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Creative Burst – Haiku

Creative burst

These past days I have been wired. Why? Because I want to create. I want to write poetry and songs, do contemporary dance, learn more about photography, especially creating art with photos, like surrealist photography. But what I’m really dying to do is experiment with mixed-media and whimsical art. There’s so much I want to do, and so little time. I’m one of those people that, once I set my mind to something, or once I get an idea in my head, I become somewhat extremist. So my mind truly felt like it was about to burst.

I wrote a post some time ago, Impulse to create and establish order, in which I wrote a quote from author, Steven Altrogge – “God has filled our veins with creative juices. We can’t help it. We must create.” Maybe that’s why I just want to create.

Do you ever feel like this? What, or where do you think this need to create comes from? Have you ever felt like you were going to burst if you didn’t just let go and create?

49 thoughts on “Creative Burst – Haiku”

    1. I think my husband just thinks, “Here she goes again” 🙂 He’s so level-headed and I’m not really. When I get all emotional or feel strong about something, I have a very difficult time using my logic. That’s where he comes in often. I have to share with him what I’m going through and sometimes he’s helpful. Sometimes he’s not though.
      Yes, I will create, although I’m wondering if I should just stick to poetry. I’ve never done a lot of artsy stuff like drawing and painting, and now it’s become a huge desire. However, I’m totally freaking out and anxious about it. Like watching tutorial on Youtube all night and then going out and buying all sorts of products and not knowing where to start. Plus, the plethora of thoughts and ideas in my mind. It’s overwhelming. I’m wondering if I made a mistake buying these materials and just give up on the idea. Even if it’s just to have some peace of mind again, and clear thought to write. UGH!
      THanks Audrey. You’re awesome.

      1. Haha. I’m a bit better now. I just need to stop overthinking things and just go one step at a time. And like you said, if I don’t like it, throw it in a bon fire.
        Thanks Audrey.

  1. Yeppers, I’ve HAD to be doing something creative for as long as I can remember. Now that I’ve lived as long as I have and know what I know now, my choices in college would be completely different. It’s pretty bad when you finally realize what you want to be when you grow up long after you’ve grown up. There’s a passage in Thessalonians that implores us to lead quiet lives and to work with our hands. I’m doing that now and it is good, very good. But there are so many things I would like to have tried and didn’t. Oh well, no looking back, just upward and onward. Great post, Staci! Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

    1. “There’s a passage in Thessalonians that implores us to lead quiet lives and to work with our hands.”
      –I’m so glad you shared that passage, and equally as glad that you are doing that now. I’m sure you have tons of peace too, eh N.
      You know, I don’t think you should worry too much about not having done all that you would have liked to try. You’re an eternal being right. You have an eternity to explore and invest. What do you think? But I hear you. I may only be 40, however just now I’m having all these desires to try new creative stuff. LIke the mixed-media images that you share on your blog – I’m dying to do that. However, I’m worried that I just don’t have the time. I started watching all sorts of tutorials on Youtube all night and then going out to buy all sorts of materials. Ugh. I find myself unsettled inside about it and overwhelmed. On one hand I’d love to dive in and experiment. On the other hand I worry about getting obsessed and too in to it that I throw off other responsibilities, like quality time with my family.
      Natalie, you have life experience and I admire you for that. Have you ever experienced what I’m sharing right now? If so, do you have any advice how to deal with this. I really want to do the art thing, but at the same time, I feel like I may be overloading myself. Yet, I can’t shake this desire.
      Thanks N and big hug.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Hmmmm, life experience she says. Sadly it wasn’t always wise experience. For what it’s worth, my passion for creativity and gardening became such a driving force after my daughter went off to college and before I retired that I burned my candle a both ends for too long. And it cost me in terms of my health. And so after my retirement, when I owned my own time for the first time in my life, I had to deal with physical limitations I hadn’t planned on.
        And yes, there is great peace in my life now but whatever I do, I do it dealing with the physical pain of very arthritic feet, issues in my back and neck, and for the last 9 months the problems with my left knee. The bottom line is that I should have eaten better and taken better care of my body along the way and not pushed myself beyond its imploring attempts to that end. I think you are probably far more sensible about such things than I. Teaching is so demanding and not just during the day at school, but also at night with all the grading and lesson planning that has to be done at home. And so when I did find time to do what I loved and wanted to do, I just couldn’t handle the restraints any more and became too driven in my personal pursuits. But being the perfectionist that I was and still am to a certain extent, I just couldn’t keep from giving all that I did my best efforts. I’d love to learn that mixed media thing too, but I’ll wait and let you tell me what you think about it some day. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

