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The Sojourn

The Sojourn – double Haiku on mixed media

First of all, let me say a big HELLO!!! I’m back from my travels and looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing again. πŸ™‚

Would you consider your time here – your earthly life – a sojourn?

Sojourn: A temporary stay (noun); To stay somewhere temporarily (verb)

I love what Temple Grandin (one of the first individuals on the autism spectrum to publicly share insights from her personal experience of autism) said when confronted with the issue of death. A horse had died, and she asked, β€œWhere’d he go?”

It may sound funny, but really is an existential question that we all face. Where do we go when our bodies die?

As for me, I believe that who I really am, returns to my maker once my body dies. My stay here really is temporary.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is full of darkness. A mountain of madness and a plethora of ugliness happens daily. All-over-the-world.

I am thankful though, that I have big shoulders to rest between. That place of rest is a place of provision and security. My maker remembers that I am but dust, and He is perfect in every way. He provides me with pockets of silence and peace amid all the chaos.

Do you consider your time on Earth a sojourn?

55 thoughts on “The Sojourn”

    1. Hi Alok, how are you? It’s so great to be back. I’m really looking forward to being more present here on WordPress again, and creating fresh new material.
      What do you mean, ‘break it through our deeds’?
      Hope you’re having a lovely day.

      1. Hello Staci, I am doing good and hope the same for you.

        In Hindu religion it is believed that if you do good (like Mother Teresa), you would attain freedom from the cycle of life and death…much like Gods.

  1. Sometimes I wonder why I am here, and really wonder what it will be like when I finally get to go home!

    1. It’s tough to imagine, isn’t it. What racks my brain is the idea of eternity. Such a difficult concept to grasp, don’t you think?
      Hope you’re having a lovely day Wendy. How’s the job going? You still enjoying it? Any more traveling?
      Bless you, my friend.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. I love my job. And I know I’m going to enjoy eternity.
        I’m so glad you are back. I’ve missed you.

      2. Awwwww, thank you so much Wendy. You are so sweet. I’ve missed being here on WP. Looking forward to a year of being more present here. Last year was a bit tough at times.
        That’s so great that you love your job.
        Have a great Thursday.
        πŸ™‚ ❀

  2. Welcome back Staci πŸ™‚ I believe that my permanent home is not here. Earthly life to me, is a journey. A journey to understand who God is and who we are to Him as well as enjoying the natural beauty and wonders that He has created.

    1. Heyyyyyy Crystal, how are you. So great to hear from you. I’m with you girl. My permanent home is not here either. Our time is so short, although we don’t really realize that until we reach a certain age. At least that’s been my experience.
      I see life as a journey as well. Our mission’s organization has a motto, “To know God and make Him known”. I love that. It’s so true. We must know Him in order to make Him known. It’s not about religion, is it? It’s all about relationship. And relationships need nurturing and time spent in order to grow, don’t they?
      Hope you are doing well. Please have a lovely rest of the week.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

  3. Ooo, hello – welcome back, Staci – where’ve you been?
    Nice to see you back. πŸ™‚
    Yes – a believe so – definitely a sojourn – just passing through – doing my best to do my best while I’m here.
    How’s your day going? After eight – starting to get a little cooler. Nice.

    1. Heyyyyy Robert, thanks for the warm welcome back. I was in Canada and Peru. Been away from WordPress since September because I had to renovate the house we’ve been given here at our base before traveling. It was crazy busy.
      “Just passing through” –hahaha. Yes, passing through. You know how adults always say, “Life is so short.” They say that to kids that think an hour takes forever to pass. It’s only once we reach a certain age that we really know and believe that, isn’t it?
      I had a nice day, thanks. I’m having another good day too. I love where I live. It’s usually sunny, and that does wonders for the serotonin levels in my brain. Plus I open the window in front of my desk and see trees and flowers and hear birds. So lovely.
      Hope you’ve had a stellar day, my friend. Have a great sleep tonight (I’m presuming it’s already evening there πŸ™‚ ).

