Poem, Spiritual

Dagger of Truth

Dagger of Truth


Do you believe in the spirit world? Do you think that there is anything beyond matter, time and space? I do.

I know not everybody believes what I do, nor has had the same type of experiences. We are all individuals. We are all unique. Not one of us has the exact same experience in life.

When I was a child, and all through my adolescent years, I just accepted what was taught to me in school. I didn’t believe in God, nor the spirit world. It wasn’t until I started asking the questions that all humans, at one point or another, ask themselves. How did I get here? What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose in life? Why are people frightened of death? Where am I going when I die? So at the age of 20 I made a decision to believe in God? I had found Truth, or better yet, He had found me.

Over the years though, I’ve had to water that relationship. I didn’t just make a decision and leave it at that. No relationship thrives like that. It takes dedication, commitment, and quality time spent. If I don’t feed my spirit the healthy nutrients it needs, it is very easy to start believing subtle little lies. When that happens, things get dark and I need to run to the light. That’s where I hear words of life again. That’s where I am restored and refreshed again. That’s where I’m safe and sheltered from fear. I need to catch those little foxes before they dig up the garden. Before they scratch away the seeds that were planted for the growth of amazing fruit.

So, do you believe there is a spirit world? Do you think that there is anything beyond matter, time and space? Do you believe that there is good and evil? Light and darkness?

48 thoughts on “Dagger of Truth”

  1. Yes, I believe in the spirit world, the afterlife, paradise or whatever it’s called. I know that making statment like that will allow others to believe that I’m not intelligent. I don’t really care. I feel that we are here for a reason and that there is a destiny ahead of us. I can’t prove it, I just know that it “is”.

    1. Hahahaha. That’s funny you say that stating that would allow other people to think you’re not intelligent. Isn’t it funny how people that don’t believe in the spirit world, and only science think these things?
      Check out my response to F.G.M. Many scientists from history were Christians. And a high percentage of Nobel Prize Laureates confessed to be Christian.
      Rob, have you ever heard of Josh McDowell. He used to be an agnostic and was challenged by some university friends on the issue of God. He went on a quest to try and disprove the existence of God and the Christian faith (or something like that). Anyhow, he has an amazing book called “Evidence that Demands a Verdict”. I highly recommend reading it for answering all of the ‘tough’ questions. He goes deep into the historical evidence there is for Christ and all.
      Thanks for sharing. And believe me, you are in no way less intelligent for believing this.

      1. Further to yours and FGM’s comments I believe true science confirms the Word of God. We see but the tip of the iceberg, just one dimension you might say, science daily opens new doors to redefining our understanding of present pragmatic laws which long defined “reality”. Science and Christianity being at odds (contrary to most history books) is a recent thing. I believe science will expand not contract in the true Millennium yet to come when Christ returns to set things right.

      2. This is so true Claire. It really does.
        “Science and Christianity being at odds (contrary to most history books) is a recent thing.”
        –I have come to think about this and see this recently. Even the book I’m reading right now spends a whole chapter on this topic.
        Thank you for enriching the conversation with this comment.

  2. Oh yes for sure, beyond matter, time and space… the Kingdom! yes, there is good and evil, darkness and light, but a also a Mistery, in darkness Light awaits… it is like a seed, and Light needs darkness to shine… as for evil, I am optimist, I know Love always win… Love can turn hate into love, but hate cannot turn love into hate… and I think religions are absolutely important because they remind us to be AWARE in this world, because in the next one we’ll be judged. You know something amazing Staci, scientist are discovering incredible things about our world, about matter: in fact matter is an like an illusion… we think it’s real, but what is REAL is our soul… do you know Eben Alexander? He is a neuro-surgeon who had a NDE… Near Death Experience, he discovered that what is real is the “Kingdom”, a metaphor for “the world beyond matter, time and space”. I reremeber he testimonied in a faith forum, if you’re interested I will give you the link. He has written a book. I think that being a neuro-surgeon his testimony is very interesting. Ah! The word is amazing, and the Kingdom is breathtaking 🙂 much love to you Staci!

    1. Oh yeah, I’m so glad you commented Frederic. I was hoping you would and have been waiting to see if you had. I knew you would have something to say on this.

      You know, so many Christians think that science is the enemy of faith, but that’s just not true. Many well-known historical figures who have influenced Western science considered themselves Christian such as Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Boyle. (To see more on this, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_thinkers_in_science).
      I would love that link about Eben Alexander.
      Thanks Frederic and much love you.
      🙂 ❤

      1. You’re right, science and faith are not foes, it’s a big mistake to think that. And yes, there are so many Christian thinkers in science (thanks for the link). Do you know Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, he was a great French christian phlosopher:
        As for Eben Alexander, here is the link to YouTube. The conference lasts long, but it absolutely fascinating:
        Take care & ♥

      2. Thank you for the link Frederic. I’m going to have to watch with attention and care.
        I have never heard of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Thank you so much for the link. I will read up on him.
        Love to you.

  3. There is lot more unknown to humankind then known in this vast universe. Some it may be called a spirit, divine, faith, deity, gods, God. Even science still trying to find 94% of the universe…so we don’t know much…

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that the percentage was that high AB. It’s funny, because we humans think we know so much, but it’s just as you said, “There is lot more unknown to humankind then known in this vast universe.”

  4. My mother told me the first question I asked her as a child was, “How we get here?” And she knew I wasn’t referring to how we were born. I believe life begins with questions. And thanks for the link I needed that.

