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As you can tell, I will be traveling from June 11th to July 22nd. My family and I have headed north to my home country, Canada to visit family and get our kids immersed in English for a bit. During this time I will not be posting or reading blogs very much. Not that I’ll be totally absent, but until we return to Brazil, my presence on WordPress will be limited.

Big hugs.

29 thoughts on “Traveling”

  1. hmm…so you didn’t stay for the world cup?
    I hope you enjoy your trip…I have been in Puerto Rico since June 11th and I will be all the way until August hehe…once again enjoy!

    1. Hey Yazmin. Yes, I read your post about what you do in a day. Sounds nice after a year of uni eh. Hope you have a great summer. Our summer here in Vancouver is colder than the winter weather we’ve been getting in north-east Brazil. Brrrrr. Waiting for some heat.

    1. Awwwww, you’re so sweet Neha. I hope you guys are getting warmer weather in Ontario. It’s colder here than our winter weather in the north-east of Brazil. I guess it will warm up soon though.
      I will miss my daily reading and frequent posting on WordPress, for sure. I do, however plan to read some posts by blogger friends that I’m accustomed to you, such as yourself.

      1. We are having fantastic weather here and I hope you get that in Vancouver too! And thank you so much for saying that, so kind of you 🙂 I will be eagerly waiting for your next post whenever you are back and ready!

  2. Have fun, Staci! I’m looking forward to lots of photos of your vacation!


    1. hehehehehe. Yea, I just got a brand new camera too. My hubby has already been giving me some lessons. I would love to use my own photos with my poetry and blogging. One day I’ll get there.
      Anyhow, thanks Rob. I’ll still be frequently reading posts by bloggers I’m already accustomed to, such as yours. How could I go 5-6 weeks without wordpress? And without Rob? Can’t be done my friend, so I won’t be a stranger.
      Have a great day at work.

      1. You’ve just added sunshine to my day! 🙂 Have a great day as well!


  3. Have a great vacation my dear! Im now too busy to stay connect often with Wp friends as well. But surely that i will miss you sometime! Love.

    1. Thanks Soapie. It’s going to be tough not being on WordPress daily, but I’ll still read a bit here and there, as well as possible post the odd post.

    1. Ohhhhhh, I would so love to stop by the Toronto area and meet you and your family Paul. I’m sure our kids would have a blast together. I still plan on reading your posts my friend. I know you have two that you’ve posted since I’ve last been on your blog. I’ve even opened them up, but haven’t gotten around to reading yet. I like to take my time with your posts, because they’re so awesome.
      Thanks for the travel wishes.
      Hugs and blessings.

    1. Oops. Sorry Heather. My mistake.
      Thanks Heather. I do still plan on reading a bit while I’m away so I won’t be a stranger my friend.

    1. Thank Kate. I won’t be a stranger though. I do still plan on reading a bit from my blogging friends, such as yourself.

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