Life, Poem

Do you…?

Do you...

Do you hear me?

As I whisper into your conscience

Words that have been there since the beginning

Yet smothered by the noise of ideas


Do you see me?

When I place the sun just so in the morning

Giving you light and warmth as you go about your day

And making sure there’s order in the world


Do you feel me?

As I send a gentle breeze to envelop you

Softly and discretely reminding you I’m here

Waiting for you to come away to that secret place within


Do you take the time to notice the moments of life? The moments of your life? Do you notice the little things that –  if you stop and drown out the busyness and noise around you. If you allow yourself to pull away from the overstimulation of the senses in this modern world – bring us back to wonder?

I have a special time daily where I decide to come away to that secret place, that no one else can enter except for me and my creator. He’s there waiting for me always. All I have to do is say, “STOP!” to everything else of the material world that wants to pull me away.

It’s in that secret place that I realize what is real. I recognize, once again that I am complete and that nothing this world has to offer can define me. It’s in that secret place where I find solace and peace. That peace that passes all understanding and nourishes my soul.

How about you? What do you do, or where do you go to drown out the noise of this world? Do you take time to notice life, or do you allow it to pass you by?