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Coram Deo

Praise Girl - Coram Deo2



Coram Deo is a latin expression and means, “before the face of God”.  It implies that my entire life is constantly lived before Him. It takes away the idea of the separation of the secular and the sacred.

The word secular refers to a state that is worldly rather than spiritual and is not related either to religion, spiritual matters or to a religious body, for instance secular music or secular buildings (source).  I would like to add that secular activities would include education, work, taking a shower, eating a meal with my family, chores around the house, etc.   

Sacred means to be devoted or dedicated to a deity or to some religious purpose; consecrated (source).  In other words, church attendance, worship services, prayer, outward religious acts, etc.

I don’t consider myself to be religious, but someone who has a relationship with her creator that is intimate, vibrant and real.  As a Christian, I believe that the way to God is through relationship, and that we were created with that purpose – Relationship.

No one wants to have a relationship that is forced, fake, dishonest or uncommitted.  True Christianity is exactly the opposite of that.  It’s not hypocritical, nor is it a following of a set of rules.

It is living in freedom to be all that one was created to be.  It is having a way to be forgiven and restored.  It is Coram Deo.

How do you see God?  Do you believe that He values relationship or rules?  And if you like, please let me know of what you think of the song.   How does it speak to you?

The above artwork is the result of week four of the class “Kingdom Come” that I’ve been doing. I decided to embed my song, Coram Deo in it, because I believe the two fuse together nicely.


63 thoughts on “Coram Deo”

    1. Ohhhhh, what a sweet thing to say. Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words.
      Hahahaha @create more mental chaos and competition.
      Hugs xx
      🙂 ,3

  1. Seeking an authentic relationship with God as opposed to the structure of religiosity. I think that’s what you’re saying… if so, I agree. It’s what I strive for.

  2. Beautiful Staci! If we truly live before His face in the freedom of relationship there is no separation of the secular and the sacred. For He is all things. Love this post!

    1. Awww, thanks so much Mark. I’m so glad you agree and are on the same wavelength.
      And I’m so pleased you ‘Love’ this post.

  3. Oh, I love the song!!! 🙂 I have not been able to listen to your songs before because my connection has been so slow, but now I can, and it is so beautiful!!! You are so talented! 🙂 For me, God is like my best friend, so is Jesus, I just talk to them like I would talk to someone I love dearly. For me God is like a parent as well, someone who I can come to with everything, like a sanctuary. I have never felt religious, I mean I have always felt that religion is made by people, it is a way to approach God, but a way that is governed by some human authority and a set of rules and regulations, I don’t do well with that. Between me and God there are no formalities, there is just Love and friendship and that is more than enough. I don’t go to church or temples or anything, I feel that there, some person will stand between me and God telling me about God and how to please him, and that is little funny to me because I know God so well and we talk every day so I think: why should this person know more about God than me?
    I remember a minister I liked very much when I was young, we had many lovely talks, he said: I don’t know about being a Christian and church and all I just know that I love Jesus, I trust him and I will follow him always. I love that! Unfortunately that minister’s views were too liberal according to the church so he lost his job, but became a family therapist instead and I feel Jesus is with him in that job too, even more so than wen he was a minister. God and me are just best friends who love each other and who are there for each other always, that is enough for me 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤

    1. Ohhhhhhhh Trini. I’m so glad you liked it. I know exactly how it is to have a slow connection. Argh 🙂
      “I have always felt that religion is made by people, it is a way to approach God, but a way that is governed by some human authority and a set of rules and regulations,”
      –I hear you here. As my husband says, “Religion is an organized institution or movement made up of people with the same world-view or spiritual belief.” It’s unfortunate, because the etymology of the word ‘religion’ suggests that it is the attempt to be linked with the divine. A blogger friend of mine had mentioned that before in a comment he made.
      Yes, my friend. It’s all about having a relationship with God. And how was that made possible? By Jesus Christ.
      “I just talk to them like I would talk to someone I love dearly”
      –Oh yes, I have my morning coffee with Him daily. Love, but absolutely love these times alone together with Him.
      Thank you so much Trini for sharing.
      🙂 ❤
      p.s. That's great that you have a good internet connection now. How about power and all the other things that seem to difficult at times there?

