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ouro preto 1
Ouro Preto, Brazil – Image by:

It’s Carnaval here in Brazil right now. It started Friday night and goes until tomorrow. Please forgive me for not replying to comments yet, and for being so absent. Things have been busy and eventful. I usually go to Ouro Preto for a day, but this year we are just hanging back as a family and spending time with friends, taking advantage of the 1/2 price movies at the movie theatre and recovering from the first week back to school for the kids (school year starts in February in Brazil).

Here are a few pictures of Ouro Preto. It’s an amazing city in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a former colonial mining town located in the Serra do Espinhaço mountains and designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its outstanding Baroque architecture (source).

Here are a few of my own photos:






These last three are during the Carnaval block, where different groups parade the parade route doing their music, drums, message, etc.

I should be back to blogging regularly on Thursday.