    1. Hi Vernon. Very interesting what you said: “I believe life begins with questions.” You could very well be right. Humans are very curious, right from the get go.
      Btw, what link are you talking about?

  5. Yes!! 🙂 I believe in angels!! I believe in God!! 🙂 I believe!! 🙂 But I don’t believe in evil, I think there is no evil, there is only absence of love. 🙂

    1. Oh yes Trini. One just has to read only one of your posts and know that you believe.
      Interesting concept, that you don’t believe in evil, just the absence of love. I never thought of it that way.
      Bless you, sweet girl.
      🙂 ❤

  6. Oh yeah I totally believe in spirit world , God and ghosts stuff. You know when you start inquiring about the universe in your mind and start looking for the answers to what am I and why is that so stuff, this all starts making sense to you. The more you ponder upon, the more you discover the secrets. This process has no end. Science is just a mechanism to name strange things happening in this vast universe, as AB said there is a lot more unknown than known to human beings…. Who knows there are many civilizations of aliens or people with wings on this Earth and we are hidden from them as they are from us. Anything can be possible 😉

    1. Isn’t that crazy what AB mentioned? That humans/science, up until now, are still trying to figure out the other 96% of the universe. So that means, we humans, have only 4% knowledge of it all. And we think we know so much. Hahahahaha. We humans can be so silly eh.
      Thanks for commenting Lala.

  7. Yes, I do believe in the spirit world too. I believe that we never run out of existence, it remains if not in this world, time or space then some other, something yet undiscovered but I like to think it’s there..I also believe in Light and Dark, where darkness is simply lack of Light. There is a tale which I love, it goes something like this “There was a cave, which was dark for thousands of years and the people of the village thought that to light it up would take another thousand years but when they broke through it, all it took was a second and the cave brightened up like it was never in the dark.” 🙂

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful poem, I specifically love the line – ‘Truth is my dagger’, and putting up such intriguing questions, I loved reading the above discussions too. Lots of love. Take care! ❤

    1. You are so sweet. I am humbled by your compliments, comment and appreciation.
      What a cute little tale. Thank you for sharing it with me. I had never heard it before. Where there is light, the darkness has to go.
      “I believe that we never run out of existence, it remains if not in this world, time or space then some other”
      –Wonderful. I believe this too. We are not our bodies. We have a body, but we are eternal beings. A spirit, a soul. Our bodies are just our tents, until we go into eternity.
      Thank you so much for your comment.
      🙂 ❤

      1. ‘Our bodies are just our tents, until we go into eternity.’ – Very true. ❤
        No worries! You're the sweetest! 🙂

  8. Wow I am so very glad you found me because it lead me here to you. I can’t wait to read more and I think I would like to live in this world of yours. If you ever want to write with me email me…I am behind at the moment but I am trying hard to catch up and would love to do a duet.

    Look forward to reading much more xoxo


    1. Awesome. I actually just did my first duet about two weeks ago with poems & poemes. I would love to do one with you. I really feel your work and think we could write something great. I have to confess that poetry is somewhat new to me (almost a year ago I started), but has quickly become a firey passion.
      Soooo looking forward to delving into your world and reading what’s already here and what’s to come.

      1. Your positive words and spirit are making me smile. I have a feeling I am going to find a bit of what I have been looking for in your blog. God, wisdom, faith… sometimes we look for things and find those things find us instead.

      2. Oh, I sooooo agree – “sometimes we look for things and find those things find us instead”
        I’m so glad my words brought a smile to your face. I’m so excited to have met you.
        You know, I can read a ton of blogs and poetry and, even though there might be flowery words, or perfect technique, they just don’t hit the spot really. Then you come across one that is “WOW” and you know you’ve just got to follow. I have been reading your poems like a famished infant. I even just told my husband about you and how I really like your stuff.

      1. Just put the kids to bed. It can only get better from here on. I’m telling you, this time is sacred. Ahhhhhhh.

      2. I know this is a reply that comes after the fact, but yes, thanks so much. Have to confess though that I did about an hour and some of exercise. Hehehehehe. Relaxed in bed with a good book after.
        Have a great weekend Benjamin.
        btw: I love that name ‘Benjamin’. If I were to have another boy, I think I would give his that name. And I would never call him Ben, nor Benny. Only Benjamin.

      3. That’s funny you said that, because I was just thinking how I always want to be Benjamin but everyone insists on calling me Ben or Benny (which I don’t like at all).

        Exercise is a good way of relaxing, too. I’ve been missing my exercise because I’ve been writing too much, which still is no excuse. Glad to hear you got to relax. And bed and a book is always a good idea. 🙂

      4. Awwww, that’s too bad. I would always call you Benjamin. 🙂

        Oh yes, I used to be addicted to exercise. I’m trained in fitness and nutrition and used to teach for a performing arts school. Now I’ve had to diminish immensely the amount I do. That’s why I like HIIT and Body Rock stuff.

        Yes, bed and a book is the best. The only real time I get to read much.

        Hope you had a great weekend Benjamin.

      5. That’s great, though. I wish I knew more about fitness and nutrition than I do. It’s good to fit it in when you can. I’m having a great weekend so far, and hope you are as well. 🙂

  9. I do believe that there is something beyond the material world and that our souls transcend to another level when we leave our mortal body. I also believe that there is light and dark in each of us; I have tattoo of a yin/yang symbol on my ankle to remind me that the light and dark cannot exist without each other.

    Great post, Staci ❤

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