Let’s Play Away

1966198_729962600391375_7293916459223208797_oOriginal Painting by: Shonna Worsham Bukaroff of Twisted Figures

Can I just say this one thing quickly? –I love this painting. I came across it when I was looking through an online art gallery of a new faith inspired creative community called, “His Kingdom Come” that I just joined. When I saw it, the inspiration hit. That’s how this little playful poem was born. I shared it with Shonna and she asked if she could digitally put it into her painting and I agreed (of course). For the past little while I’ve been wanting to get artsy, and I especially love mixed media and whimsical art. With the encouragement of people like Lorrie, I’ve decided to go ahead and seek out ways to do this. To my great delight (happy dance here) Shonna is working on starting up some classes for beginners (which I am). Yeah!

If you like art like this, please check out Shonna’s site at http://twistedfigures.blogspot.com.

So, I always like to leave a little question (or two or four) here for readers. Do you ever get into a playful mood? What do you like to play when this mood strikes? There’s a little child within each of us, don’t you think?

63 thoughts on “Let’s Play Away”

      1. Oh that would be so much. We could invite Frederic and all those other bloggers we love so much! We’d have a grand old time, I’m sure!!! ❤

  1. I play Angry Birds…is that whimsical and frolicky? Ummm…not really I suppose! That’s a part of me that is still tight and boxed up. Even as a kid I wasn’t fancy and free – oh sure I had my days. i wasn’t a glum one either. I was just…studious I guess. I know I don’t have the spontaneous elan that others do, but I am slowly (ever so slowly) trying to dig that one out. (I am not trying to be a bummer either here – just casual observance). I think perhaps music is where I get that wee buzz.

    Does any of this make sense?? LOL

    Hope you’re well, my friend!! 🙂


    1. Ok, I’m literally laughing out loud. I can just imagine you saying ‘is that whimsical and frolicky?’ I’m still laughing. I love your comment Paul, and yes, this does make sense.
      I’m doing quite well. Have been a bit tired lately, and a little anxious, but I think I’m getting better. Thanks for asking and caring you. You’re awesome!!! (seriously, I mean it. I’m not just buttering you up 🙂

  2. Yes, there is a child in all of us. I can get in playful silly moods, and it usually starts with my kids. Its candy for the soul.

    1. Yes, ‘candy for the soul’. I get very silly with my kids sometimes. Like embarrassingly funny if anyone other than my family were to witness it. I can see you getting silly with your kids. Heck, not just with your kids, but as my daughter would say, with ‘people’ too (my daughter for some reason thinks that only adults are people -hahaha).

    1. Thank you so much Soapie. Yes, I love this painting. I couldn’t believe it when all of a sudden the words just came. I love that “Delightful and carefree”. Now if I could live that way more often, I’d be one happy camper.

  3. There’s a little child within each of us for sure, and I accept Natalie’s invitation(it’s so kind of her, you know I LOVE her) and yours of course 🙂 . Thanks for this joyful poem Staci – In my opinion it reveals you feel better and happier! The “dreaming time”… I love it – and I NEED it! Have a nice and starry week-end dear Staci ♥♥♥

    1. Ohhhh, this makes me smile Frederic. Thank you so much. And yes, I am feeling better. I was having a bit of a rough time, but the sun is shining again, my friend. And I’m so glad you accept Natalie’s (and my) invitation. See you in the stars 🙂 ❤

  4. Thanks for posting this to your site!! I just love the poem so much; it goes so well with what I was thinking when I painted it. When I order prints, I will give you one!!

    1. Ohhhhh wonderful Shonna. Thank you so much. I’m so glad that the poem goes with what you were thinking of when you painted it. I can’t wait to see the printed one.

  5. Firstly, I loooove the poem and I love the art work too!! 🙂 I am looking into that blog now 🙂 secondly, the question, I am in a playful mood all the time!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 only when Im sad Im not, but as long as Im comforted I dont stay sad long 🙂

    1. Ohhhhhh, you know Trini, I knew you would appreciate this one. Thank you so much. And I love that you have such a playful disposition. You have a great attitude, my friend. Hey, let’s go play in the stars together hmmmm?

  6. Just beautiful Staci! I love your words and how they complete the art, a great combination. I have toyed with the same idea for sometime now, uploading some of my art with poetry onto my Fine Art America site. You have inspired me, thank you! Have a great day!

    1. Oh, that’s wonderful Mark. Yes, yes, yes, please do it. I think it would be awesome. I’m a real sucker for eye candy, so I think it would be perfect. Marrying the two art forms together, double wow.
      Thank you so much Mark for your kind words. And I’m so glad that I was able to inspire you a tad.
      You have a great day too.

  7. I LOVE the painting! It definitely speaks to something in me and makes me want to write a story. It is beautiful.

    Yes, I like to play. I’m usually laughing and having serious conversations covered with humour with people around me- that’s play for me.

    1. I know right. I was inspired as soon as I saw it. It was so easy to write a playful little poem to it.

      Ohhhh, that’s great Timi. That does sound like great play.


    1. Hahaha. Just a fun little, off the fly piece. I just really love whimisical girlie art and mixed media. When I saw this I was inspired.
      Thanks D.
      p.s. blowing some your way now.

  8. Oh Staci!! Yes yes yes!!! Yes to your beautiful poem…yes to embedding it into that lovely art…and yes…Thank You for mentioning me and providing a link to my blog!

