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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

I can see
Through this window to your soul
There’s a need
To know peace, to find some calm
I can see
You’re just like me

In your eyes
Sad, sad eyes
Your eyes
Sad, sad eyes
In your eyes
Sad, sad eyes
Sad, sad eyes

You can’t change
The way you feel the things you do
There’s no hope
No escaping this emotional zoo
In a prison
I can see
You’re just like me.

Have you ever suffered with depression? Have you ever wondered why so many people now-a-day suffer with it? Have you ever wondered why depression has become the epidemic of the 21st century?

I started writing this song a few years ago, and just haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet. I don’t really know how to finish it. I have suffered from something since my early 20s, although I have never received a full diagnosis. All I know is that you don’t want to be around me if I don’t take my medication. I don’t sleep. I get extremely irritated. I inhale my food, unable to control myself. My emotions are all over the map, and I am ultra-sensitive. There have been speculations of bi-polar, depression, anxiety disorder and ADHD. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll find out what it is, but for now I’ll keep taking my meds, because they seem to help.

Depression isn’t anything new. It dates back to pre-history and medieval periods. Now-a-day, we hear of depression as being the disease, or epidemic of the 21st century. Why is that so? Could it be because of the breakdown of family structure in modern times? A Government study mentioned on ‘Mail Online’ says,Children from broken families are nearly five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles than those whose parents stay together.” Another article says, “Depressed: Children from broken homes are more likely to be plagued by suicidal thoughts in later life.” Freud also emphasizes early life experiences as a predisposing factor.

Maybe the problem lies in our values system as a society. We hold ‘being happy’ as the be-all, end-all of life. If I have the perfect body, make a lot of money, have a healthy family, am healthy myself, have a big house and acquire the things I like, then I’ll be happy. If one doesn’t achieve these things, is continually striving for them, and never satisfied with what they have, then they have been unsuccessful at reaching their goal of ‘happiness’. Depression creeps in.

Then there’s the problem with actually acquiring all of these things, but still not finding happiness in it all. Then what? One may have all they could ask for, but it still doesn’t satisfy. So then, the search for ‘happiness’ has proven to be a waste of time and life.

I’m sure that depression is caused by a number of things. What causes it in one, may not be the cause in another. I believe I have some type of chemical imbalance, yet why do I? What contributed to that happening? Is it because I didn’t have a good father? Or because I bought into the lie of needing to be perfect, yet never attaining it? Who knows?

Now back to you. Have you ever suffered with depression? Have you ever wondered why so many people now-a-day suffer with it? Have you ever wondered why depression has become the epidemic of the 21st century?

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The Kenny and Kylie Show


Who’s ever heard of The Kenny & Kylie Show? “Kenny & Kylie is a podcast about anything and everything focused on the blogosphere. Expect a healthy dose of humor as Kenny, Kylie, and guest bloggers bring happiness and positivity to the world each Monday.” Today I had the opportunity to be on it. Head on over and have a listen here. Then let me know what you thought.


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Hopelessness to Hope (Haiku)

Hopelessness to Hope.jpg

Chaos anarchy
All around the world is seen
Hopelessness abounds

Eyes firmly fastened
On unseen power within
On the eternal

Kept in perfect peace
In the centre of your will
Trusting assurance

Are you bothered by what you see in the news? I am. Does it cause you to think, “What the heck is up with this world?”

It seems like things are out of control. Like there’s anarchy and chaos happening everywhere. When I hear of different events such as the following, it makes me uneasy:

I have to wonder what people are putting their hope in now-a-days. It seems to me that, if humans are able to do atrocious things like the above stated, how can we put our hope in humans? I really don’t want to sound like a kill-joy, and I certainly don’t want to be a negative person. However, I do want to be real and deal with real issues.

So back to you. Are you bothered by what is happening in the world? What do you think causes people to do atrocious, inhuman things? What do you put your hope in?