The Story Of The Bamboo

I love this post. Paul is an amazing writer and blogger friend. I couldn’t help but reblog this.

Message in a Bottle


In the east there was a master gardener who loved to walk through his garden every evening looking at the many plants he had taken care of.  Of all the plants in the garden, none was greater, or nobler as the mighty Bamboo.  Indeed, Bamboo was the very best in the entire garden and the Master of the garden was very pleased with Bamboo.

One evening, as the Master strolled through his garden, he stopped and spoke to the mighty Bamboo.

“Bamboo,” he said.  “I will use you.”

Bamboo stood tall and without hesitation replied, “Master, I am yours.  I have waited my whole life for this.  Use me.”  Bamboo had waited many seasons for such a day to come.  It was the Master that planted him and nurtured him.  It was Master that was so careful in aiding to his strength and growth.

The Master did not smile.  He…

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17 thoughts on “The Story Of The Bamboo”

    1. Yes, so true Rob. This story also reminded me of Jesus. He came as a man, yet as God, and He was a servant to all. The hypocrites didn’t like that too much. Then He gave of himself so that humans could once again experience relationship with God and eternal life. Now that’s the type of master/leader I can accept.

  1. Lovely story. In fact there are many interesting facts about Bamboo tree. Bamboo trees have the flower and seed that are fire resistance. You can check up after the forest fire where there are bamboo trees, it grows without any problem. Also one the trees sheds its flower the branches dies down and fresh branches grows from the flowers…many more interesting aspects about the Bamboo tree.

    1. Really? I did not know that about he bamboo tree Nihar. Thank you for telling me. Have you ever read my blog post on the bamboo tree? I love the spiritual analogy that I can see through it.

      1. This aspect of Bamboo tree, just heard from a scientist the other day when we were sitting in a park and discussing…No I haven’t read the post on Bamboo tree, pls let me know about the link…I will go through…

      2. Thank you so much Nihar. I will make sure to keep sharing my thoughts. I enjoyed reading your thoughts too.

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