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Color me pink

Color me Pink – Part 3 of a 9 part poem on mixed media

Have you ever felt pink? I have. I know that most guys reading this will not be able to relate (sorry guys), but I bet you guys have appreciated it when your girlfriend or wife has been feeling pink.

Pink is a special color to feel. It’s the color that says, “Ahhhhh, I think I’ll go down to the outdoor market to buy some flowers today. Maybe daisies or gerberas to display on the dining room table.

It’s the color that comes in that sweet-smelling perfume. Maybe a floral or a vanilla bean.

It’s the color that comes in that pretty little sun dress that one wears on a late spring day. Maybe out to the park, or on an early evening stroll.

It’s the color of little girls dancing in their first ballet, or playing indoors on a rainy day.

Yes, pink is a special color indeed.

What comes to mind when you think of the color pink? How does pink feel to you?

This is the third part of a nine-part poem and mixed media project I am working on. The ‘Color Me’ poem I wrote just over a year ago and can be read here. I would like to dedicate this post to the lovely Trini. She is the most pink person I know, and I love that about her.

106 thoughts on “Color me pink”

  1. I loved the poem, Staci! No, I have never felt pink before. I think that the closest that I’ve come to pink was listening to Pink Floyd. 😀

    1. Hahahaha. Really? You’ve never felt pink? Not even once? You must have a good supply of testosterone then eh. Lol.
      I bet you have more than appreciated it though when your wife has felt pink. 😉

      1. haha! Yes, but sometimes if I don’t get the chores done, there’s another color she makes me feel – blue.

      2. No! Not blue. Blue is suppose to be for faith, peace and tranquility. Hahaha. Ok, I get it. Feeling blue. Or maybe black eh.

  2. Wonderful work of art as always. Color me Pink, with accents of green, a flower on a spring day peeking through the snow.

    1. Ohhhhh, snow on a spring day? I remember that time in my Canadian life way back when. Spring for me is like summer for you all up north. No complaints from me though. I’m a sun girl. Hehe.
      Thank you so much Wendy. Green will be coming up too in the near future.
      I’m traveling tomorrow so I’ll wish you a wonderful weekend now, my friend.

  3. Hi Staci, beautiful painting. I love pink, to me it means self-love. When I’m depressed I close my eyes and imagine a pink cloud around myself, and I really feel a little better. 🙂

    1. Awwwwww, that’s sweet. That’s a great way to deal with depressive feelings. Pink and depression just don’t go together.
      Thank you so much Elizabeth. I’m so glad you liked this painting. I’m loving the girlies thing.
      Have a great weekend. I’m traveling tomorrow for our long-weekend down here.

    1. Thank you Richard. But hey, you never answered the question. Have you ever felt pink? Hahahaha. I’m sure I already know the answer.

    1. Hahaha. I think you’re right David. I remember something that I once watched or heard or something like that, where the speaker/author was saying that men like the pretty things, like lace and pink and all that, but not on them. Like you said, on their women.

    1. Oh yes, that’s right. Breast cancer. I didn’t even think of that until you commented on it.
      I wasn’t a big fan of pink growing up, but I am now. Hahaha. 🙂
      Awwww, thanks. I’m so glad you ‘love’ it.
      I’m off travel now. We have a long weekend here in Brazil. Have a great weekend.

      1. Awww, thanks Tosha. I’m back now. It was a great workshop. I don’t think I had mentioned that it was a workshop I was going to. No internet though, so that killed me. Haha!
        Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. Your art and poem are sweet, Staci. Confession – pink is one of my least favorite colors. When I was growing up we lived in a pink house; the kids in the neighborhood made fun of it. My brother used to get dropped off up the street so whoever was giving him a ride wouldn’t know he lived in a pink house. One good thing – working on a short story about a family living in a pink house. Making lemonade out of lemons! 🙂

    1. Hahaha! There you go. That’s the spirit. Making lemonade out of lemons. Are you going to post the story once you’re done?
      Pink was never a favorite color of mine growing up. I think I appreciate it a lot more now after having a daughter. I always thought I’d never do the whole baby girl pink and girly thing, but I was so wrong. Something just happened and I love how she is all girly and loves pink. I appreciate the color a whole lot more now than when I was growing up.

      1. I’d love to submit my story about our pink house for publication somewhere. I’ve written a fictionalized version and memoir style after taking memoir bootcamp. Both need revisions, maybe I should test some of it on my blog. Enjoy that pink loving girly-girl!

