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Internal Labyrinth (Haiku)

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Internal Labyrinth
Eating away dignity
Nothing is sacred

Let’s start with a BANG. What are your views on prostitution and human sex trafficking? What do you think happens to a girl’s dignity and sense of self-worth and respect when she gets involved in prostitution? 

wiki.answers.com gives a variety of reasons.

  • There are no jobs they are qualified for and have a family to support.
  • In some countries they are forced to do it as in trafficking
  • Some have been abused and sex is the way they find validation.
  • Their only way to deal with their past as abused children, they relive it.
  • They need money for an addiction. 
  • They enjoy sex.
  • It’s nothing more than a job

In doing some research on the health effects of prostitution I found the following from Prostitutionhlth.blogspot.com:

  • Physically: STDs, including HIV/AIDS are alarmingly high among women in prostitution.
  • Emotionally: Severe trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, self-medication through alcohol and drug abuse, and eating disorders. Ultimately, women in prostitution are also at special risk for self-mutilation, suicide, and homicide.The above poem was inspired by the theme of the movie, “Internal Mazes” (original in Portuguese – “Labirintos Internos”).

The purpose of this movie is two-fold. First, to combat the issue of human sex trafficking (being that the World Cup will soon be held here in Brazil, and soon after, the olympics). And second, to show that God’s love has no limits. That a person that has been socially marked as unworthy of love is precious and worthy in the eyes of God.  Human beings are so quick to judge, but God is not a respecter of persons. He deems all people worthy of forgiveness, acceptance, and the right to a life of dignity

I’m so proud of my husband for producing, directing and creating this film. I believe that it will be a very powerful tool used to speak deeply into hearts and lives.


Photo taken at the premiere in Bahia, Brazil. (me, actors, vocalist)

Ok, back to you. What do you think happens to a girl’s dignity when she is prostituted? Do you think she is worthy of dignity and respect?

Above photo: commons.wikimedia.org




Ponte Films

The official teaser to my hubby’s second feature length film, “Internal Mazes”


Watch the official teaser here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RdfsWQ-AEA

I am so proud of my hubby.  He is so determined and doesn’t give up for anything.  Please take 30 seconds to check out the official teaser of his second feature-length film, “Internal Mazes”.  It will be released in May 2014 just on time for the World Cup, which will be held here in Brazil.  It will be used to combat the issue of human sex-trafficking and tourism.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.