      1. Sounds to me like you’re having an amazing time, Staci. I’m proper happy for you. It’s just started to get warm again here in the UK – good enough for the bulbs to start putting green shoots out, but not enough for any but the more hardy of the trees to start budding.
        I can’t imagine an hour lasting forever, unless I’m waiting for food or something like that. It seems that I have become so good at distracting myself with music and books that the time slips by rather quickly. Meditation slows it down, when I think about it. Hmm – must mediate more. πŸ™‚
        How was ‘home’? I bet it was rather cold in Canada. I have a sister in law in Mississauga and she says that it can get to minus forty. Just the thought!
        Not ready to sleep yet – still digesting a lovely dinner. Hope you have something yummy planned for yours and something good in store for the evening. As for me – I have an assignment to draft up. Fun, fun, fun.
        Laters – Robert.

      2. Heyyyyy Robert. You sound like a right ol’ Scotsman using expressions like ‘I’m proper happy’. πŸ™‚ Love it!
        Oh yes, I guess my life is far from conventional. Wouldn’t have it any other way actually.
        Yes, parts of Canada (actually most) can get pretty darn cold. I remember when I moved to Ottawa for 6 1/2 years. The first year there it broke a record. The coldest winter in 104 years. Minus 40, frozen hair tips, frozen eyelashes, falling down all the time because of all the jagged ice on the ground. Ugh! So glad I live in Brazil now. Hahahaha.
        Is you sister-in-law from Canada? What’s she doing in Mississauga?
        My dinner was ok. I had a beijo. Bet you don’t know what that is. Check out this: http://www.9dades.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/tapioca-Como-fazer-tapioca-beiju-polvilho-frigideira-panqueca-crepe-recheio-5.jpg.
        They’re made with tapioca flour/starch. You can make them with almost anything. We usually make them with cheese, but my kids love them with peanut butter and honey.
        Anyhow, have a great evening.

      3. We’re having a storm here in the UK right now. Just spoke to one guy who says that it feels like his house is moving – can you imagine that! Leaving the office soon to go to a writing group – wish me luck. πŸ™‚
        You’re right – I had no idea what a beijo was until I saw that picture – but they do look rather yummy! I’m going to have chips and a salad in the pub a bit later. Looking forward to that.
        My sister-in-law is from Trinidad & Tobago, but she moved, with her husband, a few decades ago to Mississauga, which is just to the north of Toronto, in Canada. Sounds like you’re better off out of the cold judging by your description of the frozen wastes of Ottawa. It sounds a lot like Scotland, actually. πŸ˜€
        Right, I’m going to write part 2 of my Exciting New Story now. Have a great afternoon and evening yourself. Treat yourself to something nice later – you deserve it. πŸ™‚
        Kindness – Robert.

      4. Oh yes, Mississauga. I’ve been there before.
        Ummmmmm, chips and a salad. Yummy.
        Hope you didn’t get swept up in the storm on your way to the writing group.
        We’re having Carnaval here this weekend, up until Wednesday morning, so that means sleeping in for five days. Yeah!!!! Hahaha.
        Have a great weekend Robert.

  4. Lovely to see you again! πŸ’–πŸ˜Š. And beautiful art work too! 🌸. Well, that is the big question, isn’t it? Something man has asked himself since the dawn of time. We can indeed speculate, but it remains speculation. What matters to me more, is how I see myself and how I choose to live on this earth. I believe everything we give, becomes attached us. And that weight is what determines whether or not we have lived a good life, and in the end, that is all that matters. I see myself as an eternal being, wether it is my intentions that get turned into creative or destructive energy, or my essence wandering into something else. I think Jesus for example was more preoccupied with how to live than how to die. And I think there is a danger in thinking that we go to paradise if we are good and hell if we are bad, then who knows if our choices are really for the betterment of others or just to seek merit for ourselves? If we believe that our good deeds have no other consequences than creating positive vibes for ourselves, then does that not make us truly selfless? And to me, it is that energy that matters, those vibes, that state of our essence is what will determines whether or not we will be blind or able to see that last stage of being.

