Poem, Spiritual

With Emotion (Monotetra)

With Emotion

Let’s make sweet music, you and I
Stirring the soul, touching the sky
Rhythms and notes to abide by
Affeto will fly, affeto will fly

Inhaling love, exhaling hate
transforming mind, beautiful fate
No more twisted paths, only straight
Right to the gate, right to the gate

Once I was lost, now I am found
So goes the song, old yet profound
Distorted mind has found new ground
Spirit is sound, spirit is sound

(Affeto: Music terminology meaning, ‘Affect’, and to do so with emotion. So then, ‘with emotion’)

Recently I have been dabbing into experimenting again with poetry forms. My blogger friend over at My OctPoWriMo is to blame for this. Please, if you haven’t checked her out yet, hop on over there and read some of her amazing poetry. If you would like to challenge yourself to write within the boundaries of various poetry forms, check out her page, “Poetry Forms”.

The above poem is a ‘Monotetra’, which consists of four lines in a stanza, each line being eight syllables long. Each line must rhyme and the last line is a repeater, being four syllables x four syllables. If you’re up to it, give it a try. Then let me know how you found it and share your work.

Is there anybody/thing that you can relate this poem to? Is there anyone/thing that makes you want to say, “Let’s make music together? Let’s do it with passion and emotion?

66 thoughts on “With Emotion (Monotetra)”

  1. I love that you use music for a metaphor for life, love and passion. I think that it works beautifully. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Staci, it’s beautiful here today. Tomorrow will be near 80 degrees and I have the day off. 🙂

      2. Oh wow, that’s awesome. A day off and 80 degrees. What’s up with that? Some Indian summer or something like that? It’s currently 88 degrees here. Phew! Hope you have an awesome day tomorrow.

      3. Yes, an Indian Summer. I plan on doing yard work and reading a bit until my kids come home from school. Have you thought about putting these words to music?

      4. To music? Actually, I’ve though recently about putting various poems to music. I come up with melodies, but I’m so limited. I play very little guitar, and not by ear. Plus I don’t have anyone here to help me at all. I’m hoping that with our move back to our home base I will be able to find people to help. I would actually like to do a whole arts/media project with some of my poems/songs. Like involving music, interpretive dance, and with major feeling and emotion. We’ll see.

      5. That sounds intriguing, Staci. That would be difficult, yet rewarding as an artistic culmination of all of the art forms that you like and perform arranged together in a presentation. I would love to see it. 🙂

      6. Who knows? Maybe one day. I certainly would be up for the challenge and would love to do it.
        I’ll definitely post it if I do.
        Thanks a ton Rob.

  2. That’s a beautiful poem! I can say that once I was lost and now I am found. I thank God for finding me! 🙂

    1. Ohhhh yes, me too. I would not like to see how I would have turned out if I hadn’t of been found on January 7th at 2:07am. Who knows if I’d even still be here.
      Thanks Sibella.

      1. That is so great that you remember the day and the time! For me it happen gradually, over the years, so I don’t have a precise date… I think I was always a godly type of person I just didn’t know God existed at all.

      2. Wonderful. Just goes to show you how we’re all unique and individual, and that God deals with us like that. Thank’s for sharing that with me.

  3. Wow…This is superbly fantastic. The fluidity and the rhythm…just awesome. Love the line “distorted mind has found new ground…spirit is sound”- so liberating and celestial is this thought. Glad to find this another poetic form MONOTETRA, sounds fantastic. Now, I am tempted to try this form……….so whom should I blame?

    1. Hehehehehe. Thank you so much Reva. I had a blast writing it. Please do try it. I would love to see what you come up with. You could blame both Kirsten and me. 🙂

      1. My Pleasure. So smart is my sweetie. You are ready to own the blame even…. ha ha.

        Seems tempting though… I would, sooner or later. Thanks for trapping me. 🙂

  4. Oh my, first of all I love the photo. I miss the beach sooooooo much and haven’t been able to go for two years now. Second, what a lovely poem. You are definitely a gifted poet to be able to try out new forms and succeed as much as you did with this one. Yes, let’s do all that we do with passion!
    Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

    1. Awwww, thank you so much Natalie. You said such nice and kind things. I think that when you really live something, or really believe in it, then you can truly express yourself creatively. I’m hoping that’s what I did.
      Many blessings to you, sweet friend.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Oh yes, it’s been a while. I’m ok. Just busy. My hubby and I have decided we’re going to pull our Aspie son out of the regular school system and homeschool him. It’s just not working out here in Brazil. At least in Canada, there’s a lot more understanding about Asperger’s and Autism, and the schools supply TAs specialized to work individually with these children. Here it’s not that simple. Actually, the process for something like this has just begun really. I’m going to have to repeat the year with him. Ugh! I am looking forward to it though.
        How have you been?