      2. Oh yes, that would be great. You shoud test some of it. I hope you do get it published. Of course, you’ll let us all know right 😉
        Hahaha. I will, thanks.

  5. Ahhhh, the color pink, I know that feeling very well indeed 😄. i used to hate pink as a kid because it was labelled “girls color” and I didn’t want to conform. Now I just don’t care and I wear it anyhow, anyway including today 😁

    1. Ohhhh, hahaha. Yes, me too. I didn’t like pink while I was growing up. I was somewhat of a tomboy and didn’t want to be associated with the whole ‘girly’ thing. But like you, I like it now. I think I just may try and find a pink dress to wear. Hahaha.

  6. Oooooooh, I loooooooove it!!! And I have a vanilla perfume and many pink dresses! Yaaay! The art is gorgeous!!!! 💖🌸💞🌺💞🌷👑🌂🍧🎀💝🦄🦄

    1. Awwwww, thank you Trini. I also have a vanilla purfume. 😄. I have loved vanilla for sooooo long. I wish I had pink dresses. I think I just may have to find one.
      I am so glad you like this Trini. I knew that you especially would appreciate it.

      1. My birthday is coming up, and I should get some money as a gift. I think I just may have to get that pink dress. Hahaha. If I do, I will take a picture with it and send it to you to see. Hahaha. I know you would appreciate it.
        🙂 ❤

  7. A very intriguing post Staci. I don’t mind pink, but never wear it because of the societal norms, the stereotypes and the stigmatism that comes from wearing that colour. I do have a couple of neckties that have a bit of pink subtlety and creatively worked into the design, but that is about it.
    In Canada, in February there is what is called “pink shirt day”, where it IS okay to wear a pink shirt on that day, which stands for bullying awareness.
    My 17 year old daughter loves anything and everything pink, which gives me great joy to find some treasures for her. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Carl. Really? I had no idea about the pink shirt day in Canada. I’ve been away for too long I guess. Haha. Yea, pink has always been associated with being a girl’s color. Pink for girls, blue for boys right? Pink seems to stand for a number of things these days. Breast cancer awareness, and now bullying awareness too. Hmmmm. I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me.
      Hope you had a great weekend Carl, and that your week is awesome. I was away for our long weekend here from Friday to Monday (with no internet – EEK). We went to a story-telling seminar, and it was great.
      Bless ya.

      1. A story telling seminar sounds really intriguing.
        I only learned of Pink Shirt Day when I was in college 5 years ago. I was taking social service work, and I was on an “activation committee” that campaigned social awareness issues both to the rest of the college and outward to the community. Pink Shirt Day was one of the campaigns I was involved in.
        There is a link here in Canada.
        Bless you too! 🙂

      2. Interesting. So then, it’s not something that people already know about? Like it’s not in the media or anything. You’d think that an anti-bullying thing would be more widely known of eh.
        Thanks for telling me about it Carl, and have a great week.

    1. So sorry for the delay Timi. I was away for our long weekend here and haven’t had access to internet. Eek. Hahaha.
      Thank you so much. I love painting the girly pictures. I wasn’t crazy about pink growing up, but I’ve come to appreciate it a lot more over the years. Especially since having a little girl. She loves to be girly and loves pink.
      Have a great week Timi.

  8. I love your description of the feeling of pink, your sweet poem and darling girl. I used to know a lady who would respond to “How are you?” with “I’m right in the pink!” Yes, pink is a very nice feeling.

    1. Ohhhh, hahaha. That’s great @’right in the pink!’ Yes, that does give the understanding that everything is great and cheery.
      Thank you so much Teresa. I’m so glad you enjoyed this.
      Have a great week.
      🙂 ❤

  9. I love your description!! And I do feel pink from time to time..and sometimes pink reminds me of October’s awareness, maybe just because the month is almost over 🙂

  10. This was so sweet Staci, such a refreshing read, the descriptions were so imaginative ! I do feel pink from time to time, especially when I get all dressed up and look pretty ! Haha 😀

    I love girly stuff, but I do have my blue (tomboy) days as well, Hehe…The perks of having two older brothers and me being there only younger sister! 😀

    1. Awwwwwww, I love that you love girly stuff. I was quite the tomboy growing up, but now that has totally changed. I also have two brothers, and am the only girl.
      Thank you so much Zee. I’m glad you enjoyed this.
      Tons of love and big hugs.
      🙂 ❤

  11. I love your definition of feeling pink – and I actually stayed away from his color for a long time – never just that into it – but this last year I have seen a complete change in my choice of colors and clothes – I think it has to do with a new me after I healed from this weird ailment in 2014. So anyhow, I actually have been using a pink phone case this fall and LOVE it so much – so this means I also can relate to feeling pink – even just a little bit – and your clever sentences were spot on!