      2. Oh wow, thanks Natalie for sharing. I think we may be alike when it comes to the perfectionism thing. I want to do it well. If not, why do it? My problem is that I want to do it well NOW. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. So I’ll have to do the work. Yea, I have an idea in my head for a simple mixed media piece. I saw a tutorial on Youtube and think I’ll follow it for this first one, being that it seems simple enough. I just have to remember to keep things simple, and allow myself to progress in time – not all at once.
        I’m so sorry to hear about your pain Natalie. That must be so difficult, having to deal with constant arthritic pain and tension. I suffer from severe tension in my shoulders and neck. Have since I was pregnant with my first. I sleep on my side and end up cricked sometimes. Plus being at the computer and not having ergonomically correct furniture doesn’t help. Sometimes I get major headaches because of it, and it is constant. I can’t just sit comfortably without having to always cringe up my shoulders.
        So you were a teacher eh? My brother is an elementary school teacher. That’s a lot of work, isn’t it?
        THanks a ton N and big hugs.
        🙂 ❤

  2. I feel that for me creativity as well as spirituality is like life. I mean, for me, everything is about creation, what I choose to wear, how and what I cook, how I decorate my house, how I arrange my bed, what color eye shadow I choose to wear, how I plate up my breakfast, every moment, for me, is about creation. and I always look at the world through those eyes, I want to be inspired all the time! I study flowers, butterflies, trees, sign posts, mail boxes, faces, houses, stones on the road, little shop windows, street art, movie posters, everything inspires me!! and I carry that inspiration with me in all of my creative expressions, meaning all of my life. I always keep some music instrument in my house, paint, brushes, beads, threads, paper, pens, so that I can use it to express whatever inspiration I have.
    and I kind of love limitations 🙂 I know it sounds weird, but it challenges me to be even more creative. Like, give me a fridge with 5 things in it and tell me to cook something amazing, and I will glow in excitement!! 🙂 I also like having limited funds, so that it becomes a creative challenge to put together a beautiful outfit, or decorate my house 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. AWESOME! That’s all I can say Trini. I love what you shared. And what an amazing way to look at life, days, moments, etc. I totally agree about how you see creativity. It’s in everything. I would love to see some of the visual creativity of yours as well. You mentioned the paint, brushes, beads, threads, paper, pens, etc. Have you created any visual stuff with these materials?
      THanks so much Trini. I am inspired by this and your outlook on creativity and life.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Yes, I have, I have put some of it on my blog, like the pen angels and a painting or two. Would you like to give you the links?

      2. Oh yes, pretty please. I would love to see your art. Please do pass me the links Trini.
        Thank you.
        🙂 ❤

  3. I’m using Steven’s quote from now on to explain away my insatiable need to create. I wish I could paint or something like that, but I can’t do the fumes. I know you will create the most wonderful whimsical art. You are soo creative!! I hope you will share some of your creations in your blog…hint, hint!!!

    1. “I’m using Steven’s quote from now on to explain away my insatiable need to create.”
      –YEAH! I know, right. Isn’t it amazing. I’m have been reading his book off and on, “CREATE – Stop making excuses and start making stuff”
      You know, the funny thing is, I’ve never been into painting, nor drawing, nor crafts, but I absolutely love the whimsical look and the look of mixed-media. I’ve been watching Youtube videos for the past week or more on the subject and driving myself crazy with it. Went out and bought a bunch of material to start and am feeling overwhelmed because I don’t know if I will stick with it, and if I even have the time. Hmmm. We’ll see.
      Thank you so much Kirsten for your encouragement. I will definitely be sharing some of my stuff here on the blog (if it’s any good that is – hehehe). What I’d really like to do is marry mixed-media art with my poems. We’ll see.

