Smile on my face

Smile on my face

A tickle on my arm
A hug from my son
A massage on my neck
My mother-in-law’s pet

Peanut butter on a spoon
Lazy Sunday afternoons
Sunny skies in the spring
Pleasures that don’t cost a thing

Casual walks on the beach
Taking in the scenery
Conversation with good friends
A glass of fine wine on the weekend

These things put a smile on my face

“There are no ordinary moments.” –Dan Millman, The Peaceful Warrior

The best things in life are the simple things, don’t you think?  What are your thoughts?  What puts a smile on your face?

Blessings =)

7 thoughts on “Smile on my face”

  1. Very lovely, Staci. You are right, it’s the uncomplicated…the little things that God is in full force in.

    Thank you for sharing this…just wonderful 🙂

    Love and light,

    1. Hi Paul. Thank you so much. What an encouragement to get beautiful compliments and feedback from people such as yourself.
      And yes, I love the uncomplicated and the little things. They are what gives joy in the journey.

    1. How beautiful Heather. “Seeing a smile on the face of my nearest and dearest”. It is definitely more blessed to give than to receive (although receiving is nice too).

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