    1. Ohhhh, hahaha. That’s great. A pink phone case. I’m thinking of getting myself a pink summer dress. My birthday is coming up and I will be getting some money for a gift. Hahaha. I was never really into pink growing up, but I like it now. My daughter loves it.
      Thank you so much Yvette, for the kind words and for appreciating this. I’m so glad you liked it.

      1. Well happy birthday (early) and I did not get to read what some of your guy followers wrote – but had to share that my son just asked for a pink tie -he has to wear a tie on Mondays and pink is still in around here for some guy items- 💗

      2. Ohhhh, right on. A pink tie. The male followers mostly commented on the girls in their lives with pink, like daughter or wife.
        🙂 ❤

      3. Oh, I forgot, thanks for the early birthday wishes. Hahaha. It’s at the end of the month. My anniversary is in the middle of the month though. Hehehe.

      4. Well it sounds like November is a special month for your family – woo! And our extended family and some friends have birthdays this month – we have b-days on the 18th, 21st, 25th, and 28th – and those r just the ones off the top of my head!

      5. Hahahaha. I think there are so many November birthdays because of Valentine’s Day. The funny thing is that there are a lot of November birthdays on my hubby’s side too. The November babies I think come from Brazil’s Carnaval. So then we have Valentine’s Day from the North and Carnaval from the south. Hahaha.

      6. Ahhhh that makes sense! All that party lovin’ hah! I saw a show about the carnaval and whew – quite an event! Looked so artsy

  12. The best feeling in the world – PINK! I love, love, love the artwork! I often feel pink! 🙂 ❤

    1. Yeah! I was wondering where you were. I was having Sibella withdrawal last week. Hahaha. I would scroll down my Reader and go into your blog, only to find nothing new. Were you traveling? Busy with work? In a stump? Soooooo glad to see you back, my friend.
      Ohhhh, thank you so much for your kind words and appreciating my girly art. I actually have a poem I wrote last year all about he colors. I want to do a girly for each of the colors, and a post as well.
      I’m sooooo glad you often feel pink. It’s such a lovely feeling, isn’t it.
      🙂 ❤

      1. I was in a dark place for a few days. First I had a really bad cold and had to stay home for a couple of days. Then, when I returned to work, some things were happening that put me into a really bad mood and then it was downhill from there, but I picked myself up and gradually came back to my good, old, happy, pink self! LOL 😀

        Can’t wait to see your new posts. Feeling pink is indeed a very lovely feeling! ❤

      2. Ohhhh, I’m sorry to hear that Sibella. I know exactly how that is though. Dark days have been many for me, and I’m sure there will be many more. The reality of life on Earth, my friend.
        I’m so glad you’re back to your good pink self. hahahah. Hope you ate some chocolate to try and comfort yourself when you weren’t feeling well.

      3. Yes, it’s the reality of life, but the good thing is that we have that inner God given strength that pulls us up when we feel like drowning and all we have to do is to call on His Great Name.
        Chocolate was one of the things that made it all better LOL 😀

      4. Most definitely Sibella. You know, I was at a story-telling retreat this past weekend. We learned/memorized The Prodigal Son parable to be able to tell it like a story. I had a bit of a revelation through the part at the end where the father says to the oldest son, “All I have is yours” It hit me powerfully. It’s like God saying that his children possess all that He has. And that”s just it. We have the strength. We have all we need for victory.
        Chocolate is one of God’s lovely treats for us, isn’t it. Lol. 🙂

      5. That is very true! You know in Matthew 16 Jesus tells what believers will do in His name, it is all truth. We are equipped to be fearless and victorious!
        And yes, chocolate is surely God’s gift. Be careful though which chocolate you buy because some use slave children to work with cocoa beans and it’s awfully sad… Like Nestle…

      6. Really? Oh wow. I’ll have to remember that. I love this one brand of organic dark chocolate that is made locally in the state I used to live in. Whenever I go back there I buy a kilo box of it. It’s more pricey but well worth it.
        🙂 ❤

  13. This indeed a very interesting perspective.

    I always carried a different notion about the color PINK, I derived a negative connotation…”Pink Slip” in companies are ominous sign, and we get worried about life and but here you have presented new dimension of how the color is related to our mood, and yes when we are in the pink or peak of the mood, we love to venture out and do something that makes us feel elated and makes feel elevated in our existence, we want to move out and we want to free ourselves from the self-imposed caged thoughts.

