The Escape… …The Return

The Escape The Return.jpg

a longing
to escape
jump off the world
take a break

searching out
hope to find
a place of solace
peace of mind

raging emotions
battling for space
depriving spirit
trembling base

stop and pray
breathe in deep
pray to him
start to weep

i see his face
home again
in his embrace

Have you ever felt like you wanted to jump off this roller coaster ride called, Life? Like you wanted to say, “Good bye world. I’m going to get on the carousel now with the pink ponies, bright lights and cheery music?” I have. In fact, that’s how I was feeling yesterday, and the start of this poem was birthed.

Earlier this week I wrote another poem, due to the stress I was under. It sounds like I’m trying to be a bit of kill joy or downer. That isn’t my intention though. We all have bad days, weeks, months, you name it. But that’s also what builds beauty and character in to our lives, don’t you think?

I know that in this world, I will always have trouble. In this world, all people will have trouble. But I choose to run to the one who has overcome this world. I cope with the stresses of life by stopping, praying, breathing in his waves of peace and submitting to his embrace. Aahhhhhhhhh.

What are your coping mechanisms? When life gets too tough for you, do you give up? Or do you push through until you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

59 thoughts on “The Escape… …The Return”

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. We all have those stretches and they test us well. I think I just ride the wave knowing eventually it will reach the shore where I will find a better one. Sometimes we have no other choice. I try and not fight it anymore because that makes the struggle worse.

    1. Hi cutie. Yes, I’m feeling much better today. Actually, this weekend I did very little. I was so tired, I ended up sleeping for most of the afternoon, while my kids watched cartoons and such.
      I think the older we get, we come to understand that struggle is just a part of life. We all find some way to cope with them, but it’s so true that fighting and ranting about it just makes the struggle worse.

    1. Hahahahaha, mindless tv watching. When I’m exhausted and overwhelmed, tv helps as well. Just sit and watch and zone out. Nothing that requires too much thinking or stress though. You know, like suspense or violence.
      Oh yes, I can see you as one that would bake to cope with the stresses of life. Just remember to share some with me eh….. 🙂

  2. You’re not a killjoy. Part of being a friend is supporting our loved ones in times of need, and also sharing in their successes. I do both. I throw my hands up in defeat, I brood for a bit, then I resolve myself to do the best that I can with the given situation. Sometimes things seem impossible, but we’re able to do what we can to get by.

    1. Thanks a ton Rob. It’s too bad that more people don’t think like that.
      I like that, “brood a bit”. I think it’s part of human nature as well. We want to be comfortable all the time. But these struggles are part of life and we need to do what we’re able to in order to get by, just as you mentioned.

  3. We all have bad days. If we didn’t, I’d have to wonder if we were even human to begin with. Bad days are what helps us to appreciate the good days. They’re also what helps us to become better people, by the lessons that are taught to us. The biggest lessons in life don’t come from the easy times. They come from the most difficult times. I too have felt like I wanted to jump off the roller coaster, but hope for a better tomorrow keeps me going forward. Thankfully, tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow is today, so that means that the hope remains.

    1. “The biggest lessons in life don’t come from the easy times.”
      –Soooooo true. We really do grow, learn and mature when we go through tough times. It really is unfortunate when one doesn’t understand that. It just makes the process that much more difficult.
      I like how you said that “tomorrow is today”. I’ve been on a kick in the past little while of living in the moment. There’s no use licking the wounds of the past, nor always looking to the ‘next big event’ in the future. The present is all we’ve go.
      Thanks a ton.

    1. Sooooo true Dimple. There really is so much more to life than just time and space. Then just physical matter. I really believe that people have a body and a soul. And that the body is just a tent for who we really are – our spirit. I can not accept that when I die, that’s it. I understand that my body will be gone, but I really believe that God has put eternity in the hearts of men/women, and the idea of just no longer existing is really tough to grapple with.
      Thanks for adding to the conversation. I love how you mentioned the spiritual side of it as experiencing human experiences.

