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The Kenny and Kylie Show


Who’s ever heard of The Kenny & Kylie Show? “Kenny & Kylie is a podcast about anything and everything focused on the blogosphere. Expect a healthy dose of humor as Kenny, Kylie, and guest bloggers bring happiness and positivity to the worldย each Monday.” Today I had the opportunity to be on it. Head on over and have a listen here. Then let me know what you thought.


14 thoughts on “The Kenny and Kylie Show”

  1. Hi Staci, I just finished listening to the podcast of the Kenny and Kylie Show. That is an incredible journey you shared with the listeners. Listening to your enthusiasm, your infectious humor, it is easy to understand how effective you’d be in ministering to youth. Your segment flew by much too fast for me, and I enjoyed it greatly. My only regret is that you didn’t get to perform. Maybe another time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Staci!

    1. Hahaha, thanks Kate. It was a lot of fun. Plus it was great talking with and meeting Kenneth and Kylie. Poor Kylie had to do a lot of editing afterwards because we just kept talking and talking. Or maybe I should say I kept talking and talking.
      I had (still have) a bad cold, so I found myself sniffling quite a bit. I hope it wasn’t too obvious.
      Thanks again Kate, for taking the time to listen and for your beautiful comments.

      1. Heh heh heh…I was going to ask you if you had a cold. But it didn’t detract from the interview at all. I enjoyed listening to it very much.

  2. Nice Canadian accent, eh? (I don’t say it that often, but sometimes I catch myself). Great interview! Only you could go on “vacation” and get interviewed…ha ha. Nice to hear your voice – I expected a more “mousy” or quiter kind of person, with your introverted and pensive nature, but I could be just projecting…lol. You certainly have a lot of energy and enthusiasm! It’s fantastic. What a great way to learn more about you.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    You’re famous!


    1. Hahahahahahaha! Paul, you are awesome. Yes, I haven’t lost my Canadian accent. Even after all these years of living in Brazil.
      Mousy? Nope, not me. I’m kind of loud and a bit hyper actually. Funny how we can have an idea about someone we know online and then when we finally hear them, or meet hem in person, they’re totally different than you expect. I do think of deeper things though. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.
      I’m famous? Awwwww, you are too kind Paul. Maybe only in your eyes, but that’s more than enough for me. You’re famous in mine.

      hugs and blessings –Staci

  3. I loved it! The only time I had heard your voice was through your singing, so hearing you speak was a treat for me. I really enjoyed to hear about your past and how you’ve arrived at where you are today. Losing your boyfriend and your house in one day must have been a traumatic experience. Your phoenix has risen from the ashes into a beautiful new person. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing such a personal side to your life.


    1. Awwww, thanks Rob. Yup, that ‘epiphany’ day was quite the day. You’re so sweet and I totally appreciate you, my friend.

      1. It’s going well. A bit busy. Seems like the days fly by and there’s so little time. Ugh. It’s nice and warm today and the sun is out so that’s good news.

    1. Hi Chris. Thank you so much. It was so much fun doing that interview with Kylie and Kenneth. A real treat. I didn’t know I was going to end up sharing about that, but awesome that Kenneth led it that way. Glad he did. I have nothing to hide.

    1. Oh, I’m so humbled you listened Tony. I know that with the busyness of our modern world it’s difficult to carve out a 1/2 hour to listen to something.
      I had a horrible cold so I sound stuffy, but I’m glad that my energy came through.
      Bless you Tony

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