      1. Well, the power is back, but the water heater is not working, and believe it or not it is sooooo cold here!!! I am wearing sweaters and scarves and stuff. I had to shower in cold water so now I am getting a cold, I am hoping someone will fix it today. The connection is still not up but I am using someone else’s internet, so I am managing. My whole family have sent Christmas presents but they have been lost, so I have to go to the post office to ask about them, oh my, India is challenging!!!!!

      2. Oh no. No hot water, nor heat. That’s tough. I know what it’s like to take cold showers in the cold. Not fun at all.
        Oh no, the presents are lost. My mom sent me stuff to Brazil before that never got to me too. She started sending by tracking number after that. Also, I have a friend from Mizoram, living in Siliguri. He tried a couple of times to send me a music tape (way back) that I really wanted, and both times it never reached me. I agree that India is challenging. But you’re such a trooper. Good for you.
        🙂 ❤

      3. Yes, I will also keep smiling, some times it is just more difficult! 🙂 I hope the presents will come at some point, but who knows……anyway I will be fine! 🙂

  4. Secular, Scared or Spiritual…there different perspectives and we mix and match in our usage without realizing the underlying differences and significance. Yes, you have beautifully dissected and articulated the dimensions attached to each word. Perhaps spiritual is the highest in the peck of order, if you are spiritually evolved then you must be above sacred and secular…scared is dedicated to one religion and secular is equal to all religion…

    You have opened up a nice topic for a good discussion…

    1. Hi Nihar. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that there is no separation when your devotion is real. Like for example, if I believe something, yet only show it through outward acts, or during so-called ‘sacred’ practices, then what credit does my faith have. For me, it needs to be holistic. My devotion needs to be in my everyday life, and not just shown by going to church, or praying, or giving to the poor, or to the so-called ‘sacred’ stuff. How I treat people, my attitudes towards others and situations, when cleaning my house, when grocery shopping – in everything – I need to be living it. I believe that is true spiritual commitment.
      Would you say you agree? What do you believe? Would love to know.

      1. Yeah you are right Staci, the devotion and the spiritual evolution what ultimately matters… our faith and believe of what is good for us and the society at large is important without impacting and affecting others…

        I agree it needs to be holistic and it has to be day in and day out without distraction and comprise…the behavior we demonstrate and the attitude we carry can make or break us…

      2. Awwww, I’m touched. Thank you so much Nihar. Always a pleasure conversing with you.
        I’ve opened up to your most recent post and am looking forward to reading it. I noticed it’s on one of my favorite topics, ‘creativity’. I also noticed an Einstein quote in there. I love Einstein quotes. I have to go to the grocery store right now, but will read it later today.

      3. It would be great to hear your thoughts on creativity, is also one of my most loved topic, I love discussing on it…you have some amazing thoughts on the same…it is a wonderfully feeling to exchange such beautiful ideas with you…

        Yes, you can finish up your shopping stuff and spend some time to go thorough and then we can debate…looking forward Staci…take your time and take care…

      4. Thank you for saying such sweet things Nihar. I’m humbled by your nice words. There’s something great about a good conversation, isn’t there?

      5. Yes, good conversations is what nourishes and cherishes our mind…mind is always on work and needs good thoughts to work better and expand further…it cannot be idle, and we shouldn’t leave it inert…

        Ours has been a good and insightful conversations and looking forward to many more such discussion…

      6. This is true about the mind. It is definitely like a muscle. If we exercise it, it gets stronger and healthier. Great point Nihar.
        Yes, I’m looking forward to many more discussions too, my friend.

      7. The more we think of mind, the more we realize how little we do what we can do with our mind…it needs fodder to feed its working…reading to writing to thinking supports the working of mind.

        Always great to discuss with you and looking forward to more such lovely interactions…
        Cheers to our good conversations…

  5. Beautiful and thought evoking as usual. Your words speak of a sacrifice with more benefits than costs. Thank you for sharing a very personal vision with a wonderful voice.

  6. Such a beautiful post Staci!! I’m 100% with you about it being all about a vibrant, intimate relationship with God. Religion can be the polar opposite of relationship at times. One day you will have to give us details on how you create your mixed media artwork. I so can’t paint with real paint! Give me a digital paintbrush and I’m good to go :-). Thanks for sharing all these talents of yours with us, what a blessing.

