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FFTF – Only for the spirit today: LOVE

heart valentines - Marion Trinidade

Most countries around the world today are celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Even countries  where Christianity isn’t a major religion.  It is the holiday of love.  In North America young children honor their friends by giving out cards and lovers exchange gifts like candy, flowers, and even fine jewelry. In Asia, the single Koreans that don’t receive a gift on Valentine’s Day all go out to restaurants and eat black noodles to mourn their ‘singleness’.  In Japan women are expected to give chocolate to the men, even all their male co-workers.  The chocolate they give is even called, “chocolate of obligation”.  But don’t get too upset ladies, the men must return the favor a month later on March 14th, which has been deemed “White Day”.  The men, however usually only give chocolate to their girlfriends.

Back to the subject at hand – The day of love.  The English language is very vague when it comes to ‘love’.  We can say, “I love you” to your husband/wife, your children, a friend, a lover.  We also say, “I love ice cream, your new shoes, good conversation, etc.” If we look at the meaning of love in the Greek language however, it goes into much greater depth.  It breaks up the ‘loves’, shall we say.

  • Love #1 – Epithumia – This has both a positive and negative connotation. The positive would implicate strong desire.  The negative is defined as lust in the perverted, or corrupt sense.
  • Love #2 – Eros – Passionate love or romantic love
  • Love #3 – Storge – Affection.  A love that comes naturally like parents for their children, or amongst family members.  Fondness due to familiarity.
  • Love #4 – Phillia – Friendship love. CS Lewis says the following about this type of love: “the least biological, organic, instinctive, gregarious and necessary of our Loves”
  • Love #5 – Agape – An unconditional, total commitment type of love.  It doesn’t seek reward.  It isn’t a selfish love. It is self-less and sacrificial.

So, as we go about our Valentine’s Day today, let’s all show some love.  For some it may be Epithumia (but not the negative type, alright).  I’m sure for many it will be Eros.  How about Storge or Phillia?  And may we all show Agape.

Love to you all and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Have you shown a little love today?  If so, how?

Photo credit: Marion Trinidade

51 thoughts on “LOVE”

  1. Happy Valentine’s day, Staci. Today has been very busy, and I leave for work before anyone wakes up. I’ll pick up something special for dinner tonight and surprise my family. Everyday should have an element of Valentine’s day in it. 🙂

    1. Well said Rob. That’s great -‘every day should have an element of Valentine’s day in it.’ I hope your family enjoyed the surprise. What did you get for dinner?

      1. Thank you, Staci. I hope that you and your family had a wonderful day. My boys had pizza – they’re not too daring in their food selection. I cooked chicken cordon blue for us.

      1. I’ll bet. Been there. My hubby was gone for a month straight in October while filming our next feature length.
        Hang in there.

  2. I always buy my wife a dozen stil tightly budded roses so as to last a while, and, of course, a card. Though I don’t always show it, she is very special to me, and I thank our Lord for the day we met.

    1. The world would be a much better place if we did eh.
      If we could just get over our selfish selves. Hmmmmm.
      Blessings Mark and thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

  3. I love the idea of agape love – that unconditional, ethereal yet grounded love. What a way to live life to see things through that filter. My wife and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day, but I bought her a card for the first time. She was touched, more about the sentiment than anything else.

    Hope you had a wonderful day, Staci 🙂


    1. Hi Paul. If only humanity could live like this all the time. The world would be a much better place.
      That’s sweet that you got your wife a card to show your love, and glad that she was touched. It must of taken her by surprise eh, being that it was the first time and all. Very sweet.
      Valentine’s day isn’t celebrated here in Brazil. Instead, “The day of lovers” is celebrated on June 12th. I did, however, tell my hubby that I was expecting chocolates this year. hehehe. So after he picked the kids up from school, he came home and all of us went out together to get some chocolate. I guess it’s not very romantic like that and all, but at least we all got a yummy chocolate truffle of it.
      Blessings Paul=)

  4. Happy Valentine’s, Staci!

    I received the most gorgeous kiss and cuddle from my nephew yesterday. Bear in mind that he’s only two and a half, but it made my day!

