out more.

      I read your most recent post. I just haven’t had time to respond to it. It’s not the type of thing I want to just give a quick response to. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it tomorrow.

      Blessings Diana.

  8. I completely relate, Staci!

    Your blog, your thoughts, your spirit – all beautiful and glowing here for sure. Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me into your creative space here. I’ve been reading your posts to try and catch up and it didn’t take very long at all for me to realize we are very much kindred souls.

    I look forward to keeping up with each other! 😉

    Blessings and light your way, my friend, always,


    1. Oh, I’m so glad you are able to relate to this. There is something so magical about creating something. It’s what sets us apart from all the rest of creation – The ability to create, to imagine, to think and ponder and do something with it.
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Many blessings to you too.
      🙂 ❤

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