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Heart String – Tanaga

Heart String - Tanaga
Tanaga poem on mixed media

The need to belong is something that is ingrained in each and every one of us. There’s no escaping it. It’s part of our DNA.

Did you know that there is a ‘science of relationships’? Scientific studies have been done in order to understand this need for belonging. The “belongingness hypothesis” states that people have a basic psychological need to feel closely connected to others, and that caring, affectionate bonds from close relationships are a major part of human behavior.

I believe that we have this deep need for connection because we were created in the image and likeness of a relational creator.

Why do you think we have this strong need for relationships?

The Tanaga poetry form is a Philippino form. It consists of four lines, seven syllables each. The first two lines rhyme and the last two lines rhyme.



62 thoughts on “Heart String – Tanaga”

  1. It is within our soul to love one another. The more we give the more we receive.

  2. Creative one Staci. Yes it’s the bond the interconnection I think that keeps humanity up until now. We call it family or friends or even the society in large the belongingness do offer us the impetus to sustain amidst all ups and downs.

    1. Very true Chitali. I think that modern living has gotten away from this truth. So much individualism and isolation. Maybe that’s why we have such a depression epidemic on our hands now.
      Thank you so much for your comment.
      Have a lovely week ahead.

  3. Firstly, I wanna tell u I love the notes u give on various types of poems….. nxt u have this beauty in u to make ur work looks so soothing to eye…when u put so much of effort into it….how u do this? all recycled stuff? or is it done on a wall??
    Yes that camaraderie between humans makes us alive

    1. Oh Saaransh, you are sooooo kind. Your words are so generous, and I’m encouraged by you.
      Sometimes I use recycled material, like old cereal boxes, or some other type of product box. Sometimes I use card stock. Sometimes just regular watercolour, or heavier paper. It depends.
      Hahahaha @on a wall. Imagine that. This huge wall with one piece after another. That would actually be quite cool, don’t ya think?
      Have a wonderful week Saaransh.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Yea all the recycling stuffs make ur work constructive as well as beautiful….thr no strong word as beautiful …and wat I truly feel I say abt ur work :)….yes the wall wud b fab thn :D….keep going Staci

      2. Thank you so much Saaransh, and please forgive my late reply. We’ve had Carnaval here in Brazil and I haven’t been on WP so much.
        You are a huge sweetie and I really appreciate you and all of the encouragement. Have a great weekend, my awesome friend.

  4. I enjoyed reading your poem, Staci! Attraction is an odd thing. I can’t explain why it occurs with some people that I meet, while not at all with some. A mystery of life, perhaps?

    1. Oh yes, attraction. We just connect with some I guess. And then others, we just don’t. Could be because of different worldviews or culture. Could be personality. Chemistry is an odd thing. One thing though that’s for sure is that we all need relationship. We were made for it, right? Can you imagine not having any relationships? The lack of community and intimate bonding? Being completely isolated from others? I think depression would sink in. Oh yes, actually it has with so many that live an individualistic and isolated life. Hmmmm.
      Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

  5. True, we crave for human connection because our life will be meaningless without it. Beautiful Tanaga, Stacilys!

    Have a great day!
    ~Arcane Owl

    1. Thank you so much A.O. Very true. Life would completely meaningless without it. Maybe that’s why we have such a huge depression epidemic on our hands. So many people lacking that connection. Living in isolation and lacking the sense of belonging. Hmmmm…
      Hope you’re having a great weekend and that you have a beautiful week ahead.

  6. I believe we’re all connected somehow, which is why people from all over the world have so much in common even if they’ve never travelled. I love your poem and the design you displayed it on. You should have an Etsy store. 😀 xx

    1. Hi Vashti. I completely agree with you. I’m reading a book right now by John Philip Newell called, “A New Harmony: The Sprit, the Earth and the Human Soul”. Just by the title you can imagine what it’s all about, right. One thing I’ll quote from it: “As new science is teaching us, the microcosm and the macrocosm are one. Our lives are part of the cosmos, and the cosmos is part of us. The life of humanity is not an appendix or an exception to the universe. It is a unique expression of the universe. And each of us carrie the essence of the cosmos within us.” Interesting eh?
      Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement and appreciation of my work. You’re so sweet. I thought of having an Easy store at one point, however being that I live in Brazil, and I would have to have these products printed up and then send them out by mail… I think that would be difficult, because of my location. I am, however, planning on starting up a page on ‘Fine Art America’. They do everything. All I have to do is submit my work to them and they do the other stuff. Still working on that. Hahaha. It takes me a long time to get things like that done, because I have so many other things I’m involved with. I think I just need to organize my time better. Hahaha. But thank you so much. I’ve had a few other people encourage me to do the same thing, and I really want to.
      Hope you’re having an amazing weekend.
      🙂 ❤

      1. That book sounds amazing! I’m so excited that you’re planning on starting a page on Fine Art America because your work should be out there. I wish you lots of luck with that. Happy Monday and have a great week! 😀

  7. Great poem and artwork! A bit different than your usual mixed media pieces but very powerful.
    In my view, the creator created us to be family and community for Him. That’s why our community is so important to our physical well being. Loneliness is a state where aging accelerates, and disease can form more easily. It’s sad to see people who are lonely in their own communities.

