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Internal Mazes – One world, two realities

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential”  –Winston Churchill

I am pleased to announce that the first trailer to our new feature-length film, “Internal Mazes” is now uploaded on YouTube. The English subtitles are up and all you have to do is activate the captions in the bottom right corner of the YouTube screen. This film was birthed with the desire to combat human sex trafficking, prostitution and tourism, being that the World Cup will be held this year in Brazil and the Olympics just two years from now.


It tells the story of Beto, a well-respected man in his community, who married a former prostitute named Suzana. After their wedding, wanting to forget Suzana’s past, they move to a small town in the country to rebuild their lives. Soon enough, however a number of events happen that bring Suzana’s past to the surface to torment them, revealing many scars and wounds to be healed which drives Suzana back to the underworld of prostitution. Beto is required to seek to regain an injured person that is socially marked as unworthy of love.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer hmmmmm…

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The official teaser to my hubby’s second feature length film, “Internal Mazes”


Watch the official teaser here:

I am so proud of my hubby.  He is so determined and doesn’t give up for anything.  Please take 30 seconds to check out the official teaser of his second feature-length film, “Internal Mazes”.  It will be released in May 2014 just on time for the World Cup, which will be held here in Brazil.  It will be used to combat the issue of human sex-trafficking and tourism.

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