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Autumn – Creative Collaboration

autumn poem

Before I go on, I would like to sincerely ask for your forgiveness of my mistake within the above poem. I had changed the third stanza, and forgot to take out ‘to’ before ‘anew’. It should read, ‘allow your senses to speak anew’. I will blame it on the fact that it is night-time and just finished putting my kids to bed. I spent a long time trying to mount this within the photo, and now the photo has been saved with the poem in it. Please accept my sincere apologies. 

This poem was written in response to Neha’s ‘Autumn Collaboration Calling All Poets, Bloggers & Creative Minds – Bring in your colours with fall‘ prompt over at Forgotten Meadows. I was excited about doing it at first because I have not done many poems about the different seasons, or nature. However, after reading Lorrie’s beautiful poem, ‘The Fall’, I thought I wouldn’t be able to write anything that would do this project justice.

Today, as I was on my ‘reflection’ walk after my run, I thought about it a bit more. Different ideas came to mind as I was considering a bit of the conversation I had with Lorrie on her blog.  The autumn is a time of transition and leading up to a time of death. However, even though the leaves are falling to their death, they are changing into beautiful colors. It makes me think of the physical beauty of youth, and how we are always trying to preserve that. However, true inner beauty is something that grows and develops over a lifetime.

It also made me think of death, and being prepared for it. Autumn is a time of preparation. Gathering food, wood, supplies, and what have you in order to prepare for the harsh winter ahead.

It also made me think of life itself. About where we place true importance. About what time we are living in. Are we living in the now, noticing our moments and the beauty that lies in each one? Or are we wishing for what already was and has since passed? Or are we always looking to the future, hoping and longing for something better?

Just a few thoughts. Would love to hear yours.

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37 thoughts on “Autumn – Creative Collaboration”

  1. Beautiful poem! I have mixed feelings about autumn- the colors are beautiful and I had never appreciated it until I moved to an area where the foliage is gorgeous. However it also means winter is coming and winter is horrendous, dark, and cold.

    I think we’re always looking forward (or back) to something better, but your questions remind me that I do know where my true Hope lies!

    1. Hi Soapie.
      I share your aversion for winter. I’m a sun girl all the way. I think autumn is beautiful, and I appreciate the cool of it, and the crisp air. However, once it gets just that bit too cool, my feelings change.

      Yes, I agree that we’re always looking forward, but the trick is to not live in it. No problem looking forward to it, but don’t let it steal the moments of today.

  2. Hi Staci! First…This poem is absolutely incredible!! I love everything about it…and embedding it in the photo is stunning. You captured so many levels of thought in this poem…and integrated it into a masterpiece!! Really…I am extremely moved by the way you presented your thoughts! 🙂

    And second…Thank you so very much for the beautiful praise and for linking me in your post! This was such a nice surprise and I am so appreciative. I believe that you sent a number of people my way and I am so grateful. And please!! Don’t ever think that you shouldn’t write a poem….you should ALWAYS write…no matter what!! 🙂

    Thank you!!! I am Blessitude! ! ❤ ❤

    1. Ohhhhhh, I really am so blessed to receive such kind and beautiful words from you Lorrie. And I am so glad that you were so moved by the way I presented my thoughts. You’ve made my heart smile, and boosted my confidence.

      You’re more than welcome. I’m so glad that it generated traffic over at your blog.

      “Don’t ever think that you shouldn’t write a poem….you should ALWAYS write…no matter what!!”
      –Thank you for this. I’m really starting to learn this lesson. Even the slightest thought that impacts me in any way I’ve started writing down. I don’t leave the house now without my little notebook. I think it is safe to say that I have fallen in love with writing poetry now. And now I’m encouraged even more by your comment.

      Bless you and hugs.

      1. You touch my heart Staci…and that means that you touch others. I think if something comes from a true honest place….then it touches people in a very good way!

        And yes, by all means, write EVERYTHING! ! I never know when my poems will “come” and so I must always have something to write with and on!! There was a while that inspiration would come while I was in the shower!!! Many a poem at that time was written with me dripping wet!! 🙂

        Much love to you…I’m so happy that we connected ❤

      2. Thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words Lorrie.

        Funny about the shower, I also started writing a poem once in the shower. Once I got out I was off to my notebook and pencil, hurrying to write it down before the muse decided to slip away. Now we can’t have that happen, can we?

        Me too. So very happy to have connected with you.

        Love and blessings.
        p.s. how do you get those cute little hearts? I tried doing what I thought was right, but then realized it didn’t work.

      3. Oh, thanks Lorrie. Yes, I had been doing that, but then when I saw the post after, the heart didn’t show up. Now it’s showing up again. Go figure eh.
        🙂 ❤

      4. I, too, have had “strange””things happen/or not happen for a time here on WP…they usually do just straighten out by themselves! Hope today finds you in a “cloud” of love…me…I’m just in a fog…but I’ll work through it! ❤

      5. Awwwww, you’re in a fog? I hope that the sun shines brightly in your mind and heart, clearing it all away. Just clear blue skies for a peaceful weekend.
        Blessings you to you Lorrie.

