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King of Hearts (Kyrielle)

King of Hearts 3

Do you believe that people wear masks? I remember when I was a teenager and full of insecurities. I would wear masks. Did I really know who I was? I don’t think so. Then again, who does when they’re young?

Adults wear masks too, in the hopes that people don’t see who they really are. They could also wear masks to try to be somebody special. Somebody that others expect them to be, or somebody they aren’t, but want to be. What they don’t know is that they already are special. It’s our individuality that makes us special. We’ve each been given a unique personality that no one else has.

I believe God created my inmost being. That I was thoughtfully and wonderfully made. I believe that there is absolutely no place where I can go to hide from his presence. He sees my every move and is in control of my every breath.

I used to wear masks, but they’ve all come off. I think I’ll just be Staci, because I’m the only one.

Do you wear masks? Do you believe that others do? Why do you think that is?


64 thoughts on “King of Hearts (Kyrielle)”

  1. I think everybody wears an invisible mask and it’s out inborn trait. A trait that makes us acceptable in the crowd of nameless faces. We show our naked self only to ourselves.

    1. Hi Snigdha. Thank you so much for sharing here. I agree that we all wear masks, at least at one time or another in our lives. Insecurities and the need for acceptance are deep issues that people face. Sometimes the mask goes so deep that one may not even show their naked self to themselves even. Sometimes people are too scared to know their real selves, don’t you think?
      I hope you had an amazing weekend, an that you have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Oh, I suppose I’ve worn a few masks in my time, but pretty muchly with me what you see is what you get most of the time, at least. One of my sisters calls me eccentric, and I’m okay with that because I think of it as being unique. Given my height and appearance a lot of people often think I’m something that I’m not and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to prove them wrong, especially if they’ve made a negative judgment about me. I’ve not always had a clear vision of how I fit into the grand scheme of things or God’s plan for my life, but I’m a pretty genuine and straight forward kind of gal, Staci. And though I have always been a leader by nature, now I really prefer just to sit at the back of the class as it were and be the observer. It’s a shame that at a very young age, any of us feel compelled to try to be something other that what we are. I mean after all if we are made in the image of Almighty God, and we are, how can that be anything but A-okay?! I know I’m rambling, but those are my thoughts for the night my friend. Hugs and love, N 🙂 ❤

    1. Yea, I think we all have. And anyone that says they haven’t is most likely lying. Hehehe.
      I’m the same way Natalie. What you see is what you get. I don’t really feel a need to use any masks. At least, not any more.
      ‘Your height?’ Are you tall or short?
      I’m so glad you’re genuine and straight forward Natalie. That’s the best way to be.
      I for one, hate leading. I never actually really thought much about it. I was in a place of leadership once (actually co-leadership) and I literally hated it. I’m too emotional I think. At least I used to be.
      Hahahahaha @ rambling. I don’t think you’re rambling. Great comment, my friend.
      Have a wonderful week ahead Natalie.
      Love and hugs
      🙂 ❤

      1. I’m 5’11” tall, Staci, and so I seldom go unnoticed or to get overlooked. So, I’ve always been picked for leadership positions, and I’m good at it, but I’ve done it enough now. However, apparently, there are still people who always feel compelled to push me into leadership positions, and then say you go girl, we’re right behind you. Hee hee. Oh well, such is life. I hope you have a wonderful week too. Love, N 🙂 ❤

      2. Wow, you’re a tall girl. I have a friend in Canada that’s just slightly taller than you (I think). She was single, but then decided to do Harmony.com, and met her now husband. He’s probably about 6’4″ or 6’5″.
        As for me, I’m with the others behind you saying, ‘You go girl’. Hahaha. I don’t like being a leader.
        Blessings to you and tons of love.
        🙂 ❤

  3. Wow – great poem. I love (sometimes) being wrong. I mean, when you think something is going to be like ‘this’, and it turns out to be like ‘that’. Happens often in God-things: you expect one thing, and God does something else instead. His ways are much higher than ours. This poem was like that for me. Great. Thanks and God bless you all.

    1. Oh yes, His ways are much, but MUCH higher than ours. Good thing eh.
      I’m so glad you liked this poem Rob. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment.
      Many blessings to you too, and tons of love.
      🙂 ❤

  4. Yes, Yes I wear masks all the time. Mask of a smile when I am sad, Mask of a worry-less face when I am worried the most. Mask of an angel when I am having the worst evil thoughts.
    Everyone wears masks. No single person has one true honest face. If we wouldn’t have the option to mask what lies in our hearts, we would be alone in this world with no one with us. Masks are a blessing.
    And, I LOVE your poem.
    It is only the king of hearts who can see it all and still grips our hands tightly to never let them loose. No one else can do that.

