Made to Create

Made to create 2
Made to Create – Loop poem on mixed media

Why is it that human beings are so creative? We have imaginations and an ability to create that separates us from all other species.

“According to Marc Hauser, ‘mounting evidence indicates that, in contrast to Darwin’s theory of a continuity of mind between humans and other species, a profound gap separates our intellect from the animal kind.’ (source: live science.com)

Another article from livescience.com says, “Without a doubt, the human trait that sets us apart the most from the animal kingdom is our extraordinary brain… …the ability to reason and think on our feet beyond the capabilities of the rest of the animal kingdom, and provided the works of Mozart, Einstein and many other geniuses.” (source)

As a Christian, I believe that we were created by a creative God, and we were created in His image. Out of my intimacy with God I create, and my creations are a response to what He reveals to me.

Gotquestions.org says, “Mentally, man was created as a rational, volitional agent. In other words, man can reason and man can choose. This is a reflection of God’s intellect and freedom. Anytime someone invents a machine, writes a book, paints a landscape, enjoys a symphony, calculates a sum, or names a pet, he or she is proclaiming the fact that we are made in God’s image.” (source: gotquestions.org)

Michael Card says in his book, ‘Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and creativity‘ –“God is an artist and he is beautiful. He has woven his image into the fabric of our lives, which explains our drive to create things which are beyond us and which we don’t always understand.”

Why do you think human beings are so creative?

The first comment has a Youtube video by Michael Card called, “The poem of Your Life.”


65 thoughts on “Made to Create”

    1. Defintely an act to survive when it comes to survival issues. You’ve got to be creative in order to survive. Makes me think of the cave men and the tools they made to hunt.
      Thanks Indah. Have a great weekend too.

  1. I think, as you said, we were created in his image and therefor ate creative. Ib can tell your creations ate a result of your relationship with God.

  2. Everyone is creative and it is expressed in the different talents we have. When our creativity is encouraged and developed, we feel a great satisfaction. We feel happy. The creativity and talent comes from God. I think we make God so happy when we use tge talents He gave us.

    1. Heck ya! That a great comment. I totally agree. We make God happy when we use these gifts. Of course, that’s when we use them the right way, right. 😉
      Have a great weekend Natascha.

  3. I too think our creativity is an impulse we have due to our origin in the mind of God. He fashioned us from his breath and that same breath comes out of us in various art forms

    1. What a beautiful comment. I especially liked how you used the word, ‘impulse’. Have you ever read any of Steven Altrogge’s books? I read, ‘Create: Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Stuff’, and here is a quote from it, ““Because we are created in the image of God we all have an irresistible impulse to create and to establish order”. I thought that was very powerful. He also said, “God has filled our veins with creative juices. We can’t help it. We must create.”
      Have a lovely weekend J.

      1. Oh I love those quotes! I need to check that book out, never heard of it before. It’s been a great weekend. Hope yours is as well.

      2. Oh yes, I just finished the book myself. Have you ever heard any of Michael Card’s music, or read any of his other books? This book has really inspired me to read more of his stuff.
        My weekend went well thanks.
        Have a great week J.

  4. Well said and wonderful image. I think it’s amazing how we are all so different in our creative talents. What a wonderful variety.

    1. Thank you so much Wendy.
      It’s so true, we all have this amazing gift of creativity. It’s wonderful when one realizes what their niche is and develops it, isn’t it?

    1. Ohhhhh, that’s so beautiful Audrey. Sensitive enough to create and thoughtful enough to share. That’s great.
      Thank you so much Audrey. I am blessed with your creative gifts as well.
      🙂 ❤

  5. Yes!! I have been thanking God for all the ways He has allowed me to share my love for life!
    ~ Dajena

    1. Ohhhhh, thank you so much Trini. I’m so glad you ‘love’ this.
      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and staying cool.
      🙂 ❤

  6. Staci, beautiful poem and artwork, I like the light bulb, very clever! Quite thought provoking as to where creativity comes from. I especially like Michael Card’s quote that you included at the end. Wonderful post! Please enjoy your weekend! ~ Mia

    1. Thank you so much Mia. I love that quote from Michael Card. I’ve been reading his book on creativity and highlighting sooooooo much that I want to go back to chew on again afterwards. Haha.
      You also have a wonderful weekend.

  7. You are so right, Staci. We are made in the image of the creative Creator and so we are all creative. That’s why I’m sad when I hear someone say they are not creative. My reply is always, “yes you are, you can’t help but be, you just haven’t found your creative outlet yet, but it’s there. Seek it.” I believe most of what we do in this life is a form of creativity, be it being a mother, a housewife, a gardener, a seamtress and on and on it goes. Great post missy! 🙂 ❤

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Natalie. It’s in our DNA. Our everyday life has creativity weaved through it.
      “yes you are, you can’t help but be, you just haven’t found your creative outlet yet, but it’s there. Seek it.”
      –Love this. It’s sooooo true.
      Thank you so much Natalie.
      Have a lovely weekend.
      Love and hugs. 🙂 ❤