    1. Hi Wendy, thank you so much. Yes, this one is totally different then what I normally do, isn’t it? I was inspired by this mixed media artist. I saw something she did and thought I’d try out the technique with something that I would like to do. Not sure I’d do it again though. I wasn’t a big fan of it. Hahaha.
      I totally agree with you @In my view, the creator created us to be family and community for Him.
      “That’s why our community is so important to our physical well being.”
      –I watched this documentary on Netflix a couple of weeks ago about happiness and what causes happiness. One of the big things they touched on was the whole issue of living in community. Of relationships and connection. Did you know that in Denmark they have community living compounds. Like many families living in the same compound. They have smaller living quarters, but they eat meals together, their kids play together, etc. I thought it was so interesting. If you get the chance, check it out. I think it’s called, ‘Happiness’ or ‘Happy’ or something like that. I could find out for you if you like.
      Hope you’re having a great weekend.
      🙂 ❤

      1. I will check it out. It sounds fascinating. Have a wonderful week Staci!

    1. Hahaha. Well, I hope you at least have friends and family members to connect with. One day the right person will come along.
      Have a great week.

  8. You amaze me Staci! I love your words, your art and your thinking behind it all. I know you are submitted and led by the Spirit. Another great post!

    1. Thank you so much Mark. Wow, you have truly encouraged me. My heart’s desire is to co-create with Him and send it out into the world. We are his ambassadors, right.
      Thank you again Mark, and have a wonderful week.

  9. “Heart String” is a lovely poem, beautifully capturing the feelings of love. It’s a fundamental need “love and belonging”, we all want to be wanted. Excellent post, I really enjoyed it, as well as your interaction with your readers. Please enjoy your weekend. ~ Mia

    1. Awwww, thank you so much Mia. What a sweet name – Mia. It’s so nice to meet you, and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, and agree.
      I look forward to seeing your blog. I’ll be over in a bit ok. 🙂 ❤

      1. Staci, thank for a lovely reply. I did enjoy your post, are you familiar with Maslow? I’m really intrigued by the psychology and philosophy of what makes us tick as human beings, so naturally I loved your approach with this post. I like that you presented factual information, “belongingness hypothesis”, shared your thoughts/ideas and then asked an interesting question, making for a very thought provoking post. It’s most definitely my pleasure to read and follow your blog!

  10. It’s so true. There’s just that wanting, desire to have a connection with someone and a lot of the time, we can’t explain why. That’s a question I am yet to have an answer to. 🙂

    1. Hi Ameena, yes. We were made for relationship. It’s in our DNA. I think that a post-modern mind-set and post-modern living has created a huge hole in the human heart. People have become very individualistic and isolated. I think that could be just why we have a huge depression epidemic on our hands.
      I hope you have had a lovely weekend, and please have a beautiful week, my friend.
      🙂 ❤

  11. Hi Staci, yes, connection, scientifically is a survival instinct, imagine if the cavemen lived alone, the human race wouldn’t survive. But yes, we need to be part of the community, to share, to exchange ideas, to love and be loved. It’s not only survival but being happy. Have weekend dear friend!

    1. Oh yes, survival has a bit to do with it, doesn’t it? 🙂 But like you said, I think it goes a lot deeper than that. It’s a soul thing. A deep need within us to belong, to connect, for community… Did you know that in Denmark they have these family living community compounds. I found that out in a documentary I watched recently on happiness. A bunch of families live together in a compound. They have their separate quarter for sleeping and being with each of their individual families, but they eat meals together, their kids play together, etc. I thought that was phenomenal. You know, I live in a community setting too. I live on a mission’s base. I love it. Always having community, and working together for a common purpose. And so much more of course.
      WE have Carnaval here in Brazil right now so our weekend is extended until after Wednesday. Hahahaha. Gotta love hot climate cultures. They have a lot more days off and vacations here than they do in Canada.
      Hope you’ve had a great weekend Elizabeth and that your week ahead is lovely.