      1. Are you sure you’re not my twin?!? Lol. My mom used to tease me because I would buy arts and crafts stuff then never use them. But I found that I often tried them out and then found out what worked for me. I think you should start a project and see how it grows!!! I know you will do an amazing job- you are so creative!! Mixing it with your poetry…perfection!!

      2. Hahaha. We could very well be twins. I would love to be able to start a project and see how it grows. My only problem is that there’s so much in my head, where to start. And the other problem I’m having is that I want to do it perfectly and beautifully now. Darn that impatience of mine.
        THank you so much Kirsten. You are such an encouragement to me.

  4. As you say, and as you know, the need to creat comes from… God’s grace. It’s the reason why some artists who don’t believe create divine poetry, music or paintings… personally, I need quietness and concentration to “create” (I this verb a bit pretentious, I would just say, to write poem… because in fact I don’t “create” anything, only God “creates”, I just “repeat” or I try just to be just testimony to beauty and grace…). And you art is also a way to express your feelings, it’s a bit commoplace to say that, but when you think to it, it is very profound! So I think that if your mind “is about to burst” and that you want to “create” a lot, it means that you have many powerful feelings, and that’s good! God loves feelings – they prove we ARE LIVING. Much love to you dear Staci ♥♥♥

    1. Oh Frederic. Yes, you are right. God loves feelings. That’s why we have them, right. And you are so right. I have many powerful and strong feelings. Even the whole ‘burst’ feeling is sooooo powerful. I need to just stop doubting myself and just do it.
      As for creativity, I believe that God is a creator God and he made us creative beings. For this reason, we all have this need or impulse to do so. I think that he inspires me, and then I get to co-create with him. I think you are very creative as well, my friend. Your visual poetry is always so unique and clever.
      Thank you so much for the encouragement Frederic. You are a blessing.
      Much love to you.
      🙂 ❤

    1. Oh yes, I truly hope that I can find the balance in all of this and find that space. Maybe I’ll have a little more peace again.

  5. Those creative blitzes come in cycles for me. When they come, it’s a force. My wife will be dismayed as she watches me behind the computer with headphones on, gear all around me, and dark circles under my eyes. Time passes quickly during these moments and I lose track of time. Keith Richards once said (and I paraphrase) that songs write themselves, you just have to let them out. So, whether is photography, dance, music or painting, you become somewhat of a vessel for the energy, taken over by the divine force of creativity.

    1. Oh yes, I hear you. Time passes quickly and I lose track too. Actually, I don’t really lose track, but I’m like, ‘Nooooo, stop the clock’ 🙂
      I love that quote from Keith Richards. Thanks for sharing that. I’m going to have to remember that one.
      And yes, yes, yes, I want to be taken over by the divine force of creativity by the creator.
      Thanks Rob.

  6. As with everything in life, creativity also requires focus. Without it one becomes frustrated or creates little of worth or quality. I periodically have to remind myself it I don’t create it on this side of eternity, I most certainly will on the other side. Take a deep breath, reign in your emotions and allow the Lord to lead you. Might be hard but so worth it!

    1. Oh, I hear you. I’m kind of freaking out a bit because I went out and bought all this material to start doing some mixed media work, but I’m feeling so anxious because of it. Like wondering if this is something I will truly invest in and do it well, yet at the same time be able to continue investing in poetry. I really want to create artsy stuff. I just don’t know if I can do it and keep my sanity at the same time.
      THanks Rita.

  7. I love those creative seasons, when it feels like there is just not enough time to capture all the ideas, it is so invigorating. My problem is I wind up with a ton of ideas but struggle to make anything complete from them. Although sometimes I’ll have a period of finishing ideas into substance, so I guess if I’m patient it all works out. I could always be deliberate, but ….. 😉

  8. YES!!!!!! And, unfortunately, I get crabby if people interrupt that creativity mode 😦 lol
    With PiBoIdMo starting in just a few days, my mind is already racing with good ideas!!!

  9. I love that quote…
    Steven Altrogge – “God has filled our veins with creative juices. We can’t help it. We must create.”
    and well, I read your reply to audrey – and I do not think it is huge mistake to buy the supplies – but it will be a mistake if you let them sit unused for too long.

    anyhow, my suggestion is to have a goal to focus your efforts- like make an art piece for an art show or an online group challenge (and see what the theme is and that will center your focus – like if it is mixed media or a certain subject- that will guide). Or make an art piece for a certain wall in your space – or as a gift for someone – .

