I find it amazing how we are all very individual and unique, yet at the same time we’re all the same. All of humanity searches for answers to the bigger questions of life. Questions with answers that oftentimes seem beyond our reach.

We also have the same needs and inner longings. One of them being the need to belong. Not just the need to belong to a community, or to be a part of something; but a need to belong to someone/thing. We ask, “Who am I?” and rarely, “Whose am I?”

I love this quote by St. Augustine:

  • “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

A fellow blogger friend, ‘Rusty Foerger‘ posted something recently that made me think about this universal ‘sameness’. In his post he writes about a well-known Urdu poet, ‘Bulleh Shah‘, from the 16/1700s, and includes a music video by a popular Indian musician (Rabbi Shergill) that was based on his poetry.

Please take a moment to read the post, “I know not who I am”, from “Curriculum of the Spiritual Life”, and watch the following music video.

49 thoughts on “Belonging”

  1. Very thought provoking, Staci. Part of the eternal question is, for me, what is my role in this divine play? Sometimes I have these dalliances with Calvinism, and wonder if it’s all preordained.

    1. Hey Rob. Hmmmm, yea I wouldn’t say I’m a Calvinist or an Armenian. I just consider myself a Bible-believing Christian in a living, breathing, active relationship with my maker. I don’t know if I really believe just in preordination. I think there’s more to it than that.
      Thank you so much Rob for your comment, and please have an amazing weekend.

      1. I know, there are so many ‘labels’ out there. What we should do is read the book and have that intimate relationship based on our understanding of it. I just wonder at times on if there is a known ending or not.

      2. What do you mean, ‘known ending’?
        You know, I went through a time when I started to go through all these doubts and questions about my faith. It really bothered me. It’s like I wanted to understand it all. But then one day when I went to have my morning quiet time, I was praying and then tears started falling. But they weren’t sad tears. They were peaceful and calming. It was as if God was saying to me, “I know what you’re going through, and it’s ok. You’ll never understand it all.” It was like a reassurance and a strengthening of my faith.

      3. Well, Revelations talks about the end times, and how can someone talk about it with such passion if it weren’t known?

      4. Oh yes, the Apostle John. Revelation has always been a mystery for me. I haven’t spent a lot of time in that book. From what I know, wasn’t it the Apostle John that wrote it from the perspective of a vision he had while on the Island Patmos?

      5. Yes, and he talks about the final battle at Megiddo. If it were truly a revelation, wouldn’t that mean that the end was already conceived?

      6. Had to chime in – chuck swindoll always reminded us that “god knows the future as clear as we know the past” and “even with free will” he knows the end because he is not in our time and because there are things we will not fully know until we make it to our real home – and that welcome team greets us up there – all will be clear
        Enjoyed reading the comments

      7. Heyyyyy Yvette, great to hear from you. Thank you so much for ‘chiming in’ here. I agree completely.
        I have taken a break from WP once again. I had to prepare my new house to live in before traveling to Canada (where I am now). I will be back to blogging once we get back to Brazil and am settled again.
        Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Yvette.
        🙂 ❤

      8. take your time and as amy M always says – the blogosphere will be here when you return. and breaks can be a wonderful way to keep a healthy life ebb and flow…


      9. Hey Yvette, can you believe I just got your message now. Ugh. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. As for me, I’m currently in Peru. I should be back to blogging in February. Hope you’re doing well. 🙂 ❤

      10. well safe travels and thanks for checking in…
        love ya amiga!\
        I just noted you in the book this week – the one I invited you to join in on….
        and noted that you (and this guy T) could maybe you can join in on some other project – but had to mention you.
        And I will gift you a cope of the book when it is ready – I will email you – it is any week now…

  2. Staci, what a great question, “Whose am I?” Agreed, I think we all feel as though we’re unique, and perhaps we are in our own microcosm; the reality is as you stated, we are more alike than we’re different. Perhaps because our traits are inherited not acquired, we all want to belong and be longed for, and we all ask the same big questions, why, why, why? Such a wonderful term, “Universal Sameness”, who could argue with that? Thank you for sharing the link to Rusty’s post, and the beautiful video. Staci, this is a lovely and thought-provoking presentation as always. I want to wish you a wonderful weekend. ~ Mia 🙂 ❤

    1. Mia, I’m so glad you like that question. Hahaha. It’s not a common one, is it?
      I do really think that we are all unique in that we are all individuals with individual thoughts, feelings, ideals, etc. I believe we all have a spirit and a soul. In fact, I was just reading this morning from ‘The Message’ (it’s a contemporary version of the Bible). I really love it because it’s completely different than the traditional versions. It is an idiomatic translation of the original languages of the Bible (Wikipedia). Anyhow, this is what I read, “When you look at a baby, it’s just that: a body you can look at and touch. But the person who takes shape within is formed by something you can’t see and touch – the Spirit – and becomes a living spirit.”
      I thought that was phenomenal. So much so that I wrote it down. hahaha.
      I’m glad yo liked that term, ‘universal sameness’. It’s funny actually, because even though we are all unique and individual, we really are the same. On the grand scheme of things, that is. Does that make sense? Hahaha.
      Thank you for the well wishes Mia, and I wish you a wonderful rest of the week. I’m sorry it takes me a while to respond. It’s just that my life is so crazy busy right now, but I love our conversations, and they are important to me.
      Take care.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Hi Staci, you’re welcome and thank you for your wonderful reply. No, it’s not a common question, I’m still thinking about it. There’s the literal and figurative meaning, inspiring much thought. “Idiomatic translation”, sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing a beautiful and phenomenal quote. The duality that exists between the body and spirit is fascinating, overwhelming and hard to grasp at times for me.