  4. There are going to be days when you will on the verge of giving up…but your loved ones help you get over with it…I dont believe in giving up…if things arent in your favor…dont worry God has something more wonderful and amazing for you…have patience 🙂

    1. Oh boy, yes, there have been many days where I’ve been on the verge of giving up. Oftentimes, my struggles had been so personal to me as an individual, that even loved ones couldn’t help me get over what I was going through. They helped to a certain extent, with words of advice and counsel and opinions, and I could unload and share, but my inner battles were so deep. The thing that really got me through was my faith.
      I also don’t believe in giving up. Giving up would mean there’s no more hope. And when hope is gone, what is there? I also believe that God is on my side, and definitely knows best. Thanks for the encouragement Aarya. I so appreciate it.

  5. what a beautiful poem… I can relate. I hope you are feeling better. Have been missing you :/

    1. Awwwww, thank you so much Yazmin. Yes, struggles and difficulties are all part of life. I am feeling much better today. This weekend I didn’t do much at all, but rest. I was really needing to.
      You’re so sweet. I’ll be more present now, being that my emotional whirlwind and busyness has died down a bit.

  6. Aw, I hope tomorrow is brighter for you. Struggles do make us stronger. I do give up sometimes. I wish I was stronger to keep pushing on, but I am not always. I notice as i get older I persevere more since I don’t like that feeling of giving up. But now I try to be kind to myself. Allow myself to comfort myself. Sometimes even with food, but there’s other things I do too- watch a good movie, go for a walk, call someone.

    1. Hi Cynthia. Thank you so much for the encouragement. And yes, I am feeling much better today. I used to give physical conditioning classes when I worked with an arts school. One of the things I was known for sharing with my students was, “No pain, no gain. And that goes for the physical and the spiritual” To develop muscle, we need to be challenged to grow. To push ourselves just that little bit more with each hurdle that comes our way.
      Great coping mechanisms you’ve mentioned here. I also tend to used food at times –EEK. Pizza, cake… Watching a good movie is so good too..

    1. Thanks for your encouragement and compliment Audrey. And yes, today I am much better. This weekend I was tired, so much so that I slept Saturday afternoon away. Monday again though, so I’m refreshed and ready to face this new week. Very exciting that this Saturday will be our pre-release. WooHoo!

      1. Thanks. Even though our final piece of audio equipment was stolen from the post van while trying to deliver it, we still got the film finished, however only with stereo sound and not with surround sound.

  7. Into every life a little rain must fall,
    Some days must be dark and dready.
    I first read this quote in Little Women and it has always stuck with me. Like you I believe it is days like these that build character and uplift us to where we belong.
    However I hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you, there is such a thing as too much distress.

    1. “I believe it is days like these that build character and uplift us to where we belong.”
      –Yes, yes, and yes. So true, my friend. I also believe that it’s the trials and struggles of life that build character and help us to grow. It also gives a sense of appreciation for the light and happy days we have.
      Thank you for your nice wishes of a better day. This weekend I just rested. Was really needing to. I ended up sleeping all afternoon Saturday. Today I am much better and ready to face the week with fresh vigor and strength.

  8. Beautiful poem as usual Staci. You are so not a killjoy – we all have our days when we feel low and blue and fed up! Hope you are feeling better now? You have an inner strength that shines through and it comes from your deep connection with the One with whom you find your refuge….you are an inspiration! Hugsssss

    1. You always bless my socks off Neeta. Your kind words. Your attention. Your encouragement. After taking it easy this weekend, I am feeling much better and ready for the week ahead.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Richard (or should I call you Rick?) The older I get, and the more experience I have in this life, I am trusting Him more and more. I know that I can easily lose control over situations, but the one who put the sun in the sky has total control. And so I surrender to Him.

  9. What companionship of the spirit there is in these comments, Staci. Soak those rays in. Absorb them! Things will turn out. always. maybe not the way we want them to or expect them too, but they turn out 🙂

    Thank you for sharing so beautifully.

