A Stroll on the Beach

My beautiful friend, Lorrie knows I love the beach. I was so honoured that she dedicated this blog post to me.

This post is a long time coming!  I promised my dear friend, Staci, from a God Colored Girl in a Grey World, a post with my beloved Atlantic Ocean as the star….well, I can’t even admit how long ago!

If you don’t know Staci I highly recommend you stop by and visit.  Her beautiful soul shines through her words and her incredible new creations of mixed media art!

So Staci, this one’s for you (and I am sure she won’t mind if ya’ll take a peek!  🙂

When I walk up the hill

to sneak my first peek

I’m reminded of Forrest Gump

‘Cuz I never know what I’m gonna get’


A cloudy day could make you say, “Eh, maybe it won’t be so pretty.”


But then you remember…


It’s ALWAYS pretty!

And there’s always someone

taking advantage

of the beauty

and serenity



A couple of




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25 thoughts on “A Stroll on the Beach”

    “My beautiful friend, Lorrie knows I love the beach. I was so honoured that she dedicated this blog post to me”.
    Congratulation to your friend LORRIE for writing such a beautiful post and thanks you for sharing this post with all of us.
    Wishing you all the best…………….

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it is a beautiful post, isn’t it?
      I thought you had disappeared. I haven’t seen you in my Reader at all, and you’ve been distant. How are ya?

      1. How are ya? 🙂
        Of course fine and I wish due to grace of GOD your life must be going well, by the way, I really liked all these very much beautiful,neat and clean images,isn’t it, view and angel are very beaufiful and poem it self is also very much good, isn’t it?

    1. Lorrie is such a blessing. Thank you so much Indah. Lots of love to you too, my friend.
      You know, WordPress is doing some crazy stuff with my posts. Many of them aren’t going into the Reader. And, I’m not getting many comments. Like this one. I only saw your comment now because I came right into the post.
      Have a great weekend Indah.
      🙂 ❤

    1. Oh wow, you lucky dog. I would love to go to the beach soon. I was suppose to be going in September but our plans got cancelled 😦 Oh well, maybe in January.
      Thanks a ton Alok. I’ll have to check out Google images for Sandy Hook.

  2. Beautiful beach! I tried paddle boarding this summer for the first time. So much fun! Thanks to Lorrie for dedicating her lovely post and photos to you, my friend.

    1. Oh wow, paddle boarding. That does sound like an adventure. I’ve never done it myself. I’m sure you had a blast.
      Lorrie is a wonderful person. I’m so glad technology has opened up the opportunity for us to connect. For bloggers to connect.
      Have a wonderful evening Geralyn and enjoy those beautiful Gerberas. 🙂

  3. Hi Staci, congrats for the nice post. I love beach as well, from ocean, from lakes, such a purification to be in contact with the water and the sand. Are you close to beaches there is Brazil?

    1. Oh yes, the beach is wonderful. I also like lakes and rivers and all, but there’s something special about the ocean. We don’t live that close to the ocean, unfortunately. We would have to travel 7 hours east to Rio de Janeiro, or 6 hours north-east to Espirito Santo. My in-laws live in the north-east in the state of Bahia, and we can get to the beach 4 hours from there, which is not too bad. Great beaches up there.
      Thanks Elizabeth 🙂

  4. What a wonderful way to put across such lovely words and beautiful pictures for such a wonderful soul we all know as Staci. Yes, always loved the way she has conceptualized new ideas and the combination of pictures and poems, and she does so with grace, beauty and the messages with lot of profoundness.
    Lorrie you have done with absolute beauty and with such lovely cloud pictures along the sea beaches, it is highly tempting and I am sure Staci would completely fall in love with this dedication. She deserves all the love and the adulation for her wonderful contribution to the blogosphere.
    cheers to the celebration of such lovely conversation…

    1. Thank you so much Nihar for such kind and gracious words. I’m honoured. I will pass on to Lorrie this comment ok.
      Bless you 🙂

  5. That is gorgeous! 🙂 Things like this bring back belief in goodness of people!!!

    1. Oh yes, it does. Lorrie is such a sweetie. And I bet these pics bring back pleasant memories from your vacation eh. Hopefully I’ll make it to the beach in January. We’ll see.

      1. They sure do! Oh I’d love to be at the beach right now, but gotta earn living! 🙂
        I hope so too, you deserve it!!!

    1. Oh, I love the beach. Lorrie is such a sweetheart for dedicating this post to me.
      Take care Vashti and thanks for reading.

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