Connected Endearment

connected endearment


our souls rhyme
in the fullness of time
ignited by the sparks of Grace

my reason for living
my nourishment
my breath

when famished
when gasping
You are my base

solace of beneficial
rains falling on
suspended gardens

that nothing
can efface

when eternity is home
and unearthly treasures
are finally known

as I’m encompassed
in Your embrace

and I turn my face
towards Your light
I cease to wander

I pray

This poem was written in collaboration with the talented Frederic, of ‘poems & poèmes‘. It was an honor to do this with him because he is a wonderful poet. Please take some time to check out his blog.

37 thoughts on “Connected Endearment

  1. … and it was my pleasure to co-write with you dear Staci Lys! Thank you for your kind words. And much love to you 🙂

      • yeah – sorry – I read that it was a combined effort – oops – and I will have to check out his blog – and what a cool idea to team up like that – very cool. maybe someday you two will have a book – well let’s not push it – ha! have a great week.

      • Hahahahaha. Yea, Frederic is an amazing person. I’m so glad he encouraged me to collaborate with him on this poem. I don’t think we’ll ever write a book together, however I have been having some ideas for a book of my own. Nothing big. Self-published and all.
        Thank you, and you have a great week too.

      • oh cool – I think the best books come about this way – the creative birthing so to speak – where it unfolds from an author and comes as a byproduct of writing and having it flow from inside. In contrast, we had some friends in California and the husband got laid off and so he decided to writer a book and investigated topics and ended up doing a college book – and it was fine – but so business like and so rote – and well, I guess there are needs for all types of books – all types – but I think some of the best are the ones that unfold naturally from writers like this – ya know?

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