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Simplicity. Don’t you just love that word? Who wants confusion and complication? Not me. I was inspired to do a simple little art piece with buttercups after reading a post by the lovely Trini.

Buttercups symbolize humility, neatness and childishness, while the color yellow symbolizes new beginnings, joy, happiness and comfort. All of these attributes speak simplicity to me. Treasures that can’t be bought. Treasures that make up a life worth living.

What says ‘simplicity‘ to you?

94 thoughts on “Simplicity”

  1. I love it! Love the poem and the art! I love buttercups too 💖💖💖. They are so sweet! Simplicity for me is like….I don’t like when people complicate things, when they use difficult words just to make things seem smart or advanced. I don’t like pretentiousness, I prefer simple words 💖. I like best when people use small simple words to talk about big things 😊💖. I don’t know if that makes sense….😄

    1. Oh my gosh. Yes, I totally agree. I think what you’re saying is you like authenticity. Me too 🙂 And the ‘small words to talk about big things’ that you mentioned is the vision I have for my blog (on the most part). I want to approach topics in my poetry and art in a simple way, but would/could cause people to think on a deeper level. So yes, that totally makes sense.
      Thank you so much Trini.
      🙂 ❤

  2. Well said and well written. Right, we humans really complicate things. Our dreams, goals and wants are all sophisticated. Where as all we need is simple – to love be loved 🙂

    Have a great day!
    Arcane owl

    1. Most definitely AO. ‘To love and be loved’ is a great way to put it. After all, humans a relational beings and need relationship/connection. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.
      p.s. I was traveling and had little internet access. That’s why I’ve been missing in action. I’m heading over to your blog now to see what you’ve been up to.

  3. “Ordinary moments hold more than one can see”. Yes, we’re often blinded by the garish light of technology. Beautiful words, Staci! Simplicity means beauty to me. The wonder of life, from the simplest flower, to a hummingbird in the garden, dinner with family and friends, and a simple, lazy strum on my guitar under moonlight. Bliss.

    1. Ohhhh, I love that Rob – ‘the wonder of life’. And all the other things as well 🙂
      Thank you so much, my friend. Have a great Thursday.

    1. Awwww, thanks Richard. I can’t believe this comment didn’t show up in my notifications. So sorry for the late response.

    1. Ohhh, hahaha. Thank you so much David. It’s just a ‘simple’ (pun intended) little one. I actually wrote it quite a while back. I wanted to put it into some of my own art.
      Blessings to you and Happy New Year.

  4. At the outset Staci, welcome back in 2016 after a long hiatus, I visited couple of times and was wondering what happened and where are you. Today itself I was checking and this is serendipity. Hope everything is fine at your end.

    I couldn’t agreed more on the choice of word “Simplicity”, it is well said the most “Simplicity is the highest form of Sophistication.” Life by nature is complex and we are taught how to live simple life and keep high thinking. Beautifully said simplicity lies in the art of listening and rarely do we lend our ear and so much is possible and so much can be achieved just by being a good listener and with increasing cacophony around us and the impulsive nature we have developed with rapid change happening all round.
    Yes, the tender touch or a gentle pat makes all the difference, but we forget in doing in the simple things and keep looking at the complexity and attempt to design compounded solutions to solve the simple things in life. The problem is in our thinking, it has become complex and we want to live simple life but keep thinking in the intricacies of living.

    The power of life and living truly lies in the word “Simplicity”, indeed living the ordinary moments in simple ways can make the extraordinary changes in our life.

    1. Ohhhhh, hello my friend Nihar. I actually opened up to your blog, although I haven’t read your most recent post yet. I will be sure to get to it right after this comment.
      Happy New Year to you. I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and New Year’s with family and friend. I also wish you all the best for 2016. May it be filled with love, light and truth.
      Yes, simplicity, you said it well. We do complicate things far too often in our minds. One thing too, I think we make things complicated when our values and principles are in the ‘un-natural’ things of life. Like materialism and social status. I’ve thrown ostentatiousness out the window, as well as working overtime to get ahead, or simply earn a few extra bucks (which soon sprout wings and fly away).
      So great to see you here Nihar, and please have a beautiful weekend.

      1. Lovely to hear you back Staci, yes had a wonderful new year and everything is fine here. I suppose you also had a fabulous break…

        The values and the principles matters and matters a lot, this comes with learning and better understanding of life and living. We have to throw these artificial life, this ostentatious lifestyle out of window to get the fresh thoughts and simple ideas come inside our room of thoughts…
        Indeed looking forward to our lovely conversations…

        Love, Light and Laugh!!!

