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Gonna Be Worth It – Song

Ok, this is very out of character for me, but heck! You only live once, right. Tonight I got the wildest idea to record a song by Rita Springer, upload it and post it. My daughter (6 years old) recorded it, and started recording long before I was ready. Hahaha. So don’t mind the delay in starting, and me telling my son to get into the shower. Please note that I am very, but very out of practice at both singing and guitar, so bear with me.

This video is actually dedicated to my longest-standing blogging bud, Rob, from The V-Pub.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Star Song

Mixed Media

Just a simple piece to start out the week. I don’t feel like it’s quite finished yet, but this is what I’ve got at the moment.

A very happy Labor Day to all of my Canadian and American friends. As for us down south, it’s Brazil’s Independence Day. I’m off to enjoy a bowl of Acaí cream with my family.

Who’s your star? Who’s your song?


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Coram Deo – 1st in the song series

 Coram Deo

I was made to know you
to breathe you
to need you
to live you

Coram Deo, Coram Deo
I am always before your face
I want to live reality
Coram Deo

You live in my being
the core of me
possess me
consume me

Coram Deo, Coram Deo
I am always before your face
I want to live reality
Coram Deo

You are my satisfaction
my joy
my life

Coram Deo, Coram Deo
I am always before your face
I want to live reality
Coram Deo

(This song is the first song in the blog series I am doing on the CD, Coram Deo.)

Coram Deo is a latin expression and it means, “before the face of God”.  It implies that my entire life is constantly lived before Him. It takes away the idea of the separation of the secular and the sacred.

The word secular refers to a state that is worldly rather than spiritual and is not related either to religion, spiritual matters or to a religious body, for instance, secular music or secular buildings (  I would like to add that secular activities would include education, work, taking a shower, eating a meal with my family, chores around the house, etc.   

Sacred means to be devoted or dedicated to a deity or to some religious purpose; consecrated (  In other words, church attendance, worship services, prayer, outward religious acts, etc.

I don’t consider myself to be religious, but someone who has a relationship with her creator that is intimate, vibrant and real.  As a Christian, I believe that the way to God is through relationship, and that we were created with that purpose – Relationship.

No one wants to have a relationship that is forced, fake, dishonest or uncommitted.  True Christianity is exactly the opposite of that.  It’s not hypocritical, nor is it a following of a set of rules.  It is being intertwined in an intimacy that involves every fibre of one’s being (Sarah Young-Jesus Calling).  It is living in freedom to be all that one was created to be.  It is having a way to be forgiven and restored.  It is Coram Deo.

How do you see God?  Do you believe that He values relationship or rules?  And if you like, please let me know of what you think of the song.   How does it speak to you?  How does it make you feel?



Indigenous Infanticide.jpg

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The sound of
a little voice
from beneath the earth.
Why was he there?
He’d done nothing wrong.
What was his crime?
Born undesirable.
Capital punishment
His sentence


It should not be so.

I will open my mouth for these babies
For the rights of these little unfortunate ones.
I will open my mouth and judge righteously
And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy

Copyright: Staci Lys 2007

What is infanticide?

“The popular expression used to refer to the murder of unwanted children, the term infanticide takes us back to a problem as old as humanity itself, registered all over the world throughout history.

“Every year, hundreds of indigenous children are buried alive, suffocated with leaves, poisoned or left to die in the forest. Dedicated mothers are many times forced by cultural traditions to give up their children. Some prefer suicide to this.

There are many reasons that lead to the children’s deaths. Those with physical or mental deficiencies are killed, as well as twins, children born out of wedlock or considered to be bearers of bad luck for the community. In some communities, the mother may kill a newborn baby, if she is still breastfeeding another or if the sex of the baby wasn’t what was expected. For some tribes the birth of twins or children with abnormalities indicates that the mother was promiscuous during her pregnancy. She is punished and her children are buried alive.”

The following short documentary is one of the first produced by my husband, Daniel Silva. It is an interview with Marcia Suzuki, linguist that works with indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon. She speaks of her experiences, and of the new and old anthropological ideas concerning infanticide and the cultural impact that it has on the indigenous cultures.

What are your thoughts about indigenous infanticide?  Do you think that these communities should be tolerated as a respect for cultural tradition and indigenous worldview? Do you think these babies and young children (even as old as 15) have the right to keep their lives?