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Only you (triple Gogyohka)

Only You

I used to try and find satisfaction in so many things – people, money, material possessions, stimulants, etc. All of these things proved to be just like candy though. They were sweet for a time, but in the end left me empty and malnourished.

I think all of humanity longs for deep satisfaction and wholeness. To be complete. To be at peace. To be accepted and loved. Who wouldn’t want these things?

Where do you look for satisfaction and peace?  Have you found acceptance and love? Do you feel whole and complete?

A Gogyohka is a Japanese micro-poetry form consisting of five lines and no rhyming sequence.

This poem is in response to a year long project called Take Me Deeper, where I am moderating the writing/poetry group for an international faith based group of artists at His Kingdom Come. If you would like to be a part of this group, all you need to do is click on the link and join. We’d love to have you.

35 thoughts on “Only you (triple Gogyohka)”

  1. Really great expression. You find the coolest avenues for your poetry, rhyming and non rhyming.
    It’s always been my relationship with Jesus that gives me the most satisfaction. When I’m down He brings me up, when I’m up He’s right there with the Joy. When I’m bad, He forgives and restores, when I’m good, He’s laughing with me, and loving me up. As I learn more about Grace, I’m just in awe of Him. He is the satisfaction for me, regardless.
    Thanks for such a great start to my weekend, your lovely poem, and getting to put Jesus in the center of my comment. Win-Win.

    1. Ohhhhhh, thank you for such an encouraging comment Wendy.
      Hahaha, thanks to another blogger friend, I really started to get into the different poetry forms and trying my hand at them. It’s fun and pushes me.
      Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  2. The sugar rush of materialism! It’s a fools errand to seek such things out while looking for meaning. As you state, their satisfaction is short lived. I seek a simple life now, with family close by. I don’t fee whole and complete, but I’m working towards that goal.

    1. I hear you on the simple life thing Rob. That’s really where it’s at, isn’t it? Even if we were to come in to more money, I wouldn’t change my lifestyle.
      Hope you’re having an amazing weekend.

      1. The only thing money would do is relieve financial burdens, but not change who I am. I hope that you had an amazing weekend, Staci!

      2. Crazy busy! I had to move an old furniture set to the dump, fix the pool heater, install a spa air pump, fix my tractor, cut the lawn and plant flowers. I think I had to come back to work to get some rest!

      3. Holy cow. You’re such a handy man Rob. You’re always working on something. Hope your family appreciates it all.

  3. Gogyohka, is one of my favorite forms. Maybe because it has a more relaxed set of rules. You did a wonderful job with this one, Staci. If only humanity would realize that we were all created with a “God shaped” hole in hearts. The only thing that will satisfy us is Jesus! I often have to remind myself that I will only find complete satisfaction in Him. I’ve tried stuffing other people, drugs, and other things in that hole in my heart, but nothing works except God! Great reminder 🙂

    1. You and I have so much in common Kirsten. There really is nothing that this Earth can offer to satisfy our deepest needs. I like what Larry Norman said in a song one time, “This earth is not my home.” We have something far greater, don’t we?

  4. Simply stunning!!!!
    As for what you said about material things…too dry, tasteless, utterly meaningless…
    Massive hugs ❤️❤️

    1. Awwwwww, thank you so much May. I’m so glad you liked this. And yes, the material things… dust gatherers, right. 🙂
      Hugs to you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Gogyohka, is a totally new form to me and I am reading it for the first and is something quite interesting. There are rules to be followed and there are rules to broken in writing. Thoughts always cannot be confined in the hands of rules which stifle the essence of free expression. But at the same we cannot ignore the rules and play the game the way we want to be then it looses its form and formation.
    You are right finding satisfaction in some things in life is an elusive pursuit. We just cannot find that peace and satisfaction outside of ourselves, it has to be within but it is not an easy task to discover satisfaction, peace and wholeness in life. If we keep searching outside, perhaps it will be eternal exercise and we will live in illusion of getting it.
    Wonderfully crafted thoughts and it puts me into deep thinking the idea of where and how do we get the much desired peace and happiness in life.
    Hope you have having a lovely weekend.

    1. Oh yes, this micro-poetry form is Japanese and has very few rules. It just requires having five lines and a specific message. Another blogger friend turned me on to poetry forms. I really like challenging myself with them. It’s like having to try and find just the right words to express what I want.
      Oh yes, I really don’t think that the material world has the solutions to the emptiness in the human heart. I believe it’s a spiritual thing. For me, I believe this:
      I believe that all people are sinners.
      That all of us have been separated from God because of this. I believe that He loves us so much, and wants that relationship restored, so He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. And I believe that Jesus was who He said he was in history. Soooooo, I found peace and satisfaction and wholeness when I came to God through Jesus. I found forgiveness for my sins. Not because of anything I had done, but because of His mercy and because of what He has done for me.
      Thank you so much Nihar for the wonderful conversation. It’s always a pleasure discussing with you, my friend.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes, that’s it. Every day is a new day. I totally hear you. It’s soooooo easy to get off course. Humans are such silly sheep, aren’t we. I love that @God and His kingdom is my focus. Me too, my friend.
      Big hug 🙂 ❤

  6. Isn’t it a truly liberating feeling being able to let go of all pretence, and be truly who you are in His presence while knowing that He will always love you? More than you can ever love Him…

    1. Most definitely. Extremely liberating. There’s nothing like living in His peace, being secure in that and in His unconditional love.

  7. I love the poem, and my most recent post will give you my answer to your question! 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ (oh, and it features the coffee shop!)

    1. Awwww, thanks Trini. I’m so glad you ‘love’ this. And yes, I loved the random acts of kindness that you showed on your outing.
      🙂 ❤

  8. On my wedding cake we had written, “You Complete Me.” What I didn’t know then was that there is only One who can complete! Now I know that only the Lord has that ability. I still struggle with that reality from time to time and I look to a person or a thing. They always fall short. It is not their fault. They simply weren’t created to my “Completer.” Love this, Staci ❤

  9. Abeautiful poem that reads like a love letter.

    There is a sense in which all we do in life is in search of meaning. There’s a shift from materialsim to service of humanity in some circles because these people have realized things don’t satisfy. I enjoy talking to people who have found meaning and enjoy a sense of deep contentment apart from any form of spirituality. They intrigue me.

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