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Naked and Exposed

naked and exposed - photl


Are you a private person? Do you like to keep some things to yourself?

I used to be very open with others. In fact, I used to think of myself as somewhat of an open book. I was also younger, inexperienced, and maybe a little less wiser. I remember though, when I first made a decision to believe in God and to live for Him, I began to have a much stronger conscience. I would feel anxiety at times because I felt as though there were certain things I just may like to hide from Him. Things that I didn’t want him to know. Maybe thoughts that weren’t always the purest and morally correct. One day, however, I was walking home from school and it suddenly dawned on me. I can’t hide a single thing from my creator. He knows all of my thoughts. All of my actions. All of the motives of my heart. He even knows the words I’m going to speak before they reach my lips. Then I realized, that in Him knowing all, and that He still accepts me just as I am, there was great freedom and comfort in that. All the wrong that I had ever done, and would ever do, could be wiped away, simply because of His amazing mercy and grace.

How could I not surrender my all to Him.

Now back to you. Are you a private person or are you an open book? Do you ever wonder, or think about your motives, and if they are ever seen or known?

25 thoughts on “Naked and Exposed”

  1. I’m a dichotomy of sorts. You ask some fundamentally profound questions there, Staci. What are my motives? What is personal, what is not? Some may get the impression from reading my blog that I’m an open book. There are many chapters that are hidden, though, and yet to be read.

  2. Depends. In my writing I am an open book. I’ve never been able to speak to people the way I write but every day I get a little bit better. I have always worn my heart on a selves. What you see is what you get but I am much deeper than most ever get to see 😉

    1. There really is something about writing, isn’t there? It’s as if what is really inside is somehow able to come out. Oftentimes it seems like words can get imprisoned inside when having to actually speak. Especially face to face.

  3. enjoyed your post ! 🙂 and for me – I can be private and very open – just depends – and I think there is a time to have Godly discretion or times of letting Him lead – ya know – like a time to share and a time to not share – and then other times transparent is fitting. Just depends, ya know – on the time, situation, people involved, etc.

    but I like your point on how God knows all – and his amazing mercy and grace – so nice… thanks 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I definitely agree. It makes me think of Ecclesiastes 3, where it talks about a time to be quiet and a time to speak. I guess it’s all about discernment and discretion. There are some things I’ll speak opening to certain people that I wouldn’t to others. And of course, God knows every one of my thoughts, so there’s no hiding nothing from Him. I find that very freeing. Because in knowing that, that I can’t hide a single thing, and even still He lovingly accepts me. Well that’s pure grace and mercy then. It wouldn’t be if He wasn’t so loving and full of grace, but in knowing He is, then it’s so freeing. Don’t you think?
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Firstly, your post is beautiful and thought provoking. Coming to the question you asked, I am a sort of private person tot he world and an open book to Him. World cannot get me 100 percent but HE understands me in and out.

  5. Lovely post as usual, Staci. I love the questions you ask of us…and yourself.

    I have been accused (is accused the right word?) of being *too* honest. I don’t know what that means, but I imagine it’s better than being the scandal I was before. Privacy is important to me, and being an introvert, I very much cherish my alone time and keeping with my thoughts. But I am open about those thoughts with some select folks and to an extent, on my blog. I think it’s normal for use to withhold. Self-containment, I call it. I think it’s healthy to have some sort of internal monologue kept within. In a FB and Twitter and social media world, we tend to overshare or blather on too much about stuff that we may normally keep private. It’s a balancing act, methinks. It also depends – at work, I keep my private life and thoughts to myself, judiciously doled out if the circumstances warrant it. With my recovery peeps, it’s all out honesty. I need that. And of course, like you, knowing that God is with me and knows and loves me regardless is comforting.

    Checking my motives…that’s a whole topic in itself (I may steal this as one!) – I need to check often, as I am very skilled at passing a bad motive off as a good one. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. But I know deep down when I am doing it. So I check in with myself as much as a I can.

    Great post, my friend – I can go on forever on your blog…ha ha.


    1. I always get excited when I see your gravatar in my notifications 🙂

      “I think it’s normal for use to withhold.”
      –Me too Paul. I used to be so open about too many things. Life experience has taught me some great lessons though. As you’ve probably guessed, I am (or at least used to be) quite an extrovert. I’m still quite hyperactive, but I’ve toned down a lot. I won’t share openly if everybody and anybody anymore. Only God, of course. Can’t hide nothing from him.