      2. It’s great to be back Nihar. Yes, this is true. Learning and living and understanding through experience and all too.
        I was just over at your blog. Great post. I’ve left a comment for the start of, I’m sure, a great conversation.

      3. Yes Staci, I was just starting to read, as usual you have so much to share and I have so much to learn, I always take time to go though your in-depth perspectives and so that I can match up and add to our fascinating conversation…
        Take Care!!!

  5. Beautiful art and words! You know I adore everything you do and this is precious!!! ❤

    Simplicity for me is my daily life when it goes undisturbed, when I can do my work, be around my family, my friends, create my art and do things I love. That's all I want: a simple life centered in God. 🙂 ❤

      1. You are the same to me, my friend! You are so very welcome, always!!! 🙂

    1. Awwwwww Lorrie. You always know how to brighten up my day. Thank you so much for your sweet words and encouragement.
      Bless you 🙂 ❤

  6. Loved the whole piece ❤️ Simplicity is something I crave.. It’s hearing my boys truly giggle holding thier bellys… That’s simplicity at its best. Nothing else making them laugh but them talking and being brothers. ❤️

    1. Hahahaha. That’s great Carisa. Yes, that is simplicity at its best.
      Thank you so much, my friend. I’m so glad you enjoyed this.
      🙂 ❤

  7. Oh this is just wonderful Staci, I have to agree. Sometimes we are so engrossed and running after extra ordinary and complex things that we forget the ordinary & simplest beauty right in front of our eyes. Sometimes we just gotta sit back, take a breath and take in the beauty in simple things around us. This was a good reminder! 🙂

    Hope you are doing great Staci, Wish you a lovely week ahead. Missed you around ❤ So glad to see your post pop in my reader! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh. Hiiiiiiiii Zee. You know, I just saw this comment now. For some reason I’m not getting a lot of comments in my notifications.
      Thank you so much Zee. And I agree. Sometimes we do get too caught up in such unimportant things. I love simplicity.
      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, my friend. It is wonderful to be back and blogging again.
      🙂 ❤

  8. Bonsoir
    Un regard, un sourire et une main
    Chaleureuse sur l’épaule
    Valent mieux qu’un million
    De mots ou de phrases
    Ce que sent le cœur est plus profond
    Que ce qu’entends l’oreille
    Je te remercie d’être là par ton amitié
    Je te souhaite une belle fin de semaine
    Un agréable week-end
    Avec de la joie et du bonheur au sein de ta demeure
    Bises, amitié
    Ce jour chez moi quelques flocons de neige sans plus

    1. Hi Bernard. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so sorry I don’t speak French, but I used the Google translate to read it.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. There is only one factor that can construed this poem. Acuity… Fantastic…..I admire the colors ..i mean green n yellow..perhaps most organic for the title ‘Simplicity’ 🙂

    1. Oh wow. You are so sweet Saaransh. Thank you so much for your kindness and appreciation of my simple (no pun intended – hehehe) art and writing. And I love that you used the word ‘organic’ for the green and yellow.
      Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  10. Absolutely beautiful Staci! The simple acts you described are so calming in this complicated and chaotic world. Those simple things restores self worth in oneself, and then ripples out to others.

    We really do make things so complicated. So important to nurture those simple acts of kindness.

    God bless! 🙂


    1. Ohhhh, thank you so much Carl. I’m all for simplicity. Living here in Brazil, and as a missionary, makes simple living so much easier. I love it.
      Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead.

      1. NICE! My wife was an MK in India, and I was a simple farm kid growing up, so we have worked at trying to keep our lives simple as well. Life really is so much easier!.
        Have a wonderful week ahead yourself! 🙂

      2. Simple is the way to go. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It really is better, isn’t it?
        You have a great week too Carl.

    1. Sounds great to me Heather. Thanks for sharing, and have a great Sunday. Btw, here in Brazil tonight there’s going to be a program on TV about people with Asperger’s that also have a touch of genius. Looking forward to watching it.