    Lovely work of art Staci, both the words and the picture have combined brilliant to convey a wonderful message of life and living.

    1. Awwww, thanks Nihar. I’m so glad you liked this. I find it very interesting that you have always associated ‘pink’ negatively. Very very interesting. I guess it’s most girls that appreciate this color. Hahaha. But that is interesting relating it to the pink slip. I have heard of that expression before. It’s like getting fired from your job, right.
      Anyhow, thanks again NIhar, and don’t forget to let me know once you’ve watched that movie, ok. We’ll have a great chat about it afterwards.

      1. Yes Staci, getting fired from job…is what pink slip is all about. But look at it, how perspective matters and how perception builds that perspective, the color is the same but how we look at it makes the difference and how one gender associates with one color compared the other is an interesting facet of prism of life.
        Yeah Yeah Yeah…I remember and I knew you will ask me, I have caught up with work and not able to steal the time to get the movie going and I wanted to see it in leisure, i will do and it remains in our agenda…
        Many things to catch up, hope things going fine at your end…

      2. I totally understand. Just whenever you’re able to ok. No problem.
        Everything is fine here, thanks. Just a bit stressed, but that’s life, right 😉
        Have a wonderful weekend Nihar.

      3. Yes Staci, that’s life, I agree, there are this ups and there are this downs…and this weekend pls take a good break and break away from the stresses…have a relaxed and joyous weekend.
        take care!!!

  14. Wow. I love your artwork. Beautiful and beautiful words to go with it. Your very talented. I’m so glad you found me on here! Love love love! 💕💅🏼💗🎀💖

  15. Oh no, I’ve never been a pink girl, but I enjoyed this post to bits. Now picturing myself buying pink flowers (pauses to form a mental picture)…nah, still don’t see it.

    1. Ohhhh, hahaha. I never used to be growing up. I’ve come to appreciate it more and more though. Especially on my little girl. She loves it.

  16. Yes! Pink- delicate like the fragrance of a rose petal. What a creative and lovely piece! Also- makes me think of a sweet ballerina tutu and toe shoes moving across the open floor. So beautiful!

    1. Heyyyyyy SG. So great to see you. I’ve been so stinkin busy lately. I’m going to have to get over to your blog (hopefully tonight). Thank you so much for your comment, compliment and appreciation of my post. I totally agree @ballerina tutu and toe shoes. My daughter will be taking ballet next year, so that’s definitely something very real in my life, at least soon will be.
      Hope you’re doing great.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Yes my mother was a dancer and so was I and my little girl is always dancing- tho not in ballet yet :)) I totally understand busy-I get in good waves of writing then I get so busy with life that it takes a back seat you know. You are such a beautiful presence here! Happy (almost) Wednesday 😘💜

  17. Beautiful mixed media piece and poem. Pink to me is the blush of life. It is the life of a new day when pink streaks across the sky at dawn. It is the blush of color in a newborn’s cheeks as they breathe. Pink is the color of being alive to me 😀

    1. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you like it.
      Ohhhh, that’s sweet. I like that @the blush of life. And the reference to the newborn’s cheeks…. to cute.
      Thank you so much for sharing. Now I’ll associate pink with being alive. Very alive.

  18. I love this post, because I know how that feeling is exactly…I have always loved the color pink and this year has been a rough year, I decided to color my room pink (bought paint today), just because I am suddenly feeling beautiful and feminine again…and I immediately want to paint my room pink, as well as my nails and lips which is a much easier done project 🙂
    Thank you for sharing my dear, your posts can really lighten a girls day 🙂

    1. Awwwww, what a sweet comment. Thank you so much.
      That’s so sweet. Did you paint your room already? I’m sure you feel like a princess in it too eh. hahaha.
      Have a wonderful week.
      🙂 ❤

  19. Staci, I read “Color me…” in its entirety, wonderful. I really like what you are doing, creating an individual piece of artwork to represent each color, brilliant! Your artwork is wonderful and I love that you have a definite “style”, it’s charming! I think your “Color me pink” really captures the idea of femininity, so well done! Please enjoy your Tuesday! ~ Mia

    1. Thank you so much Mia. I’m so glad you like this. Yea, when I wrote this, I hadn’t even thought of making it an art project. It was only over a year later that I committed to that.
      You have a great day too.

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