    You are a very special soul…I’m just so happy that we connected here and on a soul level!! Keep your heart open and your special brand of art will emerge!! Much love to you dear friend! ! ❤

    1. Oh Lorrie, you are such an uplifter. I feel uplifted by your comments. So much energy and enthusiasm. You are very welcome.
      Thank you so much for such nice words Lorrie. I also am happy to have connected here. I will definitely keep my heart open. We’ll see what emerges.
      Much love to you.
      🙂 ❤

  9. Simple but very profound is the meaning and message portrayed in the painting…who will deny the truth that we all wants to become younger and given a chance get back to our childhood, the child within is very much there, though forcefully dormant, it is in the disguise of maturity and adult we create a metal barrier…given the chance we all love to be free birds and play like children.

    1. Hahaha. Thanks Nihar for your thoughtful comment. I guess that as we grow old, there are responsibilities we need to take on. Children are so divergent in their thinking and creativity. I think we adults can learn something from them. Let our child-likeness come and play every once in a while and break the seriousness of responsibilities and duties.

      1. So true Stacilys…We have one life and we go through the different stages of life, and always it is our childhood that remains the most fascinating part of life’s experience, we all remember the past and go back to our old memory…when we see our children grow and when they are grown up, we see a huge vacuum. We all put ourselves in the box of maturity and forget to enjoy our life and get the child within to come out…

      2. My daughter loves art and drawing. I decided to do some artsy project with her sometimes on the weekends. I’ve decided to let my child come out and be playful with my kids. I think that will encourage them to stay creative and imaginative as they grow. Let’s just hope. It’s nice being able to be child-like with them. Of course there’s a time for responsible parenting, but there’s also a time to just get down and dirty and playful too.

      3. The biggest mistake we all do as parent is not give the time to children when they need it, we become so busy in our work that we forget the fundamental need to spend our time with them…only when they grow up and move out we realize what we have missed out…in fact spending quality time with them has many benefits we keep our mind creatively engaged because of their inquisitive questions, and de-stress ourselves when we are actively playing with them…art is a great subject and understanding the child’s perspective is something totally different…

      4. Yes, yes, and yes again. Too many parents don’t give their children the time they need. The training they need. The love they need. So sad. I just know that I want, and need to be there for them. Because as you mentioned, they grow up, and really fast. I’ve heard it said before that it’s not the quantity of time we spend with them that counts, but the quality time. I don’t agree. You never know with kids when the ‘quality’ time will come. And sometimes, they just want you to be there with them to play, watch a cartoon together, whatever.
        THanks again Nihar.

      5. Very true we really don’t when is the quality time going to come, it is essentially we spent time with them…just being with them makes them and us feel so much better…

    1. Awwwwwww, thank you so much Reva. You are so sweet, and I am honored that you thought of me. That means that you also were nominated this sweet award. Congratulations.
      I’m so sorry, but my blog is an award-free blog, my friend. But please know that I truly appreciate it and truly appreciate you.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Ohhh….I am so sorry. I was not aware of this, Sweetie.Thank you for your best wishes. You need not apologize, dear.
        No Worries….I understand.
        Stay Amazing!

  10. I love this painting and your words. Very romantic and dreamy. And I agree. We all have a inner child which never grows up. Hope you’re having a good start to your week!

    1. Hey hey hey Benjamin. So glad to hear from you. And I love what you said, ‘romantic and dreamy’. Yes, I agree. It is dreamy isn’t it. A tad bit romantic too. You know, I have two young kids. I’m learning more and more to let my inner child out.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. And yes, I am having a good start to my week. Hope you are too.

      1. I’ve been sick a bit, but almost better. And yes, definitely all those things. I love this piece. It’s good to let out your inner child. That’s great your fully aware of it. And glad you’re having a nice week so far 🙂 Have a beautiful relaxing night!

      2. Ohhhh, I’m so sorry to hear that Benjamin. Did you have a cold or the flu? Was it your allergies? At any rate, I hope you get better and stronger soon.
        My night was ok, a little difficult to sleep though. I’m feeling a bit anxious lately. Hey, I’m a woman. What can I say? Must be hormonal.
        Hope you’re having a great day.

      3. Cold. But almost over it. I’m almost better. Thank you. Sleeping troubles are never good. Hopefully you’ll feel better tonight. I hope everything is okay. Anxiousness is a scary feeling at times. Hope you’re having a nice day and can sleep well later!

      4. Awwwww, thank you Benjamin. I can always count on you to wish me well. I hope I can sleep better too. Just feeling little down and tired. Things will get better. I’ve learned that feelings come and go and that I can’t put my trust in them.
        Thanks again, my friend. You have a beautiful night.

      5. You’re welcome. Sounds good. That’s a good attitude to have. I hope you’ll feel more up and un-tired soon. A good night’s sleep should help, I’m sure. And I’m a good ear if you ever need one. Just an email away. You’re welcome again. Have a great night as well!

      6. You are soooooo sweet Benjamin. Thank you so much for being available. I’m touched.
        You get a good night sleep too. Kick that cold in the butt.

      7. Thanks :). I definitely can say the same about you, Staci. Availability is one of the most important aspects in life. I’m trying to kick this cold’s butt. I’m almost there. Thanks again. Sweet dreams for a sweet woman!

      8. Thank you Benjamin. And yes, availability is an amazing aspect in life.
        Awwwwwww, and sweet dreams for a sweet guy too.

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