  11. Hi Staci, love that you are back with your art posts. Yes, simplicity is everything, and the best treasures are the ones money can’t pay for. Love your description of yellow, i always related yellow to happiness, no i have more adjectives for it. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth. It’s so great to be back. Trying to get back into routine, but it’s a bit tough while school is still out. And I think school won’t start up again until Carnival is over (after the second week of February). Don’t you think it’s funny that I don’t even know when school is going to start. Hahaha. Brazil is a little more laid back than Canada. Hahaha.
      Oh yes, yellow. I also relate yellow to happiness, or cheeriness. Like the sun.
      Have a great Sunday Elizabeth.

    1. Yes, most of the time they are, aren’t they Indah. So great to hear from you. Hope you’re enjoying Minnesota.
      Thanks so much for appreciating and commenting on my poem Indah.
      🙂 ❤

  12. The simple things you mentioned in this are truly what makes life wonderful. Exactly, with such treasureable simple things, who needs complicated?! I LOVE this piece, because it’s a reminder we all need. Sometimes, the best of gestures are in the simple things. 🙂

    1. Exactly. Who needs complicated? Hehe.
      Thank you so much Ameena. I’m so glad you ‘love’ this.
      Have a beautiful day, my friend.
      🙂 ❤

  13. Hi Staci! beautiful poem and very relevant thoughts :)Simplicity is much needed in today’s world as things are getting more n more complicated whether it’s food,lifestyle,decor,devices n all.I believe ‘simple living and high thinking ‘ is the mantra which can empower mankind to live in harmony with nature .

    1. Hi writeintent. Thank you so much. It’s so nice to meet you. And I couldn’t agree more with you. Simplicity is very much needed, especially with the insanely amount of information available to modern society.I live in Brazil (not Brazilian though) and I love it. Me and my family have a very simple lifestyle and it does wonders for us – as a family, as individuals, in our work, in clarity of thought and purpose…
      Thank you, once again, and I look forward to checking out your blog too.

      1. Hi again..it is so nice to know that you n your family follow a simple life style.Our thoughts match on quite a lot of issues..so glad to have found you in blogosphere .I am myself not a great admirer of city life…I find all the hustle bustle too jarring to my senses..I prefer living close to nature n am most blissful then.Luckily at present I am living in the suburbs with almost 50 acres of jungle around my residence..and I really love the peace n positive energy of the trees n greenery.I try to follow ecologically sustainable lifestyle as much as possible …this is really the healthiest way….need of big buildings,gadgets n artificial foods are all unreal wants created in human minds by the big consumer-goods giants for material gains playing havoc with health n peace of humans.

      2. Ohhh, so glad that are thoughts are in tune with each other. I try and stay away from huge crowds and hustle and bustle. The simpler, the better, right? 😉
        That is awesome that you live surrounded by jungle. Wonderful. I live in a place surrounded by beauty and nature as well. I am very close to urban areas, but my home is like a tropical little haven. Ahhhhh.
        Have a wonderful week.
        🙂 ❤

      3. Wow,i too avoid crowds and the unnecessary noisy places..even the famous touristy ones.Its wonderful that you have a residence in a blissful place….maybe this is what inspires you to be so creative.😊
        Thanks n have a nice time😍

  14. What an inspired piece – I did not know what buttercups represented – and I like that choice of yellow –
    And for me- what inspires me ? Hm – I think it is balance – or keeping fresh with the right amount of change and right amount of down time and out time – too much out time burns is out – too much down time can pull too – and so mixing it up is my choice – hm

    1. Awesome. Yes, balance. Isn’t that what most of us strive for? It seems so simple, but for some reason is so difficult for us humans to accomplish. I like your choice. I think it’s mine too. 🙂

  15. Simplicity is what I am trying to make my life about right now–it was nice to read your poem about this. The more simple one makes their life, the more fulfilling I believe it will be. As always beautiful artwork 🙂

  16. What a beautiful picture and equally beautiful words, dear! I love simplicity too. For me it means no pretense, no complications, no lies… a simple life surrounded by small happy moments of pure joy… 🙂
    Have a great day dear 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Heena. I’m son glad you like this one. Simplicity is the best, isn’t it. And I love that @ no prettiness, no complications.
      Have a great week.
      🙂 ❤

    1. Heyyyyy, I was just thinking about you today. Talk about serendipity. How are you? Life is soooooo busy. The school year starts on February 15th. We were on holiday, and now I’m trying to ease Caue slowly back into reading and all. It’s all about process with him. Hahaha.

  17. You got that righ, simplicity often translates for what we take for granted in some cases. And when stripped of those things, then you really realise that that simplicity was actually the world. So yes, treasure the “small” things.

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