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Identity – Poem on mixed media


  • The condition of being oneself, and not another
  • Condition or character as to who a person is
  • The set of behavioural or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable
  • the fact of being who or what a person or thing is
  • Characteristics, definition, defining oneself

Thinking back to how I used to be, and pondering all of what I’ve gone through, I consider myself nothing less than a miracle. The need for the sense of identity is very important to human beings, both on an individual and social level. My identity was so lost and confused in the past, but God has brought me through so much.

I love the passage in the Bible where God calls a prophet to choose a new King. The prophet went to the house of a certain man who had seven sons. When he saw the biggest and strongest son, he thought definitely he was to be the new king. God told him ‘no’. In fact, the answer was no for every one of the sons that this man had presented to the prophet. He then asked the man if he had any other sons, and he said that there was one more, but he was out in the fields tending the sheep. A very humble position at best, for that day and age. When the prophet saw this son, right then and there God said, “That’s the one”. God wasn’t looking at his outer appearance. He was looking at his heart. I love that.

Today, I am comfortable in my own skin. I am sure of my identity, and of what is expected of me. I know that what really matters is how God sees me, and He knows my heart. And He should. His finger prints can be found all over it.

Where, or in what do you find your identity? Are you comfortable in your own skin, and secure in who you are as an individual and within a group?

The above I wrote some time ago, but I wanted to create a new art piece for it.

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I am not a machine


I'm not a machine.jpg

Step into my world

See into my heart

My mind and soul to grasp

I’ve been shaped by my past

A person I am


An individual


Questions needing answers

No formulas please

I am not a machine

My needs are for me

Have compassion and listen

With your ears and your heart

Not imposing your opinion

Then we can start

Have you ever had anyone try to push their opinions on you?  Try and persuade you to think as they do? Whether it be politics, religion, diet, culture – whatever? I think we all have.  I know I have.

As a Christian, I have a firm belief in a world-view based on the Bible.  I firmly believe in it, not as a ‘religion’, but as a historical document and love letter.  My faith, however is based on a relationship with God, not on rules.  And when I look at Jesus – the way he lived his life, treated people, taught – I don’t see a forcing of opinion. He never forced himself on anyone, nor did he debate and argue to try to persuade others of his opinion.  I see a humble, gentle, loving, compassionate peace-maker.  He led by example and walked what he talked.

So then, that’s what I want to do.  See people with eyes of compassion.  Listen to people’s hearts and maybe not even say a word, but just be there. Every person in an individual.  Everyone is unique.  We are not machines, but unique social individuals that hunger for relationship.

So back to you.  Have you had anyone try to push their opinions on you? How did it make you feel?  Did you feel like you weren’t being heard or understood? As if what you think and feel don’t matter?

Photo credit: http://www.osexoeaidade.com/2012/07/keep-in-mind-35_25.html (tumblr_m1k9p552k31r6g8ypo1_500)