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A Beautiful Thing

A Beautiful Thing 1
A Beautiful Thing – Poem on mixed media

Have you ever seen a crimson rose? I have only seen them in photos, but never in real life. They are beautiful and have a deep, rich color. So deep that sometimes they can even resemble the color of blood.

It’s meaning is two-way, signifying loss, death and mourning, as well as rebirth and love. It makes me think of a love that is committed and passionate. One that is willing to sacrifice for the good of another. One that is even willing to die for another. This type of love is a rare and beautiful thing.

Have you ever experienced a love like that?

Poem, Spiritual



Missionaries of lies,
Sewing darkness disguised
as truth
twisting words to suit
selfish lust
but you must
give to receive
down on your knees
begging please
notice my sacrifice
you must give back thrice
do I entice
you with my offering.

I love the following video:

Would love to know your interpretation of the poem.