      2. Wow. That’s a lot to take on but I bet you will do a much better job. I will be here cheering you on. It’s a tough jib but someone has to do. How old is he and how does he feel about it? I’ve been okay. Muddling through. Grateful the cooler weather is arriving and trying to keep myself grounded. You know how hard that can be in the middle of this chaos we call life 😉

      3. He’s 7, 8 in February. He is absolutely traumatized with school. He has hyper sensitive hearing, so you can just imagine him in a class of 30 kids. He doesn’t like it at all. I’ll be using an online program, Time 4 learning, that many parents with kids that have Asperger’s or high functioning autism have used. I tried the demos out on him and he loved them. They’re fun and catch his attention.
        As for us, the hotter weather is here. Yesterday it was 95 degrees. Phew!

      4. Wow that is hot and it sounds like your son will enjoy being home so much better. I have sensitive hearing and it drives me crazy. I have a good feeling about this. Hopefully it will be a positive experience for you as well

  5. I love the sonority and rhythm of this poem, especially the last stanza. I’ve visited your friend’s blog, and read beautiful poetry! Thanks for the link! Let’s make music together.. YES, because it’s like a Communion: and I would say, let’s SING together! Thank you Staci Lys 🙂 ♥♥

    1. Ohhhh, thank you so much Frederic. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. Also, that you checked out the link to My Octpowrimo.
      Ahhhhhh ( 😉 ) making music together…. Communion is a great way of looking at it. Like the significance of it. Sing together, dance together, fly together….
      Much love to you F.
      🙂 ❤

      1. yeah – and you just a left a comment on my post (about the value of hard times) and well, it is so funny because your comment mad me think go your poem here – and some of your songs – because going through hard times is bearable with the word of God – and also with powerful music – because of the effect it has on our affect ❤ ❤ ❤
        have a great day

      2. 🙂 Love the play of words there. Very cute. You are so right, that God’s word does make things bearable, and powerful music too. I’ve been strongly impacted by music in the past. Like at certain times I’d be going through something, and then I would have a song going through my head, and then all of a sudden I was able to relate that song to what I was going through. So yes, I definitely believe in the power of a message through music. 🙂 ❤

      3. yeah, I know that you do – 🙂 – and your humility is so beautiful – I say this to your singer side – because sometimes the Christian vocalists I encounter are not always humble or about the serious faith side of it – and so your being anchored is just cool. 🙂

      4. Ohhhhhh, thank you so much. What a nice, sweet thing to say. I used to be full of pride, being that I’ve worked quite a bit in the arts. I remember being in Asia and traveling with an arts team. It was horrible. My pride really spoiled the amazing experiences I was having in other cultures. I was afflicted daily because of it. Over time though, with much refining, I hope that the cross has purged me of most of it. Of course there’s always temptation, but I’m glad that He put me through that.
        Thanks again.

      5. thanks for sharing – yeah, I always thought that artists also have other personality things to work through too – kind of the artistic-gifted temperament, ya know?
        Have a nice weekend ❤

  6. This is great, better than great. So many lines need special mentioning at their better than great nature: “Stirring the soul, touching the sky”; “Inhaling love, exhaling hate”; “Once I was lost, now I am found
    So goes the song, old yet profound / Distorted mind has found new ground / Spirit is sound, spirit is sound”. So basically I’m just in love with the entire poem. This was great formed you used. it really really works so well with the content. Almost I wish I could marry this piece; it’s just great, great, great. I would like to make music with anyone with that kind of positive outlook on life. Even though you had constraints in this poem, I still see a jazzy feel to it, like it is very improvised and new. Again, I love this! Great work!

    1. Ohhhhhh, thank you so much Benjamin. You said such kind things. And WOW! “Marry this piece” I truly, truly, truly appreciate your appreciation and comments. This was my first attempt at this style of poem, and I’m actually quite happy with it myself. I think it really expresses how I feel, and is real to what’s inside of me.
      I love that you said, “I still see a jazzy feel to it.” I love jazz. And “improvised and new.” What an awesome thing to say.
      Oh Benjamin, you really bless my heart and encourage me so much.
      Thank you once again, my friend.