    1. Ohhhh, hello sweet Trini. So lovely to see you here in my little corner of the blogosphere. I love it @that is the big question, isn’t it. It most certainly is. Funny that I only started considering it at the age of 19. Took me a while I guess. Hahaha. πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement about the artwork. I’m so glad you like it, my friend.
      Oh my gosh, I love your comment. There is so much I want to say in response to it.
      “What matters to me more, is how I see myself and how I choose to live on this earth.”
      –That’s great Trini. I think that way too. The mission’s organization I work with has a motto: “To know God and make Him known.” I love that. It takes away the whole issue of religiously doing things, or just taking the talk. To know someone you must spend time with them. I think I’ve heard it said before that we are who spend time with, or we become who we hang around with. So if you spend time with God (who is love) then you make Him known through not just your words, but also your actions and attitudes.
      “I think Jesus for example was more preoccupied with how to live than how to die.”
      –Completely agree. Obviously he knew what his mission was in this world, and that he would end up dying for the sins of the world, but He was so focused on doing “His Father’s work”. I love how he didn’t come to the Earth to condemn people, but to give his life for them. He showed what it meant to truly live, don’t you think? πŸ™‚
      “I think there is a danger in thinking that we go to paradise if we are good and hell if we are bad, then who knows if our choices are really for the betterment of others or just to seek merit for ourselves?”
      –We are not the judge of anybody, right? Plus, I believe what the Bible says that there is nobody truly good, not even one. That only God is good. That we are saved by grace. The free and unmerited favour of God.
      “If we believe that our good deeds have no other consequences than creating positive vibes for ourselves, then does that not make us truly selfless?”
      –Trini, have you ever watched that show Friends? This reminds me of that episode of when Phoebe wanted to do something completely and totally selfless. I think she ended up doing some good deed and that made her feel good, and then she realized that if she was feeling good, then it wasn’t selfless. Hahaha. Do you know of what episode I’m talking about here?
      Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment, and for enriching the conversation here. That’s what I love about blogging. Creatively expressing, and relationships. Even though you are there in India, yet from Norway, and I am here in Brazil, yet from Canada, we can share our creative expressions and enter into a virtual relationship that provides the opportunity for enriching conversation.
      Please do have a lovely evening, my friend. I’m sure it’s pretty late there right now.
      Hugs and love.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

    1. Rusty, thank you so much for such a lovely ‘Welcome back’. Love the passage you shared here. That’s just it. I read both versions, but WOW! for the version, The Message. I love Eugene Peterson’s way of writing. I’m actually just starting (well, almost starting-finishing up another first) one of his books, “Tell it Slant”. Have you read it?
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

  5. I’m so happy to see a creation of yours again, Staci!! You have such an incredible way of pairing words to your art…it is just Divine!! I’m not sure where we go, but I am pretty sure that we always exist. So yes, while our bodies will one day fade from existence here on earth I would say that our time HERE is a sojourn! And it is up to us to make the most of our time here…to learn, to create, to love!! And I love that you are back…just take your time and let the wonderful energy of creation guide you! Much love, friend ❀

    1. Lorrie, I am so blessed and encouraged by your lovely words of appreciation and kindness. Thank you so much.
      “I am pretty sure that we always exist.”
      –Isn’t it interesting how we just seem to have that in us. This kind of knowing or sense that there’s something beyond this life. I remember when I was a child, and every so often would think of death, it scared the heck out of me. I just couldn’t come to terms with no longer existing. There is a book in the Bible called, Ecclesiastes (do you know it?), and it says that God has put eternity in the human heart.
      Yes, yes, yes @to learn, to create and to love.
      Love and blessings to you Lorrie.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

    1. Audrey, thank you so much for sharing. I hear you, loud and clear @moments I don’t always understand. The secret lies in remaining in Him daily, right? Sometimes He’s the only anchor.
      It’s great to be back Audrey. A bit sticky trying to get back into the ‘creative’ groove, but I’m sure it will come along.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

  6. New word for me!
    Sojourn: A temporary stay (noun); To stay somewhere temporarily (verb)
    Yes I do consider my time here on earth a sojourn.
    I wish someday I write a Haiku.

