Your butt is too small… WHAT?

Since I’ve been on vacation for the past 3 1/2 weeks, I have eaten more than I normally would and have been feeling bloated and worried about my body image. I have also been very lax with blogging during this time so would like to reblog this entry from some time back. I thought it fitting.

Your butt is too small

Photo credit: Sparkpeople.com

Your butt is too small… WHAT?

Have you seen the movie, “My Life in Ruins”? It’s about an American woman who loves Greek history and culture and has recently lost her teaching job in Athens.  She took a job as a tour guide (that she hates), while applying for and hoping to get another teaching job.

I really enjoyed the movie, not so much because of the plot itself, but because of certain values and quotes expressed throughout it.

One of them is, “Your butt is too small.” Can you believe it?

Now why would that be one of your favorite quotes? you may ask.

Because I am one of the many women in the western world that has fallen prey to the never-ending search for physical perfection.

Are you overweight Staci? No.  Do you exercise regularly and eat healthy? Yes.  Do others  consider you…

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6 thoughts on “Your butt is too small… WHAT?”

      1. Hi Staci! I have to pick my vacation weeks in January. She doesn’t know when her paid vacations are until March. She’ll take an unpaid vacation in August and we’ll go somewhere then. We have Christmas week too.

    1. Not quite my friend. Only next week. I’ve been super busy in my last days here and am looking forward to getting back to routine and to blogging.

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