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Time, Stress and a Cry (Etheree)

Time, stress and a cry.jpg

Relentless foe
Never on my side
Greatest causer of stress
Draining tranquil life from me
Causing emotional turmoil
Laughing at my swift raising heartbeat
Relishing in my scurrying around
Doesn’t stop, won’t care, just keeps going
He won’t wait for anybody
No matter how much you plead
Nor how much you appeal
Implore all you want
He won’t listen
He likes stress
I cry

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the pressures that time puts on you? Do you often feel like, “If I just had more time?” Do you find that the lack of it in your life causes you stress.  I do.

This poem was inspired today as I was driving home from dropping my husband off at the airport.  The time has finally come for the pre-release of our newest feature-length film, “Internal Mazes”.  Life has been crazy busy, to say the least.  It has caused exhaustion, stress, bad attitudes and yucky emotions. It’s at times like these that kindness, sensitivity and affection take a back seat.

I found myself sitting in the car, just before pulling out, breathing for a second – and then it came – the cry.  Even now, in just writing this, I cry. When stress gets too much for me – when I’m overwhelmed with all that needs to be done – my reaction is to cry (that is after all of the freaking out and running around like a chicken with its head cut off).

How do you react to stress? How do you handle having too much to do in so little time? Do you make a list? Do you compose yourself and think things through calmly? Or do you freak out, like me?