    1. You should just go ahead and try it Inky. I bet you’d do great. All you need to know is there are some syllabic rules. The first and third line must be five syllables long, and the second line needs to be seven.
      Give it a try, and when you do, post it ok.
      Have a great day sweetie.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

  7. @”Do you consider your time on Earth a sojourn?” – yes, indeed… un sΓ©jour or un passage – in French… πŸ™‚ I’ve known for decades that everything and everyone are temporary – us included, therefore as the Romans said in Latin: memento mori, carpe diem et gaudeaumus igitur! = remember you’ll die, live up this very day and let’s enjoy it! πŸ™‚

    1. Ohhhhh, hi there Melanie. So nice to see you here.
      Oh yes, I remember that expression, ‘carpe diem’ from the movie, ‘Dead Poet’s Society’. Sieze the day, right.
      Have a wonderful weekend Melanie.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

  8. Staci!!! So glad to see you back here, and I forgot how superb your questions are.
    Is our time here temporary? I think so. I don’t see this the be-all-end-all of existence. I have to feel that this is a pit stop of sorts, or a place of growth for the spirit, which comes back to learn new lessons. I believe we start as young souls – and you can agree that we know young souls – and I don’t mean children per se. I know some children who have old souls. And I think that at some point, when the spirits have learned what the Creator has given them to learn, they move onto a plane of existence which we don’t understand quite yet. I don’t believe in a Heaven of clouds, but something greater.

    Thanks for this and welcome back!

    1. Superb questions? Hahaha. Thanks Paul. So great to see you. πŸ™‚
      What? You don’t believe in a ‘heaven of clouds’? No way! Does that mean you don’t believe in the fat little angels playing harps either? Awwwwwww….. Hahahahaha.
      Yea, I don’t believe in the ‘heaven of clouds either.’ I believe in Heaven, but not one of clouds. I also believe in angels, but not the little fat harp-playing ones.
      Hope you’re well Paul. I’ll be by soon to read your latest post. I know it’s going to be great.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Heyyyyy Soapie, how are you? Great to see you here, and thank you for the kind welcome back. I’m looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing again.
      Have a great weekend.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

    1. Thanks Mark. It has been quite a while. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Carnaval just finished here so hopefully my year will finally get around to starting full on, and not half way.
      Hope you are well.

  9. Welcome back, Staci! I didn’t see this come through my reader. Then again, I had shut down for a week. This is the eternal question. I do believe that all of this can’t be happenstance and there’s a purpose to our existence. My belief is that I will be united with those who have walked before me, in a place much nicer than here. Beautiful art, Staci. Your mixed media is beautiful!

    1. Hey Rob, no worries. I knew you were off. Your responses to my comments never show up in my notifications anymore for some reason. Gotta love WP glicks.
      How was your time off? Did you rest a lot? Go anywhere? How was Valentine’s Day? What did you do? Valentine’s Day here is in June, so we didn’t even think about it until a friend of ours gave her hubby a little chocolate thing during lunch. Later that evening, my husband returned from the store with a box of chocolates. Yeah!!! No losing 14 lbs for me. Although, after this weekend I want to go all out and lose the weight I gained while traveling.
      Hey, are you from New England? New Hampshire? There are some people here at our base right now that are from there.

      1. Massachusetts, but right near the NH border. Things were quiet on Valentine’s day. I’m not a fan. In many ways it feels like it’s a contrived day of celebration by the card manufacturers. How’s that for a conspiracy theory? πŸ˜€ A box of chocolates is irresistible! Can’t just have one!

      2. Hahaha @Valentine’s day, cards and conspiracy theory. Could very well be Rob. Aren’t all holidays a big excuse for consumerism? I think the market thinks so.
        Yea, those chocolates are going to have to go for a while starting Monday. Hahaha. It’s always Monday.

    1. Hiiiii Elizabeth. It’s great to be back. I have still been a bit busy with my kid’s both celebrating birthdays, but that’s all over and I can finally start my year with more routine. Hahaha.
      Oh yes, true love never ends. Another thing is that true love is a verb.
      Have a lovely Tuesday and rest of the week Elizabeth.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. Happy fall for me. Hahaha. πŸ™‚ Cooling off a little here now.
        Have a great weekend Vashti.
        πŸ™‚ ❀

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