        “Universal Sameness” is perfect. I think the beauty of this idea is found in its own simplistic composition. Yes, I completely agree with you, we’re more alike than different, in fact as you mentioned in the, “grand scheme” I think it becomes even more apparent. Thank you, I love our exchange of ideas, it’s wonderful to share them and is very important to me as well. As you say it’s, “the meat”. 🙂

        I hope all is well preparing for your trip and the move, I can only imagine a lot to do. Staci, please enjoy the rest of your week and take good care. ~ Mia 🙂 ❤

      2. Hi Mia, I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner. I truly do appreciate our ‘exchange of ideas’ as well. In fact, in all this time I’ve been away from WordPress, I’ve thought often about your and another blogger. Mostly because of my appreciation of our ‘virtual relationships’.
        As you know, I am preparing to travel to Canada and possibly Mexico (Peru was cancelled). I will be on break until after I get back.
        I feel so out of the loop. I miss being here and creating and interacting with others in this space. I will make sure I get some inspiration while I’m away though 😉
        Even though I’ll be away, I will be checking your blog once in a while. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even post a Christmas post. We’ll see.
        Please take wonderful care Mia and have a great week.
        🙂 ❤

  3. Staci, This is a very thought provoking and profound thought, this particular video is a popular one and I had seen it and thanks for remanding us once again. It is just not a song but the meaning and message within the words and between the lines are just divine and such philosophical tone it connects with every layers of our life and thinking. This is the ultimate question “who am I” and what I am looking in life and what is that connects with me…we all keep facing this question and we all keep looking for answers which keeps eluding me.

    Rabbi Shergill, he has an unique voice and the depth in his voice makes him stand out and with the added power of thoughts that is so beautifully weaved in his words and lyrics makes the composition and the narration magical…

    He has just reinforced that very thought and provided the much needed answers to the intriguing questions that hits us and that makes us sleepless and we search for that solace and we look for that outlet to relief the stress that keeps accumulating in our daily engagement…breaking from the routines, it is only with such inspiration and spiritual voice and words we locate the nuggets of wisdom that makes us feel better and get us to keep going in life which otherwise becomes dragging and boring…monotony is a disease and doing the mundane makes us lethargic and obsolete…thanks so much for sharing.

    Hope you are doing fine…
    Take Care!!!

    1. Hi Nihar, it’s so great to see you here. It has been a long while, hasn’t it? I was away for a couple of months, but I am back now. I am still very buys, and not blogging as much, but I’m happy to be back here, even if it’s much less than I was normally here before.
      What have you been up to? I will be over to your blog very soon to read up and see.
      I figured that this music video was popular in India. I really enjoyed the song, and it really did make me ponder our ‘universal sameness’ as a race. As I was saying to Mia, I do really believe we are all individual and unique, but that the big questions of life and existence invade our minds and thoughts at one point or another in life.
      “monotony is a disease and doing the mundane makes us lethargic and obsolete”
      –You know, I think it all depends on one’s outlook and attitude Nihar. There is a good amount of monotony in my life, but I find myself enjoying it often. Humans are creatures of habit and routines do give a sense of comfort I think. Of course, the stuff that’s not monotonous is welcomed as well though. Those things spice up life a bit.
      Lovely to see you Nihar, and thank you so much for enriching the conversation here.
      Take care and have a fabulous rest of the week.

      1. Hi Staci, indeed such a pleasure to connect after a long hiatus. Yes, has been a big gap, have been completely busy at the Company front and travelling, hence not able to get the quality time for blogging. Trying to sneak in some time and not get lost in the conundrum of business.
        It was such lovely post and the reminder of song and some reflection on life was what I was badly needed and thanks for sharing and breaking my logjam. As regard monotony it is not sweeping statement, in fact many time being in a state of monotony work and doing nothing nurturing creativity and provides the solace our heart and mind needs from the confusion and pressure of life. I fully agree, routines are necessity and they provide the stability to our life and there are habits which are so essential to life and living.
        The question of life and existence are so profound and sometime so overwhelming that it needs the break and the time to reflection and realize the value of life and the way we are living our life. Art, music, writing, movies, travel…have to get seamlessly align with our work, so as to make life beautiful and these acts as stimulants and yes, we need that spice up of life.
        Indeed lovely to see you back Staci and looking forward to our good old conversation…always such a pleasure sharing thoughts and lifting ourselves with such inspirational interactions.
        You too take care and have a wonderful weekend…

  4. Love the song and the powerful message brought up. I believe that if we humans feel different, the idea of belonging and identity is the one thing that makes us the same. Thank you always Staci for your inspiring posts 🙂

    1. Oh Vashti, I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply to this. I’m actually on hiatus again. I will be back on WP once I get back to Brazil and am settled in again.
      I hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far.
      🙂 ❤

  5. Hi stac
    Been thinking about u and had to drop by to say hello
    Glad I caught this post because I love the quote about restless until resting in god like that!
    The video had nice music and good message – but holy fast on the slides and words – wow

    1. Awwww, you’ve been thinking of me. Thank you Yvette. I also love that quote. One of my favourites actually. I liked the video too, and the message it shares.
      Have a wonderful day Yvette.
      🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you so much letsjstdoit. I’m so glad you could relate to this and that you thought the vibes were nice and positive.
      Please have a great Thursday.

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