    But it really is possibly to get crippled or stalled by choice – and you even note that your bursting passion is there – ❤ –
    and so here is another suggestion. Start doing mini sketches every day. Get a nice little sketch book – and a simple pencil to start with – and then also get this Mona Brooks book:
    Drawing for Older Children and Teens or check out her site here:
    but sketching will help release some creative needs, it will also develop your seeing and your drawing – while it can further serve to be a memoir. And so much art is interconnected so a little sketching each day will just make you sharper overall.

    oh, and if you do watercolor, be warned – it is actually more difficult than it looks – but the important thing is to get going (with balance) but I sense that God put that desire in you and your output will glorify him no matter what you do – ❤

    1. Oh my gosh. I love your comment and suggestions soooooo much. I love the suggestions about sketching daily. Nothing expensive or extravagant, but something to grow with in a safe space. Something that could be just for me, to see how I’m progressing, and to challenge myself to learn what I really want to learn. I actually started doing some sketching from some google images that I really like. Also, I found a free online course for art journaling. Although, I don’t see myself art journaling, so to speak, but learning the ideas and techniques for mixed media works. I already have certain images in my head and I’m excited to see it come to life.
      Thank you also for the book suggestion. I will definitely check it out.
      Have you ever done any drawing or painting? It sounds like you have. It’s all very new to me.
      Thank you so much.
      🙂 ❤

    1. This burst was more like an overwhelming, “Please Stop”. Hahaha. I was watching a Ted Talk on You Tube and Elizabeth Gilbert told a story about a creative that would get so inspired at the most inconvenient times, that one day he stopped his car out of the middle of the road, got out of it, and shouted out to the sky (like his muse or whatever) “Can’t you see that I’m driving?” I thought that was hilarious.
      As I get older I seem to have more bursts of inspiration. Maybe because I’m more secure in who I am, and my worldview.
      Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween to you.

  10. this is one way you can tell, “this is my purpose.” lovely post, Staci. x tony

    1. Oh yes, that’s great Tony, “this is one way you can tell ‘this is my purpose’.
      Thank you so much for sharing that.
      🙂 ❤

  11. beautiful poetry, Traci…and that need to create I think is a part of who we are and a very special part to me… 🙂 for in that part imagination is limitless and time infinite, and you are as free as you can possibly be, creating what’s in your heart. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I totally agree. The need to create is a part of us. Just like any organ, creativity makes up the way we’re wired.
      Thank you so much Neha.
      Hugs 🙂 ❤

  12. Ohh Staci, this is “Inspiringly Tempting!” The word “Create” is too powerful…it actually tempts me to create something. I was dented often with this idea to create. I concur with you that sometimes mind stays on the verge of bursting when so many creative impulses dawn all of sudden and one is not able to zero down on one. But when settled with one idea of creation…..lot goes into it …the whole self. One feels to justify it to the core and in the process….the extreme thresholds are unknowingly crossed.

    Your writing is beautiful and graceful. Love them. Stay beautiful, Sweetie!

    1. Oh Reva, you really bless me sweetie. I’m humbled by your comment and kind words.
      Yes, I think we were meant to create, like it’s a part of us. Just as our liver, or heart, or any other material body part is a part of us, the need to create is also a part of us.
      Thanks again R.
      🙂 ❤

      1. My Pleasure. “The need to create is also a part of us.” Beautifully said in your words…. Love it. Thanks to you for sharing your awesome and kind thoughts.
        Stay smiling! 🙂

  13. it’s interesting, because God can initiate creativity in us in different ways.
    often, i have the desire to create via writing. also, when i listen to worship songs, God instills choreography into my mind. i’ll listen to a piece over and over until i can better envision what a dance should look like, to reflect the glory of God through the expression of dance.

    in contrast, despite playing piano, i never have the gift of composing or improvisation. interesting eh?

    share more of your creations with us Staci, would love to see it. =)

    1. Ohhhhhh, I used to dance. I wish I could do it all. That is so awesome that you envision the dance steps in your mind. I’m sure you’re a beautiful dancer Soapie.
      Thank you so much for your encouragement.

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