    I agree that love should not just be defined as something physical between two lovers. There are all sorts of different types of love and maybe we should concentrate on the love for our friends, family neighbors etc. on Valentine’s Day instead of just the one we ‘love’.

    Heather xxx

    1. Ohhhh, that’s so sweet. Two and a half year olds give the best cuddles, don’t you think? I’m sure it just brightened up your day.

      Well said Heather. I agree. And not just on Valentine’s day, but maybe a few more days of the year as well would be nice too (how about 364 more days eh). Actually, in Canada the school kids all hand out Valentine’s day cards to each other. If that could be considered showing love. Hmm.

      Blessings =)

      1. Toddlers do indeed give the best cuddles and they are all the more touching when you realize that a child at that age is not capable of being disingenuous. When a child shows you love you know that it is pure and untainted and that it comes from the heart.

        Maybe it is true what they say, that love does indeed make the world go round.

        Heather xxx

    2. That’s really interesting Staci!! It’s amazing how much you know about all these days!! 😉 And right, that the dia dos namorados doesn’t clash with carnaval is really very important!!! 😉 no one would be celebrating it! hehhee 😉 in Bahia, Carnaval is really big, my boyfriend used to love to go to Salvador, one of his favorite band, “Chiclete com banana” would always play there 😉 big hugs, Sylvia

      1. Hahahahaha. Not really. I don’t know soooo much. I googled to find out about Dia dos Namorados =). But it really makes sense eh. Why have Valentine’s day when it could very well collide with Carnaval. No Brazilian would want that. Yah, in Salvador the Carnaval party is more like big shows with bands on these big music truck things. Have you been to Carnaval in Salvador? In Rio and SP they have the whole Samba parade competition things, which I’m sure you are well aware of.
        So your boyfriend likes “Chiclete com banana” eh. I’ve heard of them. Are they the ones that do that son, “Você não vale nada, mas eu gosto de você”?
        Blessings =)

    1. Thank you so much Sylvia. I’m encouraged by your comment.
      Dia dos Namorados (boyfriend and girlfriend day -you probably already know that right=) is celebrated on June 12th, which is one day before (or the eve) of St. Anthony’s day. St. Anthony is considered the “marriage saint”. However, I’ve also read that it’s possibly that date because February 14th would clash with “Carnaval”, which as I’m sure you know is huge in Brazil.
      Hope you had a great Valentine’s day Sylvia
      Blessings =)

  5. Our English language is vague and perhaps that’s why in Western Society love is associated with sex rather than the deep and complete understanding original languages give the concept. Thanks for the information in your blog.

    1. I really believe that you hit the nail on the head here. Now-a-day there seems to be a complete lack of commitment and deeper understanding of what the word ‘love’ really means. I think it’s so sad, that in our overly ‘experiential’ western society that is running after pleasure and ‘feel good’ experiences, has lost the understanding of love as a ‘verb’. Once an individual doesn’t feel ‘in love’ anymore it’s time to move on.

  6. Hi Staci,

    I showed the love on VDay. First, I gave away an Elton John ticket as my date had to cancel at last minute so picked a random stranger at a restaurant that looked heart-broken. Turned out to be a nice guy as he showed up and sat beside me of course. As it happens his date stood him up at the resto so no wonder he looked bummed out.

    Secondly, took my girlfriend to a billiards hall on VDay to give her some lessons and share with her my gift that I baked but my son forgot to take out of the oven on time. She had presents for me and showed me at least 3 types of love and I showed the same and maybe one more.

    For my part, I showed all 5 types of love on VDay. Usually do every day. Know you do tooJ


    1. Hey Terry, that’s great. I’m sure that guy really appreciated the ticket. When was/is the concert?
      We need more people like you in this world that will show more than one type of love.