      1. Hi Staci, enjoy the Carnaval, here it is cold, no party, tomorrow is supposed to be – 20 C. Being part of a community is great, but I’m not sure if I’ll adapt easy to it, most of the time I like to be by myself. 🙂

  12. We have the longing for relationships because the Lord wants to have a relationship with us. And we learn through our human relationships what’s important in them. Thus we can enhance our relationship with our Creator. Love the poem, the art, and the post. 🙂 ❤

    1. Yes, yes, yes Natalie. This is definitely the answer I would expect from you, my friend. Love it.
      Thank you so much for the kind words. By the way, I started reading “A New Harmony: The Sprit, the Earth and the Human Soul”, by Newell. It is amazing. I love his writing. I will definitely have to try and get ahold of the other book you spoke us. What was the name of it again?
      Love and blessings.
      🙂 ❤

      1. I knew you’d love his writing. The other one is THE BOOK OF CREATION. Have you ever ordered anything from Amazon.com? I do all the time and they have it. 😊❤️

  13. Oh…it’s all about our need to make that contact…because we know we are all connected…having communication seals the deal!! It is like a car needs fuel…a source of power….I think we need to connect for our energy…our source of power! Love the poem and art, Staci!! Blessings my friend for a wonderful week!! 🙂 ♡♡

    1. Lorrie, have you seen that documentary, I think it’s called, ‘Happiness’? It’s all about what it really is that makes people happy. It starts out with a man from Calcutta that lives in a slum area. He has his family and works by running a rickshaw. He is super happy because of his family. They also showed people in Japan and how men are dying from working so hard. They aren’t happy, but just working, working, working. Then they showed the people from Okinawa, Japan and the community lifestyle there. They were so happy living in community and being involved in the community. And there are even family compounds in Denmark, where about 20 families live in the same compound. Each individual family has their own space for more intimate family stuff and sleeping, but the entire compound eats their meals together and work around the compound together to keep it clean. I thought that was phenomenal. I have the amazing opportunity to live in community as well, and I love it. I really think that we see so much depression now-a-day because of this shift in modern times of individuality and isolation. Sad thing actually.
      Thank you so much for your kind and always encouraging words Lorrie.
      Love and hugs, and please have a beautiful week.
      🙂 ❤

      1. I did not see the documentary, Staci, but you make a very compelling reason for me to seek it out!! I love that you have that ability to be so involved in community. I read your words and had a little pang of sadness as I did not have that kind of childhood. But the past is the past, and I look here to all the wonderful connections we have here in our ‘virtual’ community and it gives me inspiration and it gives me love! And I am so grateful!! So full of Blessitude!! 😉 Much love to you…dear soul!! 🙂 ♡♡

  14. Yes Staci…”relationship” is real essence of life and living, you have touched the fundamental cord to life…we all love to be loved, we all love to be part of family and we love to be part of community. We want someone to hear us, we want others with whom we can talk and share our thoughts, just visualizing a scenario where we cannot share and communicate with fellow beings around us makes us feel asphyxiated.

    Take the case of bogging and blogosphere as a community has changed the way we have engaging with the community and it is no more limited by the geographical boundaries…belonging is very much within us, some of us are very expressive and many others we don’t like to share and express ourselves. By nature we are social animal and it is only that our circle of engagement varies and but we cannot stay away from bonding and binding of emotions, feelings and exchange of thoughts that makes life meaningful.

    Have a lovely week ahead.
    take care!!!

    1. Yes Nihar, you are so right. We are social creatures and have a need for relationship and community. I agree that the blogosphere has opened up opportunities for that community to happen for modern times. It has opened up the opportunity for virtual relationship that crosses geographical boundaries. I love it, as I’m sure you do too.
      Once again, I’m so sorry for taking so long to comment. I like to take my time with our discussions and not just do so quickly. I have been so busy and didn’t want to just jot off any old thing to you.
      Please have a lovely rest of the week, my friend. I’ll be visiting your blog shortly.
      Bless you.

      1. Absolutely no problem Staci, no more sorry, we are such lovely friends, I understand the various other engagement we have in live, pls feel free to drop in and read at your leisure and I like the way we interact without any hassles and without conditions…
        It is such an enriching and refreshing conversation we have whenever you read and share it has the same value and love for the beautiful interactions. The idea, the thoughts, the quality of discussion we keep having is the essence of good human relationship.

        By the way hope you have a great time back in Brazil…some time now days going back to the real world and having fun is a different experience, it amplifies because of increased time locked with the virtual world…
        Have a lovely week ahead and take care…

      2. Thank you so much.
        “I like the way we interact without any hassles and without conditions…”
        –Me too. I appreciate that about our relationship Nihar.
        You have an amazing weekend. Make sure to have some fun, ok.

  15. Even for those of us with autism, even though we require more alone time than others, in the end, we desperately need to connect with others. It is not good for us to be alone, per God in Genesis:) Which, of course, I know you know:)

  16. I like to think the same why are strands of DNA are connected our sould and bodies require this human connection as well. Wonderful post to read. Great food for thought.

    1. Thank you so much. You know, I’ve got to wonder about these hermits that seclude themselves from others and society in general. That’s got to have a real effect on them. Like emotional and mental. I couldn’t do that, that’s for sure. I need peeps.
      Thanks again, and have a great night.

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