    1. Thank you so much Lala. I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem. I used to wear masks when I was younger. I have to say though, that I don’t really wear them anymore. I don’t feel the need to. I have to say thought, that I totally understand what you’re saying about not wearing your heart on your sleeve. Or not showing everything that is inside. In that sense, it is wise to keep some things to ourselves.
      I hope you had an amazing weekend Lala and that you have a wonderful week ahead. Make the most of your time with your family, and appreciate each moment.
      Love and blessings to you sweetie.
      🙂 ❤

  5. Beautiful art, Staci ❤ I love the poem too !! And very true.. We are very much used to putting on masks to fake things. Being true to oneself is so imporatant 🙂

    1. Here here to that Himali. We really do need to be true to ourselves.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment and for always appreciating my work, no matter how simple it may be.
      You’re the best.
      Love and hugs
      🙂 ❤

  6. This poem was very enjoyable to read and it’s speaking the truth! When I was younger, I wore masks all the time. At the time, I didn’t realize I was wearing such masks. Even as an adult, I still find myself wearing masks in certain places, such as the work environment. It has become difficult for me to let go of such masks because I feel I need it to survive in such environments. I know in the end, all it’s doing is suffocating me, but I feel I can only let go of these masks, when I leave these places.

    1. Thank you so much Crystal. I’m so glad you found this enjoyable to read. I think we’ve all worn masks at one time or another. It’s so tough especially in a work environment when you feel you can’t just be yourself. I’m so sorry that it suffocates you. You must be relieved when you’re able to leave. By the way, what is your work, if you don’t mind me asking? (you don’t have to answer that you don’t feel comfortable.)
      Bless you. 🙂 ❤

      1. Thanks Staci for asking. Right now I work in data management for different companies as a contractor. I’ve worked a variety of jobs–from assisting cooks to tutoring children, and I found that I tend to thrive more in creative jobs, so I hope to find myself in such an environment one day 🙂

      2. Oh wow, you’re so versatile. I hope you do get the opportunity to work in a creative environment one day Crystal.
        Have a great week. I’m off to Rio de Janeiro this week for an arts conference. Looking forward to it.

  7. Wonderfully insightful as usual. Sometimes wearing the mask is part of our survival instinct. I have worn masks to protect myself. You can heal and grow stronger behind a mask, but ultimately it is much better to be surrounded by people who accept you for who you are 🙂

    1. Oh wow. Yes, you really hit a nail on the head there Pete. The whole survival instinct. That’s so true. Sometimes it just may very well be necessary.
      Thank you so much for appreciating this Pete.
      Have a wonderful week.

  8. Hi Staci, wearing masks for the others is one thing, the worse is when we wear mask for ourselves, we don’t want to see or accept the real us. Love your poem, the words, the contradions. Have a great weekend !

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I’m so glad you ‘love’ this. And yes, that is so true. Not accepting the real us is the real issue here, isn’t it? That’s got to be very tough.
      I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that your week ahead is great.

  9. Ah! Yes…masks! I think we all have worn masks from time to time. The most beautiful feeling in the world is to drop the mask and show our true soul…and I think that the one true thing that allows us to do that is self-love!! Yes…when we ‘get it’ and understand that that is where it all starts…we have rhe confidence to let our hearts shine!!
    Your artwork is very beautiful…I just love when I see a new post with your art!!! Much love ♡♡

    1. Oh yes. When the insecurities are gone, and we start to understand that we are worth it.
      Thank you so much for your constant encouragement Lorrie. I’m so appreciative of your appreciation of my simple attempts at the ‘artsy’ stuff. Much love to you too.
      🙂 ❤

  10. There are so many thoughts running around in my head after reading this brilliant piece Staci, because there is so much I want to say yet I can’t find enough words to really express. As for your questions in the end, I do wear a mask, I do believe that other do too. And maybe it’s a way to present ourself in a more acceptable manner because we think people might not accept us for who we are, which is a sad sad reality.

    “If only our bodies would marry the beauty growing inside them, it wouldn’t be so exhausting trying to love ourselves”- Christopher Poindexter.

    1. Ohhhhhhhhh Zee, thank you so much for your awesome comment. Thank you also for being vulnerable and sharing your thoughts and personal experience. Pete also commented here about it being from our survival instinct. I thought that was interesting.

      What a great quote. Thank you for sharing it. I had never read this one before. It’s very poignant, don’t you think?