    1. Thank you so much Diana. I wanted to do something that would show people that ‘love’ is so much more than just romance and feelings. I think it’s awful how now-a-day people, specifically marriages, fall apart simply because one, or both are no longer ‘in love’ with each other. As if love was just a feeling, without commitment or responsibility.
      I have never studied greek, latin or gone really deep into linguistics at all, but I had learned about how ‘love’ had so many different names, or meanings. Google helped me find the actual names of these loves.
      Thanks for the kind words Diana.
      Many blessings=)
      and hope you’re feeling better.

  7. WOW all these strange but sweet forms Love has been described into, I never knew about them. There is only one single word in English for Love and that has made things difficult, even for poets to do poetry. I really like the Phillia, that is friendship Love. Thanks for providing us such beautiful information. I guess you put a lot of effort in writing it ❤

    1. Ahhhhh, friendship love, yes. We need it, don’t we. I love how CS Lewis stated that it is the least biological, but yet most necessary. Funny thing. People now-a-day see ‘love’ as being something very biological and physical. The Phillia love makes me think of true connection of spirit. Like a kindred spirit, so to speak.
      Oh yes, I did do some research on this. I’m just noticing now actually that I did not give the sources. I ought go back to them and get them up here.
      Thanks so much Lala.
      🙂 ❤

  8. A very good post. I like how you mix history and culture and creativity on this blog. I think I said that before but worth saying again. You certainly know how to make one love learning. Good job!

    1. Awwwww, I’m so humbled by such a sweet comment Benjamin. Really, I’m so thankful for this comment.
      I’m glad you liked the post.

      1. You’re welcome. You deserve. You created a fantastic blog. And I like how you branch out. That is what life is about.

      2. Once again I’m smitten by your kind words Benjamin. And so glad we’ve met.
        Thank you so much, my sweet friend.

      3. You’re welcome. It is easy say kind words to kindness itself. I’m glad we’ve met, too. You’re very sweet as well. Actually one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met anywhere. Honestly. 🙂

      4. Oh my gosh, my heart is soooooo touched Benjamin. Thank you so much for such a great compliment. Wow. Really, WOW!

  9. Wow, I learned so many new things about “Love” by going through your post. That was such a great insight. I’m so glad you shared, Like I never knew the Japan thing 🙂

    And as you said “may we all show Agape” !! Cheers to that ❤

    Hope you had a relaxing weekend Staci ❤

    1. Hahaha. Yes, may we all show Agape. It’s considered unconditional love, or the love that God shows toward humanity.
      I did a series last November on the ‘loves’, each post focusing on one of them at a time. I did it around the time of my 11th wedding anniversary, leading up to it actually.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read it Zee, and I’m so glad you liked it.

      1. Wow, that’s so amazing Staci, It must have been so interesting to write all that and delving deep into this phenomenon called “Love”. It was such a refreshing read. Such a pleasure to read it ❤ Thanks for sharing it with me ❤

      2. Thanks so much Zee. I really find it interesting studying different words and finding the actual etymological meaning of them and all. Like the word, ‘inspiration’ for example. Did you know that it comes from, ‘immediate influence from God or a god’, and also as if inhaling or breathing in. From what I understand from a spiritual sense? Interesting eh. I also thought it very interesting that the Romans, wayyyyyyy back centuries ago, believed there were these spirits in the walls, called ‘geniuses’ that would all of a sudden inspire someone to create. Of course we know that’s not true, but isn’t it interesting that the word for these ‘so-called’ spirits were called, ‘genius’.
        Anyhow, just a little trivia for ya today sweetie.
        Have a great rest of the week, my friend.
        🙂 ❤

      3. Haha, Wow, that’s is so very interesting Staci, It’d be so cool to chat with you on some tea or coffee ! lol Would learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing these fascinating tid bits with me. Now I can share them with others too.
        Love ya ❤

  10. Well it does come in all type´s of forms I guess and different levels. I loved my dog, and I love a certain friendships and within those friendships I love one more than other and I love my family, so yes, different levels of love certainly there is.

    Me being in love and good at it…..that would be something for the Guinness book of world records

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