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Are you a busy person? Sure you are.  If you live in the western world, you are most likely a very busy person.  Allow me to share a conversation with you from the movie, “My life in ruins”.

“Come on. You don’t have a life plan?” -Gloria
How do you plan life?” -Poupi
What?” -Gloria
Come on, we’ll get some coffee and you can talk.” -Poupi
What? We’re working.” -Gloria
Everyone should take the time for a coffee.” -Poupi
That is the typical Greek mentality.” -Gloria

I love how this movie shows the difference between living a life of stress and living life, period.  Gloria was too anxious and concerned about her agenda and interests.  She didn’t take the time to soak in her moments and notice the beauty around her.  She didn’t value quality time with another, nor the interests of others.  She was too focused on how she thought things should be done and on getting them done her way.

Poupi, on the other hand, is a laid back kind of guy.  His value system was completely the opposite of Gloria.  He was a listener and appreciator of people and relationships.  He noticed the moments and beauty of life.  Not once in the film do you see him anxious or frazzled.

I have learned something about cultures, and that is that hot-climate cultures are known to be “relationship oriented” and cold-climate cultures “task oriented”. In my opinion, this is what had influenced their different ways of seeing things and living life.  However, I don’t believe that this difference always existed.  I am of the same mindset as ‘Sarah A. Lanier’ who wrote the book, “Foreign to Familiar; A guide to understanding hot and cold climate cultures”.

“I have a theory that the whole world was at one time much more “hot-climate” and that only with the industrial revolution and the artificial imposition of structured time did that change in certain societies.”

The postindustrial western world has become a place where values such as affluence, the acquisition of things and redeeming time have become more than relevant. However, there is still a hunger within people to connect with others and have relationships. 

A blogger friend, The Culture Monk, is currently on a year-long coffee-house tour across North America in the quest to understand more about western culture and society. It’s worth stopping by and reading what he has to say.

Who do you most relate to – Gloria or Poupi? Do you find yourself too busy to notice and appreciate the beauty and simple things of life? Are you constantly trying to beat the clock and fulfill your schedule?  And how about planning life? Do you think you can ‘plan’ life?  What about unexpected turns of events?  Things that are out of your control? Hmmmmm.

Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema


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