      “Checking my motives…that’s a whole topic in itself”
      –Oh yes, I believe it. You do a lot of internal evaluation on yourself, don’t you? One can tell by your blog posts. I think it’s great you do. Not enough people do. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing though Paul. We’re all guilty of this. We’re all ‘sinners’ (can I say that word? 🙂 )

      “I may steal this as one!”
      –Go right ahead. I’ll be waiting to read it in your blog, my friend. ‘Methinks’ (love how you use this) it will be a great read, as always of course.

      Awwww, thank you so much Paul. You make my heart smile. You’re awesome.

      Hugs and blessings (as always)
      Staci 🙂

  6. I wear my heart, or rather my soul, on my sleve. I have always been like that. Ive had to practice holding back when it is not the right place or time to talk about love and God and soul. I say almost everything that comes to my heart, Sometimes, people find that little scary, they are little afraid of talking about God, and especially about death! I am also very emotional, and even if I try to hide my emotions it seems I cant, my face says it all. At least that is what people say. But I am okay with that, beacuse I dont like to hide. I am also not afraid of God, God and I are best friends. We talk about everything all the time. It seems God likes to talk about the same things as me, Love, Kindness, compassion, we have the most interesting conversations!! And many of the things we talk about inspires poems and articles that I share on my blog! 🙂 ❤

    1. Awwwwww, I don’t find you, or your thoughts and heart scary at all Trini. You’re a huge sweetie-pie. Honest and open. You make yourself vulnerable and that is a blessing.
      I am also a very emotional person. And extremely expressive. Just like you, it’s very difficult for me to hide how I’m feeling. Maybe I’ve learned to tone it down a bit, through life experience and lessons learnt, but I’m still a strong feeler.
      That’s great that you don’t like to hide. You are being you, and that’s the person we love and respect.
      Love, Kindness, Compassion – all wonderful and virtuous topics indeed.
      Blessings to you sweet girl.

      1. You are sweet!!! 🙂 ❤ I hope so much we meet one day!! 🙂 ❤ Blessings to you as well! 🙂 ❤ I love the way you are too! 🙂

      2. Ya, that would be great. Meeting one day. You never know. I just may end up back in India at some point. Or who knows? Maybe you’ll come to Brazil. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Excellent post! I am older now, and know that nothing can be hidden from Him. It is actually a relief! It prevents me from hiding (or attempting to hide) things from myself. I share myself carefully. I have dear friends and relationships where trust has been built over decades. I am very blessed. Even within my group, I look for leadings as to whom I share my confidences. I believe they do the same with their friends. Very thought-provoking! Best, Catie

    1. Thank you so much Catie. It really is such a relief to know that nothing can be hidden from Him, isn’t it. Very liberating indeed. It takes away the fear factor.
      Yes, I hear you about sharing yourself carefully. I used to be a lot more liberal with what I’d share and who I would share with. Time and experience has taught me well though.
      Thanks again.

  8. Lovely poem. Because I write a personal blog, people think I’m open, and in a sense I am, have to be. But, I like to keep some things private. God is someone I talk to about everything. I don’t always have answers for the questions I ask, but I find peace. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

    1. “God is someone I talk to about everything.”
      –Love it Timi. Me too. Who better than the maker of all things and the most powerful being in the universe to take things too eh. That’s what I figure. I also love how you say that you don’t always have answers, but you find peace. I also find this to be so true. I guess we can’t expect to always understand everything. Let’s face it, we’re finite beings. Point and blank.
      You’re so welcome. And thank you for sharing yourself with us in your posts.

  9. Beautiful poem Staci and a very thoughtful post. I’ve come out of my hibernation to say Hello 🙂 My blog is being converted right now to a website for my work and is under construction thus private. As soon as it is ready I will let you know. Hope all is fine with you Darling girl. I have missed your words and your warm loving energy! But life has taken some other turns and blogging a backseat. Much love to you Xox

    1. Oh, hello sweet Neeta. Hahaha, you’re hibernation.
      No problem. Let me know when you’re up and running ok.
      I’m doing well. Thank you so much for your kind words Neeta. You always have a way with words.
      Bless you.

  10. Given some of the things I’ve admitted on my blog over the past year, it might surprise some folks to find that I am actually quite a private person. I guess that, like a sinner going to confession, it’s easier to confide in people that you don’t even really know that well.

    While I would like to think that I am open and honest in my writing and blogging, the same can’t be said for the person I am away from the computer screen. Maybe that has something to do with my self-confidence, but I am usually the person at the back of the room trying not to be noticed.

    Some people might confuse my unwillingness to look at them as a sign of indifference when the truth is that I don’t want to look at people and see disappointment in their eyes.

    Great post Staci ❤

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