      6. Thanks Staci 🙂 I’m good…just a little adjustment time. It is strange to live in two different places. But as many places as you have lived you probably know what I mean. Have a super weekend ❤

  3. “The subtlest of seasons
    In the mosts charming ways…”
    I love these lines Staci! What a beautiful way to describe Fall, yes, it is true: it is in many ways “the subtlest of seasons”! I also love the questions Fall leads you to ask…
    “It also made me think of death, and being prepared for it.” Here is, probably, the main question we all should have to think about…
    “Are we living in the now, noticing our moments and the beauty that lies in each one?”, for example, the beauty of colors, the beauty of a spider web in the morning sun… a garden, or Nature, helps to do that… and the ones we love: do we realize how blessed we are to live, especially when we are in good health, are we grateful? Yes: here is another important question; are we grateful enough?
    Ah Staci, THANK YOU for this wonderful pooetical and spiritual post 🙂
    Love to you ♥

    1. Awwww, thank you Frederic. I’m always encouraged by your kind words and comments.
      I’m finding that we can use so much in nature, of the natural, and see it metaphorically in the spiritual. In my own quiet times I have been elated with all the different ideas that are coming into my mind and spirit. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to see what will come about of it all. You are someone that truly knows how to appreciate God’s beauty and then poetically express yourself because of it. Wonderful gift F. May I learn from your example.
      “Are we grateful?” Ah yes, that is a big question. Oftentimes it is so easy to lose track and start complaining and grumbling about such petty little things. We have so much to be grateful for. I need to keep learning this over and over and over and over… you get the point 😉
      Love and blessings to you, my friend.

  4. Lovely and refreshing! While walking through the crisp air of fall in your poem, I ended up with flushed cheeks. Nature hands us lessons in many ways and one of them is Fall. It teaches us acceptance and hope. It says, good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

    1. Oh that’s so cute. I’m so glad you ended up with flushed cheeks. I’m sure all rosy and sweet too.

      “It teaches us acceptance and hope”.
      –Wonderful insight. I didn’t consider these traits. I’ll have to meditate on this.

      Thanks you so much beingeternal. Truly appreciate your insight here. You have enriched the post.

  5. Lovely poem, Staci – one of my faves from you.

    I could write a book on autumn…my fave season, but sadly is barely a whisper up here…we go from blazing summers to frigid colds almost without that buffer of fall. So I take it in as much as I can. I think the idea of preparing for winter also makes us lose the now-ness of this season, as you describe. It certainly has its beauty and charms and I think always gives us pause to reflect as we transition. I don’t think it’s any mistake that most poems or reflective pieces are about this season than the others. There is a freshness about it, a new start. And I believe in the seasons of the heart and soul, and this is just as important as the others.

    Thank you for this 🙂


    1. Ohhhh, thank you so much Paul. Really? One of your faves? Big Huge smile, my friend.
      If you were to write a poem on autumn, I would read it. Unfortunately, it truly is a short season in many parts of Canada. The brutal winter likes to cut it short with it’s fierce cold and – dare I say – snow (ugh).

      “I don’t think it’s any mistake that most poems or reflective pieces are about this season than the others.”
      –Oh yes, it has a lot to offer. I think that Spring also inspire a lot of poetry too.

      “seasons of the heart and soul”
      –Yes, so true. I also believe in this Paul. All of the seasons are important. We can’t always have the mountain top ‘summer’ experiences, but the harsh ‘winter’ ones are needed as well (even though they’re not so pleasant).

      Thank you Paul for enriching the conversation here.

      Hugs and blessings

  6. I think that autumn, even as a precursor to death, has promises of rebirth in the spring. I see the leaves grow brilliant, then fall. I’m reminded of the promise of their return. It’s similar to spirituality. It’s almost like an reminder to us that we all have another rebirth after this life.

    1. Hey Rob, I love that. The promise of rebirth. And yes, death is just a ‘crossing over’ into eternity.
      Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Olá, Staci. Bom dia!
    Gostei muitíssimo do seu poema, principalmente da construção da imagem com os versos. Achei muito relevante a reflexão que você faz sobre as estações do ano em comparação com a vida. A parte das folhas, achei genial. Parabéns!

    1. Muito obrigada Adriano. Na verdade, isso foi um desafio para mim, mas estou muito feliz que eu encarei este desafio. Eu fiquei muito feliz com o resultado. E quando eu achei a foto e comecei a trabalhar colocando o poema na foto, não sabia como ia fazer de uma maneira legal. Aí fiquei experimentando e de repente pensei colocar um verso em cada folha.
      Mais uma vez Adriano, muito obrigada.
      Uma vez deste, a gente deve fazer uma colaboração. Talvez você escreve em Português, e eu poderia fazer uma versão em Ingles. Tem dois blogueiros aqui no wordpress que fizeram isso e ficou muito legal. Se quiser ver: http://poemsandpoemes.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/hopes-iridiscence/
      Está em ingles e frances.
      Abraços e um forte abraço em Lu também.

      1. Staci, gostei muito da sua idéia. Acho que pode ficar bem interessante. Vou escolher alguma coisa e te envio no email. A gente vai conversando e ajustando.

  8. Great post Staci ❤

    I really like the way that you compare autumn and winter and what it might mean in the cycle of life. I love the way that you describe leaves as 'falling to their death' and how winter is a harsh time when many things die (flowers, leaves, plants etc.)

    I think that we all seem to be far too consumed with what happened in the past or what might happen in the future to really appreciate what happens in the here and now.

    1. Oh, I’m so glad your liked this one Heather. I know that you’re not a big fan of winter, nor I. So yes, it does seem to paint a picture of harshness, and even death.

      Here, here, let’s live in the now, my friend. That’s all we’ve got, right?

      🙂 ❤

    1. Oh wow. I am honored by your kind words Elizabeth. Thank you so so much for reading and appreciating. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

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