      Many blessings to you and much love.
      🙂 ❤

      1. It is a great quote. I love Christopher Poindexter work. He is a genius with words. World needs more of that guy.

        You are most welcome Staci, it was a pleasure reading your words and admiring your artwork, it’s beautiful and one of a kind ❤ 🙂

      2. Awwww, thank you for such sweet words Zee. Also, thank you so much for appreciating my work. I’m trying. hehehe. 🙂
        I will have to Google Poindexter. Thanks for telling me about him.
        🙂 ❤

      3. It was pleasure, world needs to know more of that guy! 🙂

        You are most welcome Staci, I really like admiring your art and words! 🙂

      4. You’re too kind. I’m thankful for your support and appreciation. Have a wonderful rest of the week Zee.
        🙂 ❤

  11. Oh and forgot to tell you that I absolutely loved the part about His presence. He is the only one from whom we can’t hide from no matter what. Where we know there aren’t going to be any judgments. So that’s when I feel most comfortable taking the mask off my face when I’m bowed in front of Him, completely and utterly surrendered in front of his Divinity because He is the only one who can heal..

    1. Ohhhh, I’m so glad you liked that part. Really, there is no hiding from the one who made all things. He knows everything. The beautiful thing is that he remembers that we are but dust, and has made a way for relationship to be restored with Him. I remember one day way back when, I was anxious and worried. As if there was something I must be doing wrong and I wanted to hide it from Him. Then, all of a sudden I just realized that there is no hiding anything. He sees it all. He knows it all. That was very freeing for me. Nope! No mask can hide what’s real from him.

      Thanks again sweetie.
      🙂 ❤

      1. I could not agree more with what you said Staci, Strong Faith and Belief can take you places and provide you with much content at heart. So beautifully said by you 🙂

  12. Wearing a mask is not a smart thing cause quickly everyone will see it ..honesty is better..a mask harms us and make us lose ourselves..

    1. Hi Soheir, thank you so much for your comment. I agree that wearing a mask is not a good thing, but I also recognize that so many people feel they have to. Whether it be insecurities, low self-esteem, pressure. It’s sad really. I don’t wear masks myself, because I don’t feel the need to. Unfortunately we live in a fallen, and often cruel world. That messes with people. If they aren’t secure in who they are as an individual, and don’t understand that they were fearfully and wonderfully made – that they’re unique and individual – then a whole ton emotional and psychological problems can occur. Not that all who do wear a mask have emotional and psychological problems, but many do. I have had a ton of healing in my life, thanks to some major changes and decisions I made way back when, but it wasn’t easy. It’s been a long hard journey.
      Please have an amazing week Soheir, and take good care.

  13. Beautiful art, Staci and great words! Your mixed media pieces always seem to have a nice texture to them and I love that!
    I would like to know a person who never wore a mask at some point in their life. We all have, and for different reasons: sometimes to be invisible, sometimes to protect ourselves, sometimes because we didn’t want to be bothered, and so on… Wearing a mask to try to be somebody else is a different story. I think I was always happy with just being me. 🙂

    1. Awwww, thanks Sibella. I love texture.

      “I would like to know a person who never wore a mask at some point in their life.”
      –Tell me about it. And if there is somebody that says they never have, they’re obviously lying.

      I love how you mentioned more than one reason. There are many reasons why people wear masks. Sometimes it may even be necessary living in this fallen world, wouldn’t you say?

      That’s so awesome that you have always been happy with just being you. I want my kids to grow up like that. I know I sure didn’t.

      🙂 ❤

      1. Sometimes I put a brave mask on, when I feel sad or hurt and I think that mask helps me be more determined to overcome whatever I’m going through. So I guess not every mask is negative…
        I haven’t always been happy with being me, because I am too soft (at heart) and I wanted to be more tough; but I came to peace with it because my “softness” is how God created me and that’s what most people like about me, so I am just going to continue to be who I am. 🙂 ❤

      2. Oh yea, that’s true. Some masks could actually give us the strength and courage to do something that we naturally wouldn’t be able to get through. I like that. It’s like walking in the opposite spirit. I don’t feel like I can do ‘such and such’, but I’m not going to trust in my feelings. I’m going to trust in what is ultimately best for me, and maybe even for our own growth. So yes, I must agree. Not every mask is negative. It’s like you said though, “Wearing a mask to try to be somebody else is a different story.” That type of mask is never good.
        Hope you’re having a great day S, and that it’s sunny where you are.
        🙂 ❤

  14. Oh Staci, another poem that hits close to home. When I was younger I was so insecure and had low self esteem but I wouldn’t let anyone see that. I was the life of the party…or the tough woman who couldn’t be hurt…or the clown. How refreshing (and less exhausting) to just be me. “I think I’ll just be Staci, because I’m the only one.” I think I’ll be Geralyn since I’m the only one. Love this! And, of course, I love your art to go along with your poem. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Ohhhhh, that’s great Geralyn. I love your comment, especially the ‘and less exhausting to just be me.’ I’m glad you’re being Geralyn.
      Thank you so much for appreciating my art and poem, and you also have a beautiful day.