    1. Thanks Kirsten. Yea, so much bad has been done in the name of God, or religion. And that is so not His heart.
      Hahahaha, details on how I create the mixed media? Well, I’m just a newbie myself. All of what I’ve done so far is because of classes. I do hope to start creating my own stuff from what I’m inspired by, but as of yet I’ve just been trying to understand it myself. Who knows? Maybe one day eh.
      I just tried my hand at my first photoshop project. Yeah! But wow, there’s so much to Photoshop eh. It took me all afternoon. My hubby showed me how to do some things.

      1. Maybe the point if mixed media art is to express an emotion or idea that arises when you are creating it?.?. Congrats on your first Photoshop project!!! Did you find a good book on Amazon. There is almost too much to it 😜. I just got a book on how to do digital paintings in Photoshop. I hope to try out some of the techniques this weekend!!

      2. Oh wow, awesome. Digital paintings would be so cool. I follow one blogger that writes poems and and does photography. He started using some type of filter that makes his photos look amazing. Like as if they were drawn and painted out.

      3. There are quite a few ways out there to digital paint photos. Some do it from scratch…insanely talented people do that. For those of us not so talented there are some tricks with brushes, filters, actions, and a combination of all those. Alien Skin software has a great program called Snap Art that can be a stand alone or a filter in Photoshop. It does paintings, sketches, charcoal, etc…

      4. You will! It just takes time and lots of practice 🙂 I have complete faith that you will be come a Photoshop Master!!

      5. Eek. Time and practice eh. I want it now. Hehehe. It’s the story of my life. Needing patience.
        Thanks Kirsten

  7. really enjoyed this and I concur 🙂
    and loved this – we need to remember that our “entire life is constantly lived before Him.” and with Him and thru Him 🙂 etc
    so nice ❤

    1. Definitely. What credit do I or my faith have if I’m not living it, right? And what’s better is that it’s because of His amazing, intense love for us that draws us to that.
      Thank you so much Prior for reading and encouraging. I truly appreciate it.
      🙂 ❤

      1. well Stac – I was missing your blog and was glad to drop by 🙂 _I will be back later to catch up on a few back posts –

  8. Your voice, your voice – so much love, I can’t even…thank you for being a part of my life, Stacilys. You’re incredibly talented! This artwork goes very well with the song indeed, I love it – the little girl in a pink dress. Do you name your drawings/paintings, Staci? ❤ 🙂

    1. Ohhhhhh, you always know how to encourage me. Your words are so nice and uplifting sweetie.
      Thank you for being part of my life, for putting smiles on my face, for lighting up my day just that little bit more. You’re awesome.
      Hmmm, I’ve never named any painting. Usually I name a poem and that put it with the painting or picture. Interesting thought though, because a painting can be poetry without words, right?
      Oh yes, I love the little girl with the dress. I really like the whole whimsical art stuff. Thinking of investing more into that.
      Huge hug and wishes for a great day for you.
      🙂 ❤

  9. All of the Bible cries out for God’s desire for a relationship with us. And I loved the song! Very haunting sound to it (in a Holy Ghost kind of way)

    1. Thank you so much Mark. And yes, it’s all about relationship, isn’t it? Ever since the beginning.
      Hope you and your family are well. How is Kylie? I have a friend in Canada that just found out her son also has cancer. It’s being treated, but nights are difficult.

      1. I can relate to that. The nights are the hardest because the mind is free to wander. Kylie is doing well. It looks like last treatment will be January 20th.

      2. Ohhhhhh yeah! I’m sure she, and your whole family are very much looking forward to that. Does that mean she’s gone into remission, or that the cancer is basically gone now?

  10. that is a really great song – and I like your voice especially on the “you lines” – but all throughout –
    also liked how you noted you are not religious but keep it real – whew!

    1. 🙂 Thank you so much Prior. I’m so glad you liked it. And yes, I’m all for keeping it real. I can’t stand religious facades and all.

  11. Me encanta, desde que la escuche la he repetido una y otra vez … es sencilla y totalmente verdadera

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