Poem, Spiritual



Shut up

(The Scream – Impressionist painting by Edvard Munch)

Stop yelling

Settle down
Stop rushing

Information overload

Thoughts are too many
Emotional breakdown
Tears come
A plead, a cry

I need you
Giver of peace
Tranquilizer of affliction
Still my troubled soul
Bring me back to you

Do you ever feel like this? I think we all do at some point or another.  Being a strong feeler, it’s difficult to separate my emotions from reality at times.  I wrote this last week during a time of great mental and emotional turmoil.  If I remember correctly, I did so even in tears.  How do I deal with these situations? I pray and struggle and cry and sometimes rectify…  And then comes peace.

How do you deal with mental and emotional upset? Does this poem resonate with you? What is your ‘calming down’ or ‘getting centered’ process?