  8. Indeed Staci this is such a profound question you have raised and there is so much to think and so much to reflect when this question hits our mind. Why are we different from other species and why we are more creative and why look at the world in a different way and why have we created so many things to make our life richer, better, brighter and keep making our life and living longer and deeper. The ability to imagine and the ability to create whatever we can imagine and there are so many wonders and as you aptly highlighted two such in form of Mozart and Einstein…

    Yes, man can reason and man can choose…and so beautifully put the way God has woven his imagination into fabric of our life. It has to be magic and this one such magic remains to unraveled and perhaps may never be fathomed, the mystery of life shall remain the mystery for the ages to come and we will keep wandering the secret behind such magical creation. We have learned a few tricks of creation from God and we keep trying our hand in extending that trick and we do so that far and not any further…

    The poem and the picture that you have created is simply so powerful…words have been woven into the heart of the image.
    Have a lovely and lovely Sunday..
    take care!!!

    1. Hi Nihar, thank you so much for your comment. I know that you are a person that truly appreciates the gift of ‘creativity’ and that you are energized by a creative spirit.
      I think it’s just amazing how God has decided to separate us out to be creative beings with free will and choice. Of course, all animals have a creative ability, but by instinct, and not choice. We humans have been made in His image and likeness. Creativity is in our DNA.
      Have a lovely week Nihar.

      1. Indeed Staci, Creativity is such a fascinating part of our and life, the more we engage with creative activities the more evolved we feel as a person. With the digital distractions and daily grind we are away from nature and creativity, we get the inspiration and the spark of creativity when w are in peace of mind and the serenity of nature and able to nurture our emotions and keep our feeling a channel to express and it could be any a form of art from music to painting to writing, it makes such a huge difference to our quality of life and also the output of work we are engaged for our living.

        It is such a wonder how God has made us different from the other species and how we are able to think and create things in life. I agree animals have that instinct and intuition that is so powerful, especially they get the intuitive when natural calamities like earthquake comes, they can sense it and but they cannot communicate but they react and behave differently in such situations.
        You too have a lovely week ahead.

      2. Nihar, I have been trying to leave a comment on your most recent post, but it is not working for some reason. I’ll leave it here then, until you are able to see what may be going wrong ok.

        “Creativity is not an event, it is a process.”
        –I couldn’t agree with you more here Nihar. It’s not something that you put on, but something that is birthed and grows into the creation itself. First there’s the birth of inspired thought, then the whole thought process that goes into how one would go about creating, then the actual creating process, right up to the finished product. I love the creative process and seeing the finished product.

        “Creativity cannot function in a clouded and cluttered environment.”
        –I totally agree. Sometimes I just have to tell the kids to go outside and shut my bedroom door so that I have the silence and un-clutteredness to think and create.

        Have a great weekend Nihar. Hope all is well with you.

      3. Bihar, I tried to comment on your last blog post various times, but it didn’t work. Then I tried to post that comment here in this response, but now I see it didn’t’t go through. Did you receive it. Please let me know because I wanted to let you know my thoughts ok.
        Thanks Bihar.

  9. You are right Staci, you summed up the spiritual aspect of our creativity perfectly ! The only thing I would add in answer to your question in the end is that it’s probably a human “need” to be creative, we all need a way to let off some steam, get the bottled up feelings out of our system, express ourselves in ways we can’t otherwise…without creativity we’d be filled with so many anxieties and angst.. So in short Creativity is a human necessity.

    1. Haha. Yes, good point Zee. It’s true. We do have a ‘need’ to create. Love that @necessity.
      Thank you so much Zee.
      Love and hugs.
      🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you for sharing Alok. Oh yes, in the brain. Where are nervous system stems from, right. I agree that animals are creative too. One difference though, as Elizabeth mentioned in her comment. Humans do things by choice, and animals by instinct.
      Have a great week Alok.

  10. Humans live their life according to choice, other species live their life according to instinct. If God created everything and we are made in his image, it stands to reason we would have the need to be creative. And I am so glad for it. 🙂

    1. Ohhhh, I love this comment Elizabeth. That is so true @Humans live their life according to choice, other species live their life according to instinct. Thank you so much for sharing that here.
      I also am very glad for it.
      Have a wonderful week.

    1. Hahahaha. I a lying in bed about to fall asleep and this had me laughing (quietly, of course. Hubby is sleeping).
      You know, I never really thought of her as naked until a friend of mine pointed it out. Now you too. Maybe it was a very hot day. Lol.
      Thank you Elizabeth.

  11. Stacilys please help me to have more followers because this is our project the more followers the more points. Please Stacilys. Thank you. God Bless.

  12. Beautiful poem and image. God is the best artist. All we need to do is look at nature––flowers, butterflies, trees, birds . . . brilliant artistry everywhere. 😀 xx

    1. Oh yes, so true. Even those funky looking gourds show us his creative humour. Hahaha. Some of those gourds are funny looking and full of bumps.
      Thank you so much Vashti. So glad you liked this one.
      🙂 ❤

  13. I agree with you Staci. Just like you said, we as humans are creative because we were created in God’s image, who is the Father of creation 🙂

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