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Last week I posted a poem called, “Words, Mind, Emotions“, and shared how sometimes I find it difficult to calm my mind. I read something today that just hit me: “The world is so complex and over stimulating that you can easily lose your sense of direction“. Do you find this to be true? I do.

I began writing the above recently. It’s a song and a prayer. When I get flustered, confused, worried, etc, I come to my secret place and meet with my creator, and He seems to have a special way of just breathing peace and new life into my heart. As if He’s saying, “I know you don’t understand it all. I know that the world bombards you, screaming their ideas and thoughts. My child, you will never understand it all. Rest in me and know that I have everything under control.”

Now that’s comforting. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

How about you? Do you find this world to be complex and over stimulating? Do you ever feel like you lose your sense of direction? What do you do about it?

*source: Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young

40 thoughts on “Wholeness”

  1. Hi Staci, whenever I move too fast, I hear in my heart, “You need to slow down.”
    I live near the sea. I go there sometimes to unburden my soul. The vastness of the sea reminds me of the greatness of the creator and somehow I know I will be alright.

    I like your poem, especially the first four lines.

    1. Ohhhhhh, I’m so jealous. I would love to near the sea. If I did, I’d be there a lot for my quiet times and times of reflection.
      Thanks so much Timi.

  2. I can identify. I struggle with this as well. I go to movies, pray, listen to music. I sit outside and listen to the wind blow through the leaves. I cry. I sing. When I just breathe and choose to be patient, somehow it just passes through. Great post my friend ,)

    1. Yes, life is sooooo busy. I make sure I prioritize my quiet times in the morning. I tell my kids, shortly after breakfast that it’s ‘alone time’. They play or watch something on Youtube, and I have my quiet time to pray and read my Bible. I love that time.
      Thanks Audrey.

  3. That’s a beautiful song, thanks for posting it. Indeed, I too feel bombarded with stimulus all the time… Especially at work, sometimes I am approached by 3 different people all at once, it can easily be overwhelming. Writing helps me the most, by forcing me to reflect upon the day and also where I stand amongst it all, entrusting in my Sovereign God.

  4. This world at times seems to be a never ending cycle of complex stimuli or maybe just business 🙂 thank God I seem to be connected well enough these days that I recognize when He tells me I am getting lost in the world and need to step back. Maybe one day I can learn to not even go there ; )

    1. Wonderful Chris. I’m so glad that you’re connected to the source of life and love and peace. He never wanted to take us out of the world, but He does want us to influence it with His values. So let’s go into it and shine His light, my friend.
      Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Wholeness restored
    I find myself…
    How true!
    God love Peace, because He is peace. Achieving our “inner peace” is a way to welcome Him, or to stand ready to welcome Him…
    “The world is so complex and over stimulating that you can easily lose your sense of direction“. Do you find this to be true?
    Yes, I think it is true. It’s the reason why we need peace, a shelter of simplicity and purity “somewhere” (not obligatory a place, it may be a state of mind) to be quiet, to enjoy stillness and silence…
    some call it meditation… it may last one second, smelling the scent of rain in a garden as you said once, or being amazed by the color of a flower at early morning… writing a poem, thinking of nothing, sitting in a church and looking at the stained glass… yes Stacily, in a noisy and often deceiving world we absolutely need a shelter of peace to get in touch with the Divine!
    Thank you for your thoughtful posts, and love to you, have a very nice week-end 🙂

    1. “It’s the reason why we need peace, a shelter of simplicity and purity “somewhere” (not obligatory a place, it may be a state of mind) to be quiet, to enjoy stillness and silence…”
      –I love that you mentioned this Frederic. We don’t find God’s peace in our hearts ‘AT’ a specific place. Even the Bible says, “The Kindom of God is within you”. Check out the following: It’s not by religion, but by relationship. And He made the way for that relationship, and hence, have peace. We just need to freely accept His gift.
      Frederic, have you ever heard of Francis Shaeffer? He was considered a philosopher of the 20th century. I watched a 5 hour documentary by him on Youtube once. I was absolutely blown away. AMAZING! To say the least. If you ever get the chance, check out some of the stuff on YouTube. I bought a few of his books as well, which I look forward to reading soon. The Culture Monk ( got me interested in Him. Have you ever read “The Culture Monk’s blog? I absolutely love it. Kenneth (the author) is actually going back to school to get his PhD in philosophy.
      “in a noisy and often deceiving world we absolutely need a shelter of peace to get in touch with the Divine!”
      –I absolutely love being in touch with the Divine. I believe that it’s a 24 hour/7days a week experience, but those special times of intimacy and connection are like breathing. Without it, I’m dead.
      Much love, my beautiful friend.