      1. You’re welcome! The poem itself is exceptional in sound, rhythm and flow, and even better alongside of the ideas it represents. It’s great when our work is close to what we feel as well, especially when it is well crafted and can relate so wonderfully to others. You’re welcome again. You are blessing, and your talent is a blessing as well. Thanks for sharing all you share. Have an marvelous evening!

  7. I love this poem, it is beautiful!

    I’ve occasionally tried to write poems with “rules”, it is very different, I find it much more difficult but it is a fun challenge, when I have the time 😉

    1. THank you so much Chris. Really. I’m so glad you “love this poem”. Wow. I really have been so blessed with such nice comments that I’m getting on this one. I know that you know exactly what I’m saying in this one.
      I’ve fallen in love with poetry forms, and experimenting with them. I’m one of those strange people that loves, but really loves routine. And maybe this is why I like the poetry forms so much, because there’s a certain order that needs to be abided by.
      I would love to read poems that you write to some of the forms. Hopefully in the (near) future I’ll be able to hmmmmm?
      Blessings Chris.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Haha, I get the appeal of the forms, I just don’t like being told what to do 😉

        I’ll probably work on some formed poetry next month, after my kid’s soccer season is done eating up all my time (which I am more than happy with).

      2. Spoken like a true man. Not liking being told what to do. 😉

        Great! I look forward to reading it. Ohhhhh, the soccer season eh. Yes, a true time-eater.

  8. Wow, Staci, this is such a calming poem. I wish you decide to put it to music, that’d be an utter delight, with your lovely voice and this soothing poetry. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much BB. I truly appreciate your sharing and kind words. I may just put it to music one of these days. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, there a number of them I’d like to put to music. And some I’d even like to ask a talented dancer friend to interpret them with dance.
      I love what you said, “lovely voice and soothing poetry.” I am truly humbled.
      🙂 ❤

      1. I have so many names here on wordpress – and I love all of them! I love it when you call me BB. 😀
        Oh that’d be great! Yes, I agree you can put music to many of your poems – especially this one and ‘You inspire me’ although I don’t know much about music, I genuinely love your voice, I made my brother listen to ‘Erika’ and he loved it too! 🙂
        Wow, a dance interpretation would be amazing. I hope the plan gets up and working for you. You’re very talented, Staci. ❤

    1. Thank you so much Audrey. I know you understand exactly what I’m saying in that line too eh 🙂
      I’m so glad you think it’s beautiful. I’m loving trying the new ideas. I get a high from it actually. Hehehe. A pure high.
      🙂 ❤

  9. Hi Staci…I LOVE this poem…and to play with the structure of this style and be able to come up with this beauty…WOW! I love your mind…I love that you can MAKE …so to speak “force” parameters yet come up with something so fluid…so spontaneous! I think you are amazing!! ❤ ❤

    1. Oh WOW! Lorrie, you really have a way with words. And you truly do know how to share the ‘blessitude’. I have truly been blessed by such kind words and your amazing comment.
      Thank you so much.
      I think YOU are amazing. And I really hope you are feeling 100 % better. Are you?
      ❤ ❤

      1. Ohhhhhh, thank yo Lorrie. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I also appreciate you, my friend.
        🙂 ❤

  10. I love the Monotetra. There is so much power in the repeated syllable in the last line of each stanza. You write the most amazing poetry my friend! It makes my heart happy to see how you’ve spread your wings with the different poetry forms!

  11. I really like this Staci, it flows so easily and the opening lines reslly grabbed me. Been extremely busy this week so just getting around to reading posts and I am glad I read yours. We certainly can all make beautiful music together lifting our souls higher. Love the style also and will have to give it a try. I tend to rebel a little against rules and forms but if the mood is right, who knows?! Have a great day!

    1. “I tend to rebel a little against rules and forms”
      –Hahahaha. Spoken like a true man. I’m sure your poems, following rules would be beautiful.
      Thank you so much Mark.

    1. Awwwww, thanks Franz. I’m humbled that you would consider me for this award. My blog, however is award-free.
      Thanks again though.

      1. No problem the reason I started shooting award nominations because they asked for 15 blogs. Truth is (Honest Confession) I follow 50 so i’m like aw crap this is going to take awhile so I took blogs that I liked and appreciated so yeah. No problem.

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