    Blessings and hugs

    1. Hi Paul. Yes, great companionship of the spirit. I love all the wonderful comments. Beautiful people sharing a little of what they know and have experienced in life. It’s amazing the wonderful connections that are made and the awesome relationships that are built with different people from all walks of life and from different places of the world. I had no idea that blogging could do this. You are one of the amazing ones that I’ve met. Really wish I was going to Toronto, even if it was just for a day.

      Many blessings and hugs

  10. Don’t always cope well when I get down. Tend to indulge in the things that are not good for me. Escape is good but coming back to reality is not. So I try to go for long walks in the woods. Revitalizes me and gets me in touch with what is real and all of creation’s wonders. Kinda’like the roller coaster ride I am on. Would nt trade it for the dull and boring. The seashore also gives me park as does the night sky and people who are my friends and love me despite my insane lifestyle.

    1. Hi Terry. So great to see you back here.
      Long walks in the woods and the seashore sound so nice. Living in Brazil, I have had the awesome opportunity to walk along the nice sandy Brazilian seashores. And then to see the moon right over to water in the evening is breathtaking.
      Thanks for sharing Terry. Glad to see you back here.

  11. Staci, i remind myself that making art is frightening. it isn’t pretty. it takes courage to do. and doing it well means taking everything (the work, the process, the feedback) personally. this actually cheers me up when i’m down. because going through all of this means i’m alive. tony

  12. I think you are already ahead if a lot of people…you can admit that you are having a bad day!! For years, I lied and said everything was fine when I was dying inside. These days, I try to be completely honest with God and myself. To cope, I write. And I pray sometimes it is simply, “I need You right now!” Beautiful poem!!

    1. Or bad week… I know exactly what you mean about dying inside. Being so hyper and ‘out there’, I never lied about it. It must have seemed like I was a real downer during that complicated time in my life when I was struggling so much and dealing with anxiety disorders and all. They would say, “How are you?” And I would answer, “Anxious”, or “Not well”. Probably scared some people off there.
      I also try to be completely honest with God and myself. There’s no better way to be. I can tell by your beautiful poetry that writing would be a very effective and powerful coping tool for you.
      Thank you Kirsten.

  13. My dear! I would love to borrow a part of your poem for my post today, cos’ im now in the same feeling and your words help me to express it out. Love and hug.

  14. I hope you’re feeling better about things now, Staci ❤

    Life can be pretty tough at times and we all have our limits as to how much we can take. Sometimes I feel like throwing the towel in and giving up but the hardest battle is always against ourselves. If we can battle the demons and negative voices in our own minds then there is nothing that the world can throw at us that we can't face. Not giving in to our negative inner voice is a life-long battle, but each day that we overcome that voice, the stronger we become.

    1. I’m feeling much better now. The stress has died down and I seem to be somewhat caught up on things. We had the premiere to our latest film and it went really well. Hubby just got back after traveling for 2 weeks as well. Phew!
      Thanks Heather.

  15. Reblogged this on A God Colored Girl in a Grey World and commented:

    Many people post-Christmas go through the blahs, get depressed, feel down, etc. It’s no different for me. I haven’t been very present here on WordPress these past few weeks, due to the season. I am a person that loves routine. When I don’t have it for any great length of time, I get depressed. Soooo, I’m reblogging this poem I wrote a while back. It’s very befitting for how I’m feeling right now.

  16. Beautiful poem Staci! I don’t feel down often, but when I do, I think I write best poems and do best artwork, because I’m able to pour it all out in a way that suits me. When I can’t do any of that, I simply cry out to God and ask for peace and He always answers! 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I hear you. I often write well during these times too. It’s a real load off when I get the time to do that. This morning I poured it all out and His presence and peace was with me. I think I just need to get back into a routine and make sure I get some alone time to create.
      Thank you Sibella.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Alone time is important; but we’re really never alone because in those quiet moments our spirit connects with The Source. ❤

    1. Thank you so much. Good for you for abiding in the present moment. Because really, that’s all we have. I really believe that we need to live in the ‘now’, because tomorrow may never come, right?

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