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Autumn – Creative Collaboration

autumn poem

Before I go on, I would like to sincerely ask for your forgiveness of my mistake within the above poem. I had changed the third stanza, and forgot to take out ‘to’ before ‘anew’. It should read, ‘allow your senses to speak anew’. I will blame it on the fact that it is night-time and just finished putting my kids to bed. I spent a long time trying to mount this within the photo, and now the photo has been saved with the poem in it. Please accept my sincere apologies. 

This poem was written in response to Neha’s ‘Autumn Collaboration Calling All Poets, Bloggers & Creative Minds – Bring in your colours with fall‘ prompt over at Forgotten Meadows. I was excited about doing it at first because I have not done many poems about the different seasons, or nature. However, after reading Lorrie’s beautiful poem, ‘The Fall’, I thought I wouldn’t be able to write anything that would do this project justice.

Today, as I was on my ‘reflection’ walk after my run, I thought about it a bit more. Different ideas came to mind as I was considering a bit of the conversation I had with Lorrie on her blog.  The autumn is a time of transition and leading up to a time of death. However, even though the leaves are falling to their death, they are changing into beautiful colors. It makes me think of the physical beauty of youth, and how we are always trying to preserve that. However, true inner beauty is something that grows and develops over a lifetime.

It also made me think of death, and being prepared for it. Autumn is a time of preparation. Gathering food, wood, supplies, and what have you in order to prepare for the harsh winter ahead.

It also made me think of life itself. About where we place true importance. About what time we are living in. Are we living in the now, noticing our moments and the beauty that lies in each one? Or are we wishing for what already was and has since passed? Or are we always looking to the future, hoping and longing for something better?

Just a few thoughts. Would love to hear yours.

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When, in time, are you living?


I absolutely love the movie, “Peaceful Warrior”.  It has inspired me to do a blog series called, “Who, What, Where, When and Why?” This post is the fourth of this five part series.

We live in a world of time and space.  Life is constantly in motion and never stops.  So how do you deal with this reality?  When, in time, are you living your life?

Are you living for the future?

I confess, I used to live for the future.  I was always looking forward to the next thing or event that was going to happen in my life.  And when I was doing that, my heart, thoughts and desires were there.  There in the future.  In a place that still wasn’t real. I wasn’t just looking forward though, but also worrying about what “could” happen.  Or to potential problems that “could” arise.

Worrying about the future “coulds” however, are not things that are on today’s ‘to do’ list. Because right here – right now – at this very moment – is where God is waiting for me. It’s where He’s waiting for you. Waiting for us to come and be refreshed and renewed so that we can face whatever is ahead of us ‘today’.  Tomorrow will worry about itself. We have no idea if we will even be alive. Or what circumstances may be waiting for us. Humans are so unique and different from every other created being, because only humans are able to anticipate what is to come. If we are in a living and active relationship with God though, He reveals our future to us moment by moment.

Are you living in the past?

Life is constantly moving.  What happened a minute ago has already passed.  You can’t get that point in time back.  It’s impossible.  Maybe someone hurt you, or maybe you had a tough upbringing. Maybe you’re stuck thinking about how you’ve been wronged, or having a difficult time letting go of hurt and pain. Unfortunately though, we live in a fallen world. Pain and suffering are prevalent everywhere. We have to make countless decisions everyday, including what we choose to think on or about.  The Bible says to think on that which is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8).  I’m not saying that it’s easy to change a mindset, or way of thinking. It wasn’t for me. But, we can choose to want to change.

On the other hand, maybe your circumstances right now are not as desirable as you would like.  To ponder on what ‘was’ is a waste of time, energy and emotion. The good old days.  Ok, maybe the past was a ‘better’ time in your life.  Maybe right now you are going through a tough time.    Yes, it is nice to think upon happy memories.  But if you are only wishing to go back to how it was, then you are missing out on all of the beautiful experiences that you could be having right now. Don’t lose out on your life right now by continuing to live in what has already come and gone.

Are you living in the now?

Everything has a purpose.  Every experience you have has meaning.  There are no ordinary moments.  We can learn from every single one of them.  We can appreciate every single one of them.  We can take our experiences and look at them either positively or negatively.  It is a choice.  It is your choice.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “when I get what I want I’ll be happy”.  I used to think that way a long time ago.  When I get enough money, or when I acquire certain material possessions.  I learned that once I did acquire something I really wanted, it soon lost its appeal

I need to trust in God. He is all knowing. he in all powerful. and he is in control of each and every situation.  Come back to today and leave the past in the yesterday.  Focus only on what is in your reach.  And let God lead you into the future.

Are you living your life right now?

I’d love to hear what you have to say.  Please leave a comment and let me know ok.