      1. Oh yes Stacily, for sure ….”the kingdom of God is within you”! Thanks for your thoughtful words, No I never have heard of Francis Shaeffer, but you make me willing to know more about him! As for Culture Monk, I’m going to explore this blog. It seems to be so interesting! I can’t thank you enough for all these links… have a very nice Sunday, muche love to your dear Stacilys! MERCI :-)♥

  6. Understand the poem Staci. But not quite there. Maybe even far away or so I feel at times. Create turbulence or attract it. Know not which at times. Feel like I am a part of it but not all of it. One day maybe. Any hints? Like the film so far. Have not watched it all. The soundtrack, acting, and more work for me. And I am English:-)

  7. I feel like I have lost all directions, now more than ever. I loved the poem you have shared, the poems that give positivity at the end always inspire me. Love you Stacy, you are beautiful 🙂 ❤

    1. Ohhhhhh Lala. You are a deep soul, and have a desire to experience life. I can tell. I’m so sorry you feel like you do. You are in my prayers sweet girl.
      Love you too. ❤

  8. Hi Staci…
    I seek out the simple things in life when things are too complicated, too over stimulating. Too much light? I seek darkness. Too much noise? I seek quite. Too much hate? I seek love. It’s not always possible, but to balance out these forces in life, it’s what I strive to do.

  9. I do find this world complex and over stimulating. I have trouble unplugging from it though for “fear” of missing something. I have only felt this way in the last few years.

    1. I think our modern times causes this. This need to know everything that’s happening in the world. It can be quite overwhelming at times.

  10. I loved this post! I can really relate to it, particularly the phrase, ” My child, you will never understand it all. Rest in me and know that I have everything under control.”
    I must always have a “secret place” (a grove of trees, a rocky beach even a rooftop) where I can disappear and be alone with God. I have been in many stressful, sometimes even dangerous situations in my adventurous life, often with others dependent on me. While I “looked” strong I was always very aware of my weakness. When pressures became too much I’d retreat to my special place and find Him there away from distractions, worries and cares. The first answer was always the same. “Don’t worry I’ve got this, just give it all to Me”. Then, mind renewed, faith restored, He would give me any solutions I needed.
    It is wonderful to travel through life with Christ!

    1. This is such a beautiful comment Claire. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I took me a long time to get where I am now. To this place of really living in assurance of God’s protection, care, sovereignty and love. I had a lot of garbage that God had to clean up in my life, and a lot of wrong mind-sets that needed to be changed. The difficulties of growing up in a broken home, constantly in fear of my alcoholic father and suffering verbal abuse. It was really tough, and my 20s were really a time of ‘going through the wringer’. But God is so faithful, patient and loving. He’s brought me through and to where I am today. And for this, I am so thankful. I need my secret place. I can not live without it.
      Thanks again Claire.

      1. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment. It touched my heart. Surely God uses the broken things (as in my case also) and He is surely using you. Happy to call you sister and may He continue to bless, protect and prosper you.

      2. Awwww, thank you so much Claire. It reminds me of the passage, “He gives beauty for ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.
        So happy to call you sister too.

  11. Great post, Staci ❤

    I used to find the world so demanding, with thoughts, emotions, fears and other people demanding all of my waking and resting hours. Having moved out on my own, I have found a solitude that I never realised that I missed before.

    When I find the demands of the world getting too much, I know that I can retreat to a place that is truly my own and find a little inner peace.

    1. Hi Heather
      “I have found a solitude that I never realized that I missed before.”
      –I cherish my times of solitude. Isn’t it soooooooo refreshing to finally find it?
      So glad you have that place of your own now Heather. That place where you can come and be alone with your thoughts, that is far from distractions and demands.

      1. Yes, it’s been a wonderful and eye-opening discovery for me, Staci.

        It has also been the primary reason that I have been able to work on myself and my growth as a person. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t moved out on my own ❤

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