  15. Staci, “King of Hearts” is wonderful poem, lovely artwork! I really like the use of the repeat, “The King of Hearts, he sees it all”. I think it is fair to say we’ve all worn masks at some point in time, maybe they are worn during difficult periods. A very thought provoking post. Please enjoy the rest of your week.

    Warm wishes,

    1. Hi Pepperanne. Thank you so much for your kind words. This poem is actually a French poetry form called, Kyrielle. The last line in each stanza is the same. Kind of like a refrain.
      I agree that we’ve all worn masks, especially during difficult periods in our lives. I like what Sibella, from ‘Arts and Rhymes’ wrote. She said that sometimes they may be necessary, and can even strengthen us, however, when we use a mask because we don’t like who we are, or want to hide who we really are, then that’s not a good thing. Not in the sense of the person wearing the mask being bad, but in the sense of having an unhealthy view of oneself.
      Thanks again Pepperanne, and you also have a great rest of the week.
      Take care.
      Staci 🙂 ❤

  16. Beautiful poem Stacilys and I always love your life reflection within your poetical words. I did too wear mask from time to time, and it was tiring. Nothing can be more peaceful than be ourselves 🙂 ❤

    1. I totally agree with you Indah. I think everybody has worn a mask at one time or another.
      Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this.
      🙂 ❤

  17. Fantastic poem, Staci!! I think at one time or another we have all worn masks. I wore ones for years. The interesting this is that I never liked masks growing up. I hid from all the Disney characters at Disneyworld. I didn’t like Halloween. And anytime anyone put on a mask I got agitated as a child. I believe that I knew that the masks were a fake persona and I didn’t like that or trust that. I’m not sure that makes sense or not. Masks are often a defense mechanism, but they are not healthy for the long term.

    1. That is interesting. I never really thought much of masks myself. Although, being into the performing arts and all, I did like the happy/sad theatre masks.
      Definitely agree that they’re often used as a defence mechanism, and aren’t healthy at all.
      Thanks so much Kirsten.

      1. Oh, I’m fine. I had a bit of a rough week last week, but this morning was almost magical. It was like God just cleared away all the thick spiritually crowded air and swooped on in with His amazing beautiful presence. Truly awesome time with Him this morning. Tomorrow I’m off to Rio de Janerio for an arts in missions conference. Hoping it will be an amazing time.
        You go girl! The more shooting you do, the better. And congratulations on selling your first piece. WooHoo! I’ve really got to set something up with Fine Art America soon and see if I can market my stuff a bit. Hmmmm…
        🙂 ❤

      2. Glad you had such a magical time with the Lord this morning! Those are awesome, aren’t they! So you ever sit still…little miss hummingbird?!? Lol. Will be praying about your trip to Rio. The arts in missions conference sounds fantastic! You will have to let me know how it goes. And Staci, when you are having a rough week would you Plz FB message me so we can be praying for you!!! Girl, you definitely need to get your art up on Fine Art America! Your art will sell like crazy!!! Xoxo

      3. Awwwww Kirsten. You are such an amazing person. Thank you so much. I’m so encouraged by you. Thank you so much for your heart to pray and bless.
        I wish I could be as certain as you when it comes to selling my stuff. It doesn’t hurt to try, and so I will. Hehehe. We’ll see where it all goes. Who knows, maybe God has a plan in all of this.
        I displayed a couple of pieces for an arts soiree my church had on Saturday for its year anniversary. I got some positive feedback, which is great.
        I will definitely let you know how the conference went.
        Have a great week Kirsten.
        🙂 ❤

  18. Staci. stunning artwork and wonderful poem, so much captured by your words, very thought provoking. I’m not entirely sure the underlying reason for the use of masks, I want to think it’s a way to protect ourselves from the unknown, the uncertainties that we ate always confront with. Possibly even a subconscious flaw in order to face fear, for whatever the reason, I believe we have all worn them at one time or another. I’d also like to think that with maturity the masks fall away, having an attitude of this is who I am. Wonderful post, love the thought process here! Have a marvelous day! ~ Mia 🙂

    1. Hi Mia, thank you so much. Actually, this art piece I’m going to change. It’s not my favourite.
      Oh yes, masks… I agree with everything you said, and I think people also use them because of insecurities and what they think the expectations of others are. Growing older and life experience really does help us take the masks off as well. And it’s so freeing.
      Thanks again Mia, and you have a wonderful day.

      1. I’m like a walking zombie today actually. Suffering insomnia a couple weeks now. Can’t wait till this passes.
        Snore, snore, snore. Hahaha.

      2. Sad to hear that, hopefully at some point soon you will become so exhausted that you will sleep! In the meantime please take care!

      3. Hahaha. Yea, that happened last night, fell asleep but then woke up because of a barking dog and other noises. Took a bit to fall asleep again, but I did, thankfully.
        Thanks so much Mia.

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