mixed media, Poem

Struggles and Stability

“I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise”.
Way back about 18 years ago (more or less) someone told me that the struggles I was going through were necessary for my growth. In order to be stable and have a firm foundation, I needed to go through them. At the time I hated it. I was an emotional wreck, constantly questioning myself, my thoughts, my faith, my feelings… I used to be run by my feelings, but have since learned that life can’t be lived that way. Oftentimes feelings blind and deceive.
I recently came upon the above quote in the book of Isaiah. it speaks of the rebuilding of a city with precious stones, such as stones of turquoise. Turquoise has been known to symbolize wholeness, spiritual grounding and emotional balance.
I believe my friend was right. I’ve gone through a lot, but it really has served me well. I have been rebuilt with stones of turquoise.
How do you see the struggles of life? Do you allow them to cause growth?
Poem, Spiritual


Tenacity - Silas Nelson.jpg

A hurricane of thoughts bombarding my mind
Feelings of doubt stealing my peace
An emotional roller coaster taking me for a ride
Whipping around
Up and down
Bouncing from side to side
“Hold on!”, he says


That’s the secret
That’s the key
Past the first hurdle
Phew! I can breathe
But wait! Here comes another
And again He says,


Heart is heavy
Doubts galore
A blow from one side, then the other
Spirit falls to the floor
“Get up!”, I say to myself because I know
There’s only one way to overcome


What does tenacity mean to you?  

Do you have any examples of tenacity in your life?  It could be someone you know or admire. Or maybe a time where you, yourself have been tenacious.

Photo credit: Silas Nelson