The Escape… …The Return

The Escape The Return.jpg

a longing
to escape
jump off the world
take a break

searching out
hope to find
a place of solace
peace of mind

raging emotions
battling for space
depriving spirit
trembling base

stop and pray
breathe in deep
pray to him
start to weep

i see his face
home again
in his embrace

Have you ever felt like you wanted to jump off this roller coaster ride called, Life? Like you wanted to say, “Good bye world. I’m going to get on the carousel now with the pink ponies, bright lights and cheery music?” I have. In fact, that’s how I was feeling yesterday, and the start of this poem was birthed.

Earlier this week I wrote another poem, due to the stress I was under. It sounds like I’m trying to be a bit of kill joy or downer. That isn’t my intention though. We all have bad days, weeks, months, you name it. But that’s also what builds beauty and character in to our lives, don’t you think?

I know that in this world, I will always have trouble. In this world, all people will have trouble. But I choose to run to the one who has overcome this world. I cope with the stresses of life by stopping, praying, breathing in his waves of peace and submitting to his embrace. Aahhhhhhhhh.

What are your coping mechanisms? When life gets too tough for you, do you give up? Or do you push through until you see the light at the end of the tunnel?